Just a Bit of Banter — On Racism and Cultural Appropriation


When the University of Exeter chose the theme “Tribal” for their annual Safer Sex ball, the reaction was mixed. Some argued that the theme was racist, while others countered that it was “just a bit of banter.”

Check out Exeter alum and popular vlogger Rosianna Halse Rojas’s response to her former university’s choice of dance theme, and the discussion happening within the community about its problematic aspects.

Rosianna explains the flaws in the mentality of immediate defensiveness in the face of accusations of racism, and expresses frustration over the continued homogenization and fetishization of various (usually oppressed) cultures.

Click here to read the transcript.


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Rosianna Halse Rojas is a writer, videoblogger, social media maven, literature buff based in London. She has been vlogging since early 2006, and her channel features videos about everything from literature, to television shows that have already finished; from running, to life after university. When not making videos, Rosianna enjoys doing pilates, writing, painting, cooking delicious vegan meals, and collecting GIFs of Lauren Conrad. Follow her on Tumblr, or Twitter @papertimelady.