Here’s Why Misgendering Trans People Is an Act of Violence

(Content Warning: suicide, murder, and other anti-trans violence)

Laverne Cox has publicly stated many times that misgendering trans people is an act of violence – but some people still don’t think it’s that big of a deal.

Anyone who’s looking for more proof that it counts as violence when you intentionally refer to a trans person as the wrong gender should check out this explanation by Riley J. Dennis. She makes it super clear how misgendering trans people causes violent harm, no matter how you look at it.

The solution to this problem is so simple – this really shows why we all need to help create a culture of respecting people’s gender identities.

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Riley J. Dennis is a Contributing Vlogger for Everyday Feminism. She’s a polyamorous, atheist, gender non-binary trans woman with a passion for fiction writing, feminism, and technology. She got her BA from Whittier College in 2015 doing a self-designed major called Writing Worlds, a mixture of creative writing and anthropology, focused on realistic fictional world building. Find her on her YouTube channel, Twitter @RileyJayDennis, or her website,