How to Support a Trans* Survivor of Domestic Violence

Source:  217 Church

You know that not only does domestic violence in the trans* community play out in slightly different ways, but trans* survivors often face obstacles when trying to access resources. It’s not easy to approach a loved one about their abusive relationship. But you don’t need to be an expert. You just need to be there.

Kyriarchy 101: We’re Not Just Fighting the Patriarchy Anymore

Source: Embracing the Red Queen

You’ve probably heard the term patriarchy. But somebody can be privileged by the fact that they are cisgender and white, while being oppressed by the fact that they are queer and female. Because of this, we need a word to describe the complex social order that keeps these intersecting oppressions in place. Kyriarchy is an excellent word for this concept.

Nurturing Self-Expression in Elementary School-Aged Girls

Source: Priceless Mom

No matter where we are in the world, people who risk expression will always be perceived as threats to people who look to preserve a sense of normalcy based on what makes them comfortable. All I know is that I will continue to express myself, and I will continue to prioritize the nurturing of children willing to confidently express themselves, too.

Ableism Online: Virtually Passing While Disabled

Source: Ofcom

If you want to make your disability known, go ahead! It’s a really important part of our lives and you should feel proud to embrace it. If you want to pass, rock on! It’s nice not to have to deal with ableist BS once in a while. No matter what you decide, remember that your disability doesn’t define you – online or offline.

Guy Hits on Girl — Gets Schooled Feminist-style


Hate it when guys use tired pick-up lines and comment on your ethnicity if you’re a woman of color? Watch this epic feminist smack-down, delivering a blistering critique of westernized beauty culture. This award-winning short film was directed by Karen Lum and features spoken word from Adriel Luis.

How to Trust What Lies Within

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Though the root of the word “inspiration” points toward an automatic self-generated process — breathing inward, or inhaling — I still often look to be inspired by someone or something outside of myself. It was not until I started to consider inspiration as a force that can only be born inside me, that I started to create positive changes in my life.

On Approaching Women Who Distrust Men

Source: WikiHow

Often, straight men become frustrated when they meet a woman who doesn’t trust them immediately. They’re frustrated that women impose a “guilty until proven innocent” mentality on all men. But there are reasons why women feel this way. If we can work to understand those reasons, we can learn how to work with her in a supportive role, if that’s what she wants.

On Parenting and Rape Culture

Source: Our Feminist Playschool

As a feminist, an activist, a parent of two boys, and a sexual health educator, I struggle with how to balance my sensibilities with my parenting style. And an issue that I am very connected to is rape culture. How does a parent compete with the constant assault of stereotypes and overwhelming sex-negative messaging in the media? Here are a few suggestions.

Trans* Women Are Not Drag Queens

Source: The Catholic Transgender

At one point during this year’s Oscars ceremony, it dawned on me: Many people don’t know the difference between trans* women and drag queens! There seems to be an assumption that all people assigned male at birth who grow up to wear clothing from the women’s section identify the same way. That couldn’t be further from the truth. So let’s talk about this difference.