4 Myths That Keep Women Away from Non-Traditional Employment

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When we think about truck drivers, construction workers, garbage collectors, plumbers, electricians, and other blue-collar work, few of us immediately imagine women performing these tasks. But there are many women who want to (and do!) work in non-traditional trades. Many people think we can’t perform these tasks, but I’m here to tell you that we can and we do!

Traveling, Street Harassment, and Actual Advice

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Safety should be a top priority when traveling! But if there is one thing I’m sure of, it’s that street harassment is a worldwide problem. So why do we continue to romanticize street harassment in Europe, while vilifying it when Black and Brown men are involved? It’s okay to feel uncomfortable when traveling, but if you want some real advice, let me help you out.

Why Immigration is a Feminist Issue

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Mainstream feminists must listen to women of Color when they voice their struggles. I don’t believe feminisms is a monolithic movement, so I understand why some feminist groups and organizations focus their work on the issues that affect their immediate communities. But hear me out, and you’ll understand why immigration reform must be seen as a feminist issue foremost.

Reproductive Justice When Abortion Is a Cultural Taboo


The topic of abortion is divisive for most people. Growing up in a culture where abortion is a taboo and illegal means that we don’t develop the vocabulary needed to organize. But how we approach the issue of abortion access with members of communities where speaking openly about abortion has dire consequences is key to change. It isn’t about what you and I believe. It’s about what women need.

EF 20 – Being a Woman in a Male-Dominated Field, with Patricia Valoy

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Simply being a woman in a field that has historically been a “boy’s club” provides a unique challenge. In this episode, feminist blogger (and Civil Engineer!) Patricia Valoy joins Sandra Kim in a discussion of this challenge. Patricia will explain the potential roadblocks women may encounter, and will offer guidance based on her own experience with these issues.

How to Enter a Male-Dominated Industry As a Woman

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Negative attitudes toward women make it difficult for us to break into male-dominated fields, and sometimes our fear of living up to gender stereotypes makes it difficult to see ourselves being successful where it seems like we don’t belong. Breaking into a male-dominated field is not impossible; staying in it is the real challenge.

How to Navigate a Multicultural Relationship

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I won’t lie: Being in a multicultural relationship has many challenges. You need to have an open mind and be willing to do things “the other way” when necessary. Yet attraction, love, and understanding are ultimately the only things a couple needs to survive. My relationship – like most relationships – is all about embracing the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Dealing with Female Rivalry in the Workplace

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I have firsthand experience with feeling alienated and stereotyped. I have been intimidated in meetings and presentations. And I have also been the intimidator.The belief that there is only space for one woman at the top transcends industries. We must remember that the boardroom is not a throne. There is space around every boardroom table for us – many of us. We just have to barge in as a team.

In Pursuit of Sexual Pleasure Equality

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Girls are often raised more conservatively and are socially conditioned to set limitations on sexual activity. And if the movie industry is an extension of our world, you can expect it to be just as sexist and patriarchal. But you don’t have to accept it. When we write our stories and demand to see them portrayed, we redefine what is normal. Redefining normal is easier than you think.

Why Feminism Can Be Scary for Some Women

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Feminism is a polarizing term. You either fully embrace it as a way of life or want nothing to do with it. Personally, I’ve always led a feminist lifestyle. But until recently, I didn’t realize that more important than saying “I am a feminist!” is doing the work necessary for women’s progress, and that is that what truly makes us feminists. And maybe that’s not so scary.