America’s Not Here for Us: What I Need to Teach My Black Son

Despite how much we’ve progressed since the Civil Right’s Movement, American society is still rampant with injustice and inequity.

The freedom, safety, and livelihood of people with marginalized identities are consistently being trampled by the media, the prison industrial complex, and the cultural practices of this land. This violence is especially harrowing for Black and Brown people with legacies tied to slavery and colonization.

In this video, A’Driene Neives details the burden of her young son asking “Do people still hate us?” and of having to teach him how to survive the pervasiveness of white supremacy.

She passionately explores how and why we have sustained such a culture of intersectional oppression and advocates for freedom and justice for all marginalized people.

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A’Driene Neives is a writer, storyteller, painter, mental health and social justice advocate, and a finder of beauty in all things. Please check out her blog, Butterfly Confessions, as well as her Etsy store and YouTube channel. Follow her on Twitter at @addyeB.