4 Reasons Why We Should Stop Stigmatizing Women’s Body Hair

4 Reasons Why We Should Stop Stigmatizing Women’s Body Hair

News flash: Women have body hair. Armpits, legs, genitals — even faces. And it’s become a widely accepted rule that they must remove this hair. Some women choose to do this freely, and some women choose to defy this standard. But the stigma runs even deeper than that. Here are four harmful side effects of body hair stigma that you may have overlooked.

Why Your Savior Complex Is Toxic to Your Relationship


The knight in shining armor who saves the damsel in distress: sound familiar? Probably, since it’s one of the most popular narratives in history. And it can lead to some pretty messed up thoughts on healthy relationships. If you consider being saved romantic, or saving someone else heroic, you may have a savior complex. And it may be ruining your relationship.

15 Questions White Folks Never Have to Ask Themselves


One of the most difficult parts of discussing privilege is that it can be extremely difficult to recognize your own. If you’re white, you know what we’re talking about. Check out this list of questions that people of color have to ask themselves on a constant basis. And let’s all work together toward creating a society where none of us need to ask these questions again.

16 Myths About Gender Confirmation Surgery

Source:  Huffington Post

Misinformation is the enemy of progressive change and social improvement. And unfortunately, there is a LOT of misinformation about gender confirmation surgery. “They need therapy, not surgery!” “I don’t want to pay for that.” “It’s not like it’s life or death.” These ideas aren’t helping anyone. In fact, they’re harmful to many. So let’s clear up a few misconceptions.

5 Facts About Youth Homelessness That We Overlook


The problem of youth homelessness is not often addressed. And when the media does bring attention to it, the discussion is often clouded by victim-blaming, misinformation, and an unfair representation of the situation. So let’s set the record straight with these five important facts about the real lives of the homeless youth population in the United States.

6 Must-Read Expert Perspectives That Destroy the War on Obesity

Source: Virgie Tovar

The individuals, companies, and media outlets responsible for the clamor of the War on Obesity would have us think about nothing more than the alleged “risks” of being fat. The last thing they want is for anyone to consider all the ways that the campaign has damaged the lives of fat people. Check out what six kickass fat activists have to say on the matter.

The ‘Problem’ With Male Virginity

Source: Business Insider

I’ve talked before about the toxic culture surrounding masculinity and how it hurts men. Today, I want to start the conversation to help dismantle it. One of the best places to start is to talk about sex. Specifically: male virginity and the shame in not having sex. Let’s talk about the problems with the way we think about male virginity and how to fix them.

4 Ways to Help Stop Hate Crimes Against People with Disabilities

Source: Weekly News

“She doesn’t make a good witness.” I will never forget those words. This was one of the first instances that made me take a serious look at my privilege as an able-bodied person. It took seeing a survivor of a violent crime being told that she would never see justice because of her disability. This is a serious problem. So how can we work to solve it?

11 Myths, Misconceptions, and Lies About Gender Non-conforming Children

Source: Lindsay Morris

Recently, a beautiful and moving video about a transgender child in California named Ryland Whittington went viral. Sadly, like every other conversation about transgender children, the comments section was often unkind. Scanning the comments, I saw the same poorly thought-out ideas keep popping up. I think it’s time to put these misconceptions to bed.

4 Ways to Celebrate Columbus Day (Without Celebrating Columbus Day)


At best, Christopher Columbus was an explorer who got lost and got famous for it; at worst, he’s responsible for introducing slavery, human trafficking, and genocide to the New World. His holiday needs be replaced with accurate information that incorporates indigenous perspectives. So here are four strategies for anyone interested in sharing legitimate history!