This Is a Great Example of What to Do When You Learn Your Words Are Ableist

(Content Warning: Ableist slurs)

Have you ever been called out for using hurtful language?

It’s an uncomfortable, but necessary, experience. And we see it go down like this all the time – someone uses a common ableist word, gets called out for it, and responds with dismissal.

This is really harmful. And after Kat Blaque found herself as the one using ableist language and refusing to apologize for it, she had a realization that helped her move past the discomfort and make a change.

We can all learn from this example of what it means to be an ally.

With Love,
The Editors at Everyday Feminism

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Kat Blaque is a Contributing Vlogger for Everyday Feminism. She’s also a children’s illustrator and thrift store shopper. Check out Kat’s website and YouTube channel, and follow Kat on Twitter @kat_blaque. Watch her videos here!