Here’s What It Means to Have Healthy Communication in a Romantic Relationship

Everyone says communication is the most important part of a relationship – but what does healthy communication actually look like?

If you’re stuck on this question, this video will help. Celia Edell breaks down how you can recognize healthy communication – including how you and your partner(s) can be open about your needs and get through a disagreement.

She also talks about some ways to watch out for unhealthy communication, so you can know what to avoid.

Do you recognize any of these signs of healthy or unhealthy communication in your life? We hope this info gives you some concrete ideas for building the relationship you deserve.

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The Editors at Everyday Feminism



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Celia Edell is a Contributing Vlogger for Everyday Feminism, a freelance writer, and feminist philosopher. She holds a Masters degree in Philosophy from the University of Sheffield in England and is currently doing her PhD in Philosophy at McGill University in Montreal. Her interests include critical race theory, mental health awareness, and bad made-for-TV movies. She tweets and blogs under the name @ceedling