Spend Money Like an Activist: A Guide for Politically Conscious Buying

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It’s no secret that money is exchanged at uncomfortably high rates throughout the US, and the more politically savvy among us might begin to wonder how our dollars can make a difference for social change. Thankfully, several effective strategies exist for us to pick and choose from, depending on our own personal situations and how we want to activate a plan.

4 Reasons Never to Tell Your Daughters to Be ‘Ladylike’

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Terms like “ladylike” are in line with equally absurd terms like “acting Black” that lump behavior onto a particular group of people in an effort to reinforce dominant society’s assertion of what is considered desirable and acceptable social protocol. So here are my four top reasons for steering clear of labels and social graces when it comes to my daughters.

Equality Is Not Enough: What the Classroom Has Taught Me About Justice

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Students have come to understand “fairness” as simply equal treatment. You’re familiar with this playground mentality of fairness: “I get two crackers, and you two crackers.” But here’s the thing: Treating everyone exactly the same actually is not fair. What equal treatment does do is erase our differences and promote privilege. Let me break it down.

17 Lies We Need to Stop Teaching Girls About Sex

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What are we actually teaching girls about sex? Fueled by the sense that female sexuality is somehow shameful, there seem to be certain pernicious myths about girls and sex that just won’t die. Knowledge is power, and we can promote a healthier relationship with sex. But first we’re going to need to stop perpetuating the following 17 myths about female sexuality.

The Many Faces of Homophobia: Microaggressions and the LGBTQIA+ Community

Source: Kevin Nadal

You think you know homophobia? Think again. The run-of-the-mill, tactless, Bible-thumping conservative with a penchant for accusing queer people of pedophilia isn’t the sole perpetrator of homophobia. You know those tiny backhanded comments that sound like compliments, but sort of negatively generalize groups of people? There’s a word for them: microaggressions.

3 Reasons Why Discord Within Feminism Is Actually a Good Thing

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There’s never a shortage of discord within the feminist community. These internal disagreements are often spoken about as being negative. But what if we collectively decided that disagreement isn’t inherently bad? I’m here to argue that we need difference of opinion within the feminist community — both for the good of the movement, and for the end of oppression.

That’s Not Who I Am: Calling Out and Challenging Stereotypes of Asian Americans

Source: NY Times

Asian America: It’s a land of stereotypes — at least, according to television and film. Unfortunately, these stereotypes too often fall under the popular radar and aren’t discussed or acknowledged as much as they should be. I want to get the discussion started. I’d like to examine three of the most pervasive Asian stereotypes we see so often in mainstream media.

I am the Gender Bunny!

Gender Bunny

Trans people have to put up with a lot of crap from straight cis people: everything from people being offended to find out that the person they found attractive is “actually a man,” to asking invasive personal questions about a trans person’s genitalia. Check out this spoken word poem by J Mase III that pokes fun at these entitled attitudes.

7 Reasons Why Gentrification Hurts Communities of Color

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Many times when wealthy people move into a low-income neighborhood, they truly want to help. Oftentimes, they even start community programs and become leaders in the community, often through beautification projects. And while I get why this seems to be good at first glance, it really isn’t. Gentrification hurts communities of color, and these are some of the ways how.