Your First Time: A Sexual Guide for Trans Men

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Trans men, like all people, need to know how to have fulfilling, safe, healthy sex to feel whole and good about ourselves. We deserve it (and don’t let anyone tell you differently). But most out trans boys, trans men, and trans masculine people I know receive inadequate, if not wholly non-existent, sex talks. So here are seven key places to start.

5 Valuable Ways to Use Your White Privilege to Fight Anti-Black Racism

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As white people, we have a responsibility to do something to advance anti-racism. While we couldn’t help being born into a system of white supremacy, we can do something to help even the score. Want to put your white privilege to work? Here are five specific examples addressing what you can do and avoid silencing the people of color whose voices you mean to amplify.

Sex Tips That Don’t Suck

real sex tips

Had enough of sex tips that suck? Most of the sex advice written for women focuses on men without a single thought for the pleasure or needs of women. Patriarchal ideas that tie the value of a woman to the pleasure of a man can damage the way you see yourself. Take in this eye-opening spoken word piece about real sex tips and take your body back.

Beyond 50 Shades: The Reality Behind 3 Myths About BDSM

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It’s important to discuss kink from a feminist perspective because of the harm that misinformation about our desires can cause. This misinformation can lead to feelings of disempowerment in one’s a/sexuality and relationships, and erardicating that should be part of the foundation of any intersectional feminist movement. So let’s bust three common myths about BDSM.

Why the Idea That Islam Promotes Intolerance of the LGBTQIA+ Community Is a Lie

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In the West, many people view Islam as being inherently oppressive towards women and LGBTQIA+ people. Certainly some Muslim people use their religion to validate their prejudices. But as many Muslim feminists have been saying, while Islam has some such oppressive teachings, it more asks for compassion, acceptance, and love from us. Let’s question this monolithic view of Islam that hurts Muslim women and LGBTQIA+ folks and alienates Muslim feminists.

How White Americans Lose When They Don’t Stand Up for Racial Justice (and 4 Ways They Can Counter Racism Instead)

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Acknowledging privilege is difficult. It implicates you in the act of oppression, and very few want to think of themselves as oppressors. But if you dislike racism, yet do little — if anything — to resist it, you’re enabling racial oppression and benefitting from it. This not only harms people of color. It also harms white people and their humanity.

6 Ways to Respond to Sexist Microaggressions in Everyday Conversations

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Sexist microaggressions are entrenched in our culture and society. They sneak into our minds and our languages without us being completely aware. When faced with microaggressions, it can be difficult to know what to do or say, let alone when it comes from someone you love and care about. So here are 6 ways to help you respond to this kind of everyday sexism.