Don’t Say Identity Labels Put Me In a Box – It’s More Like a Garden!

“Cis, trans, pan, bi – so many labels! Why do you want to put yourself in a box?”

Have you ever come across this sentiment? Maybe you’ve even said it yourself, or wondered if “identity politics” put limits on our lives.

This comic shares a more liberating point of view. It shows why a box isn’t the best metaphor for identity labels – but a garden? That’s more like it.

It’s fine if you’ve never had to question your identity, but this will help you understand what life is like for people who don’t get much visibility or validation. Some of our gardens thrive with labels that affirm who we are – what helps your garden grow?

With Love,
The Editors at Everyday Feminism


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Alli Kirkham is a Contributing Comic Artist for Everyday Feminism and blogger, cartoonist, and intersectional feminist. Alli earned a BA in English Literature from Cal Poly Pomona in 2011 and uses it as an excuse to blog about books while swearing a lot. When she isn’t cartooning for Everyday Feminism or cursing at popular fiction, she posts cartoons and other silly things on her Tumblr. Check her out on Twitter @allivanlahr