3 Lies We Need to Stop Telling About ‘Negative People’

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You’ve probably come across that popular advice that’s going around: “You’d be happier if you just cut negative people from your life.” It’s reasonable to cut ties with people who are abusive or toxic, but how can we make sure that doesn’t turn into ostracizing people who struggle with mental illnesses like depression? Let’s start with unlearning these lies.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Unlearning Toxic Behaviors If You Grew Up Around Abuse

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Was there abuse in your environment when you were a kid? Then it’s possible that you picked up some unhealthy behaviors – maybe without even realizing it. Abuse isn’t an excuse for toxic behavior, but it is a reason to recognize what’s going on and do something about it. Here’s how to get started and gain one more way to stop past abuse from continuing to harm you.

4 Ways Feminism Has Empowered and Liberated Me as a Trans Person

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Feminism hasn’t always been inclusive, so transgender folks who are frustrated with feminism have valid reasons. But if you want to know what a positive experience for a trans feminist could be like, look no further than this article. This author shows how valuable – and life-changing – a trans-inclusive feminism can be. This is how we want our feminism to be.

It’s Okay to Be Alone: Achieving Self-Empowerment Through Solitude

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Some are baffled by those of us who make the choice to be alone. Others think aloneness means something’s wrong with you or that you’re self-centered. Here’s a more empowering perspective. Read about this author’s practice of deliberately spending time alone to see how you can grow your self-confidence all on your own – without needing anyone else to complete you.

Women: What Would Happen if You Weren’t Afraid to Make a Scene?

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(Content Warning: Sexual assault) Have you ever ignored something awful because saying something would cause a scene? Women are taught to put people at ease and be liked – but this can make us prioritize the comfort of others over our own needs. This article can inspire you to do the opposite: to make a scene when it’s necessary to take care of your needs. You deserve to take care of you.