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Some Facts to Help You Overcome Labia Insecurities


Our vaginas can be pretty confusing. Society doesn’t really give us a whole lot to go off of, and the miseducation that we do receive is compounded by unrealistic expectations set forth by mainstream pornography and the fact that due to budget cuts and conservative agendas, sexuality education in the States is all but disappearing.

It’s no wonder so many people are concerned about their labia — from thinking that they need to get cosmetic procedures done to change them to wondering if it’s normal for one to be longer than the other.

So here is YouTuber and sexuality educator Laci Green to set some facts straight. In short: Your labia are perfectly fine however they are.

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Laci Green is a 23-year-old peer sex educator and YouTuber from San Francisco. She makes videos to help people learn about sexuality and bodies so that they can enjoy them! She likes to make people laugh and think, preferably at the same time. Follow her on Twitter @gogreen18.