I Confused Love and Abuse Until I Refused To Be a Casualty of His War

(Trigger Warning: This video contains short depictions of abusive relationships that may be triggering for some viewers.)

One of the most dangerous aspects of abusive relationships is that perpetrators convince their partners that the abuse normal — that it’s a sign of love. And that can be a difficult spell to break.

This short film follows the story of a poet named Lucy who delivers a spoken word piece about the subtle ways that abuse began to dominate her relationship — and how she escaped.

To learn how to support a loved one who is being abused by their partner, please read “How To Help A Loved One Experiencing Domestic Violence.”


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This short film called Mine is from Fordham University for Campus Movie Fest 2014. Out of over 100 films, it won Best Actress and got nominated for Best Drama. Mine has since been promoted by organizations like End Violence Against Women International, and it is a finalist in the Campus MovieFest national wild card competition. Click here for a full cast and crew list, as well as more information on the Fordham University Campus Movie Fest.

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