Mainstream Porn Has Taught You A Lot About Asian Female Sexuality – But It’s All a Direct Result of Racism

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We know mainstream porn has some pretty unrealistic images, including false stereotypes. But do you know where stereotypes about Asian sexuality come from, and what they teach us about valuing (and devaluing) Asian bodies? Learn about the disturbing connection to colonization, to see how deep these misconceptions go, and why we must stop the colonization of bodies.

Men Should Be Feminists, But Should They Call Themselves Feminists?

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Men can make positive contributions to feminism, but are there drawbacks to celebrating men just for calling themselves feminists? This author grappled with his own relationship to feminism as he wondered what it means to hold feminist men accountable. Find out how he learned that contributing to the movement means so much more than just calling himself a feminist.

Being ‘Too Sensitive’ Isn’t the Problem – Oppression Is

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Ever been told you’re “too sensitive” about oppression? After microaggressions and other moments that are supposedly “no big deal,” many of us are expected to swallow our feelings and move on. That expectation shows a lack of empathy for the histories of oppressed people. This article shows that your sensitivity is not a weakness, but a powerful source of change.

5 Effective Ways People with Thin Privilege Can Fight Fatphobia

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Body shaming against anyone is wrong. And for fat people, frequent discrimination, dehumanization, and the systemic denial of rights can have terrible consequences. So, if you have thin privilege, and you want to fight fatphobia, what can you do? Here are some clear, practical, and powerful ways you can help build a world where fat people are treated with respect.

6 Examples of How Extroverts Benefit From Their Social Privilege

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With US American society as it is – where things are expected to be open and available for any amount of poking and scrutiny – being an introvert isn’t exactly easy. This culture has been built for extroverts, often leaving introverts behind and feeling less-than. Check out this article to see how extroverts benefit from their social privileges on a regular basis.

No, Feminists Do Not Enjoy Being the Victim

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This author, like so many of us who spend our time fighting sexism, was charged with wanting to be a victim. Is it true? We do often seek to acknowledge the horrifying truth of how our culture mistreats women and other marginalized folks. But that doesn’t mean you’re “playing the victim.” Here’s some affirmation of how far that is from the truth.

7 Myths About ‘Stealth’ Transexuals That Undermine Valid Choices

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What have you heard about transexual people living in “stealth?” Misconceptions about “passing” are common among everyone – including cis and straight folks, LGBQIA+ people, and other trans people. These false ideas undermine the very valid reasons why transexuals make their own choices about how they show up in the world. Here’s an article to help us get it right.

These Mental Health Myths Harm the Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities

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You may have heard about the truth behind the “model minority” myth, but have you ever thought about how this myth creates a deceptive picture of Asian American and Pacific Islander mental health? Misconceptions float around both inside and outside of the AAPI community, leaving dangerous gaps in mental health treatment. Here’s why and how we need to fix this.