7 Ways to Help Teenage Fathers While Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Source: Fjalar Writes

Patriarchy has delegated the realm of parenting to women and girls. Consequently, fathers, specifically teenage fathers, are not given the resources or skills to emotionally and financially provide for their children. This invisible dynamic, with the support of legislative classism and racism, perpetuates class immobility for many teen fathers and their families. Let’s do better.

7 Common Myths About People on Welfare

Source: CBS Charlotte

Angry Americans have a lot to say about welfare. Some of it’s questionable, most of it’s derogatory, and almost all of it’s incorrect. There are millions of people who currently receive government assistance in our country. To some Americans, this rings alarm bells. But how much do they really know about what welfare actually is, or about the people who need it?

5 Challenges for Modern LGBTQIA+ Teens (And How You Can Help)

Source: Rewind & Reframe

We all know that homelessness, suicide, homophobia, and transphobia remain awful realities for too many young LGBTQIA+ people. These crises get a decent amount of attention. But many LGBTQIA+ teens face different challenges that don’t always make it on our radar. Here are five issues that may not grab headlines, but are still pretty arduous for queer and trans teens today.

9 Ways the Media Can Stop Shutting Out Trans Voices

Source: Tiki Toki

So many cis-LGBQ+ media sources claim to be advocates of trans inclusiveness. But by even refusing to acknowledge a trans person’s chosen name in how they report on them, they become gatekeepers and enforcers hegemonic patriarchy. So here are nine ways for the media to keep in mind when doing stories on trans folks.

6 Reasons Why Birthing Education Is a Reproductive Right

Source:  The Asian Parent

What do you think of when you hear “reproductive rights?” Access to abortion and birth control, most likely. For most people, the list ends there. But reproductive rights are also about HOW a person will give birth. Where, when, and with whom a person gives birth is equally important a right as their ability to prevent, continue, or terminate a pregnancy. Here’s why.

5 Ways to Fight Oppression and Create Harmony Between Different Cultures

Source: Anokhi Media

Animosity over cultural differences can lead to anything from bully and stereotyping, to war and genocide. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We take in prejudice slowly and silently through socialization. But because we learn prejudice, we can also unlearn it. Here are a few ways you can fight oppression and practice communal harmony in your everyday life.

4 Lies We Need to Stop Telling About Asian-American Men


Our society, and in particular our media, often make Asian-American men out to be “not manly enough” and “too feminine” – by virtue of their race. This is not just racist but also patriarchal. But the thing is, Asian-American men are — believe it or not — like other human beings. They’re diverse and complex. So let’s uncover some of the most common lies.

5 Ways That Being Against Sexism Doesn’t Mean You Hate Men

Source: Right Source Marketing

When women express discomfort with sexism, men in particular jump to the conclusion that they must be man haters to make such a fuss. This seems to be the primary deterrent preventing women from speaking out against sexism. But here’s the thing: Being against sexism is not the same thing as being against men. Let’s debunk five myths about this misconception.

Beyond GamerGate: The Fight For Equal Opportunity Gaming

Source: She Knows

Character assassination, stalking, rape and death threats — all directed at women in the video game industry. Where is this deep hatred coming from? Who does it affect? And what can be done about it? These are questions that deserve answers. Instead of ignoring the problem, as it has been ignored before, we have a duty to investigate this war on women in gaming.