5 Reasons Why We Need to Stop Thinking of Skinny-Shaming as ‘Reverse Discrimination’

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There are the people who say that “skinny-shaming is the same as fat-shaming.” And because on the surface, that comparison seems to hold water, I think we need to examine it a little more closely to see why – when using an intersectional, anti-oppression lens – it’s actually a false equivalence. Because all bodies are shamed. Some just experience more oppression.

Dear Feminist Men


Male allies are extremely important and valuable to the feminist movement! They use their positions of privilege to further the cause in ways that women can’t, and for that we’re grateful. That said, there are a few trends in male feminist behavior that could definitely stand to change. Watch Melissa A. Fabello give a few tongue-in-cheek reminders to male feminists.

5 Simple Ways Men Can Better Respect Women

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When we favor covering the sensational work that feminist men are doing out there, I think we’re accidentally skipping over the “every man” and the simple, seemingly mundane ways that sexism creeps into our everyday lives. So here’s a short introduction, guys — a few small things you can do to show more respect. Because, hey, we all have to start somewhere.

Why I’m a Body Image Activist


Feminism has many important causes, one of which is fostering healthier body image. But some have argued that this cause is not “important enough” to warrant the attention that body image activists demand. If you’ve ever thought of body image activism as a lesser movement in feminism, check out Melissa A. Fabello’s video on the topic. You may learn something.

4 Reasons Why We Need to Drop ‘You Must Be Doing Something Right!’

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If you do social justice work, you’ve undoubtedly suffered your fair share of abuse. And if you’ve been vocal about it, people have likely told you that “you must be doing something right” if people are angry. And I get their point. But sometimes, it doesn’t feel comforting. Here are some reasons why you might want to drop “you must be doing something right!”

Why I’m Not Here for Sex-Positivity without Critical Analysis


I get a lot of people asking me to explain sex-positivity, usually under the assumption that I identify as sex-positive. Which I don’t. I prefer to call myself sex-critical because that’s actually what I stand for. The problem for me is the way that a lot of people do sex-positivity – namely, without a critical analysis component. And I want to talk about that.

EF 38 – Exploring Fat and Fitness, with Kimberly Dark


People are hungry to discuss (and, moreover, diminish) the relationship between fat and fitness. So we need to have a conversation around how fat bodies move through the world and how health and fitness is related to that. Join Melissa A. Fabello in this podcast episode as she speaks with performer Kimberly Dark about the relationships between fat and fitness.

Why Grammar Snobbery Has No Place in the Movement

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There’s a difference between appreciating language and being a snob. And the last place that we need grammar snobbery is in social justice movements. And not just because getting hung up on subject-predicate agreement is distracting to the job at hand, but also because purporting one form of English as elite is inherently oppressive. So let’s talk about why.

EF 37 – Evolving the Body-Positive Movement, with Melissa A. Fabello

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Within the body-positive movement, many people find solace. However, just like any movement, it could use some improvements. In this podcast episode, Sandra Kim talks to Melissa A. Fabello about the body-positive movement’s growth into adolescence and how, as it evolves, we have a unique opportunity to foster it into something deeper and more far-reaching.

Media Literacy 101


You know that friend who’s always pointing out how every commercial features mostly white people, and who ruins the best parts of movies by saying, “This scene is so sexist”? Ever considered that maybe they’re just media literate? Check out this video from Melissa Fabello for an introduction into what media literacy is and why you should care about it!