4 Lies About School Dress Codes That Cover Up Their Oppressive Effects

Source: Ali Express

School leaders and politicians are rampantly advocating for campus dress codes. However, most of those codes police, target, and negatively impact students who are girls, of color, poor or working class, and/or gender non-conforming. Further, they scapegoat those students for any problems the schools may have and force teachers to police students’ appearance.

How to Change Your Relationship with Failure in 5 Steps

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It’s so easy to feel like a failure when our standards for success often reflect white, male, middle-class, heterosexual, cisgender, and able-bodied ways of living. But we can disengage from those socializations that make us feel bad about ourselves and redetermine what success feels like to us. This article reminds us that we have agency over how we perceive ourselves.

Say Yes to Decolonial Love: 5 Ways to Resist Oppression in Your Relationships

Source: Xklusive Thoughts

Colonialism may feel far away in history but it continues to impact every part of our lives — including who we choose to romantically pursue and how we end up treating them. But, we don’t have to stay stuck in this cycle! Here are some strategies to liberate our love lives from the interference of internalized oppression in order to embrace decolonial love.

5 Ways Marginalized People Can Recognize Their Privileges In Other Areas

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Privilege and oppression simultaneously impact our lives in a number of intersectional ways. If we solely focus on our marginalized identities, we give up the opportunity to recognize and interrupt the ways our privileges cause harm to the people we care about. If you’re struggling with recognizing your privilege as a marginalized person, this might serve as a helpful guide.

10 Myths About Non-Binary People It’s Time to Unlearn

Source: She Knows

Many people grew up being told that all people were either male or female. They never imagined that there is a whole planet of possibilities out there. Now — finally! — people are becoming more aware of non-binary genders! But with this heightened awareness comes widespread misinformation. So let’s clear up some things about non-binary people.

Too Rich for My Blood: 3 Survival Strategies for the Poor and Working Class

In our classist society, we’re so quick to blame and shame people struggling financially. So we don’t have compassionate conversations about poverty, its emotional and cultural impact, and how to survive it. So here’s some survival strategies, affirmations, and solace for those attempting to navigate intersectional class oppression.

3 Ways the Gay Rights Agenda™ Has Perpetuated Oppression

Source: Everyday Feminism

The mainstream gay movement, in cahoots with the US government and the major corporations which fund the government, has co-opted gay equality and anti-hate crime legislation to exploit, harm, and neglect poor folk, trans folk, and people of color. We want to celebrate the gains of the movement, but the question is: At what cost?

7 Ways Our Favorite Superhero, Fantasy, and Sci-fi Movies Teach Us to Be Racist

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People of color are rarely cast as pivotal and protagonist roles in superhero, fantasy, and sci-fi films. When do see them, they are usually portrayed as less-developed, antagonist archetypes. This media bias perpetually regenerates a racialized hierarchy that teaches us to fear people of color while empathizing with and aspiring towards whiteness.

On Ferguson and 4 Ways We Can Choose to Divest from White Supremacy

Source: Change from Within

Whiteness is a system that was created for the sole purpose of consolidating power in the hands of a few in the US. And so, we face a choice: continue to invest in white supremacy, which dehumanizes everyone, or stand on the side of justice and regain our humanity. Ask yourself: What are you willing to give? And then check out these four ways to divest from whiteness.