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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where can I find information on a specific social justice issue? If you're looking for information on a specific social justice issue, please use our search function here.

2. Can I become a regular contributor? If you would like to regularly contribute to the online magazine, please learn more about any open contributor positions we may have here. Please note that we do not accept unsolicited pieces.

3. There is a situation in my life that I need help with! We’re honored that you would share what you’re going through with us! Due to the high number of e-mails we receive, we sadly don’t have the capacity to respond individually to each and every e-mail seeking advice. Don’t forget to use the search bar (on the righthand side of our website!) – chances are, we’ve written about many topics that can help with what you’re going through!

4. How do I submit my comic/article/video? Unlike most publications, Everyday Feminism doesn't run on guest submissions – we run on pieces submitted by a core team of contributors that we have trained in our unique style. While we sometimes include cross posts and guest pieces on the site, those are generally solicited by the Everyday Feminism staff, not submitted to us. Unfortunately, as a small team, we simply don't have the capacity to review outside material.

5. I would like to cross-post or translate an Everyday Feminism article. Terrific! Have at it. But please read (and follow!) our cross-posting guidelines first.

6. Would you promote my book/event/project? Unfortunately, because we receive so many requests like this, Everyday Feminism rarely endorses projects, books, or events outside of our own organization.

7. Do you have any jobs or internships available? You’ll find what you’re looking for here.

8. Why haven’t you written about X topic? No magazine can cover every single important issue on the planet! We sure are trying, though. We talk a little about why we cover some issues but not others in this article, but if there’s a topic that you think belongs in our magazine, feel free to contact us and let us know!

9. I think an article that you published is really problematic. We’re definitely not perfect – and we really appreciate being called out and in when we make mistakes. If you feel we’ve published something that our editorial team should take another look at, please do contact us! We promise that we’ll discuss it as a team and make the best decision we can.

10. I want to let you know how much this article/this magazine means to me! We love it when our readers share with us what we’re doing right. That way, we can keep it up! Feel free to reach out to us and let us know – we may be unable to respond to each and every person, but (trust us) we’re thrilled to hear from you.

11. I hate Everyday Feminism, and I want to yell at you. That’s interesting. Just so you know, the minute we realize you’re a troll, we stop reading. So you might want to condense your yelling to about 3-4 words rather than the multi-paragraph essays you usually send us. And yes, your accusation that we are taking over the world is correct. Fear us.

12. I want to cancel my membership. How can I do that? You can cancel anytime. Login and go to this link to turn off your payment renewal. If you don't see your membership there (for some older memberships), then contact us via this form and we'll process the cancellation for you.

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