The Danger of Claiming ‘Not All Men/White People/Privileged People’ Are to Blame

Editor’s Note: Though not named in this video, non-disabled folks are another privileged group. For more information on why we must fight ableism, please check out these articles: 1 2 3

“Racists are a problem – white people aren’t.” “Not all men!” “Don’t blame cis people.”

People put a lot of effort into making it clear that not everyone in the majority group is a problem. But what about internal biases and the benefits of privilege?

Kat Blaque’s breaking down how you’re missing an important part of being an ally when you perpetuate these messages.

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Kat Blaque is a Contributing Vlogger for Everyday Feminism. She’s also a children’s illustrator and thrift store shopper. Check out Kat’s website and YouTube channel, and follow Kat on Twitter @kat_blaque. Watch her videos here!