Why This ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Thing Is Even Worse Than You Thought

“There’s never been a safer time to be a cop.”

Are cops an oppressed minority?

That’s the claim of people who are using the hashtag #BlueLivesMatter – and there’s even a bill, HB953, that has been signed into law in Louisiana, supposedly in response to “hate crimes” against law enforcement officers.

Wait. What?

The idea that cops are under siege might sound as absurd to you as it does to us. Or maybe you’re wondering if there’s something to this idea – don’t police officers have to deal with a lot of violence?

Either way, the info Kat Blaque shares in this video shows exactly why “Blue Lives Matter” is a ridiculous – and completely unnecessary – response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

This really puts in perspective what we need to keep in mind about why movements for marginalized people are crucial – and why it’s more than a little ironic for law enforcement to insist that they’re the victims.

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Kat Blaque is a Contributing Vlogger for Everyday Feminism. She’s also a children’s illustrator and thrift store shopper. Check out Kat’s website and YouTube channel, and follow Kat on Twitter @kat_blaque. Watch her videos here!