5 Important Issues Left Out of the Street Harassment Conversation

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The discussion on street harassment is too often narrowed into a racialized narrative that harms people of color. To be more inclusive and not perpetuate racism, let’s broaden this conversation to examine all the types of people who perpetuate it, where they do it, and the diverse groups of folk who are harmed by it. Here’s some considerations to get you started.

Body Policing Police: Because Your Body Belongs to You!

Body Policing Police: Because Your Body Belongs to You!

From body size to body hair, society has so much to say about which bodies are acceptable and which are not. Sadly, the people who are supposed to love and affirm us unconditionally sometimes end up being the ones who project those harmful standards onto us the most. Check out this comic to see one way body policing manifest and how to fight back.

Workplace Sexual Harassment: What To Do When Your Co-Worker Won’t Stop

Workplace Sexual Harassment

While Human Resources departments are supposed to address sexual harassment at work, they sometimes don’t do enough. Consequently, it’s not always a helpful resource for those who need support. Read this article for tips on using direct communication to interrupt this sort of microaggression when it’s happening to you in the workplace.

6 Ways to Support a Friend Who Is Considering an Abortion

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Because of cultural stigma, political barriers, economic difficulty, and anti-abortion bullies who threaten of violence or exposure, choosing to end a pregnancy can be a difficult and traumatic. But for so many, it’s a necessary act of self-efficacy. Read this article to learn how to best support your friend who is considering an abortion.

How Men Can Better Recognize and Interrupt Everyday Sexual Harassment

How Men Can Better Recognize and Interrupt Everyday Sexual Harassment

Women and feminine looking people are perpetually exposed sexist harassment in public spaces. Too often, that violence goes unrecognized, which turns leaving the house into an arduous experience for so many. This comic illustrates the pervasiveness of rape culture, holds men accountable for disrupting it, and suggests strategies for them to speak out.

8 Tips on Respectfully Talking Pleasure, Sex, and Bodies With Your Trans Lover


It’s super important to have conversations about sexual boundaries, consent, and desires with your lovers. These conversations keep us safer, but there aren’t many examples for how to respectfully and non-fetishistically have them when your lover is trans. This article provides insight on how to compassionately negotiate sexual dialogue with your trans partner.

A Spoken Word Poem on the Policing of Race and Citizenship

In this spoken word poem, Ela Barton suggests that the hateful sentiment behind Arizona’s SB 1070 law is a frustration about people of color working for themselves and generating inter-community resources, as opposed to subordinately working for white people in positions of power. This policing of race and citizenship protects colonial standards of white supremacy.

3 Ways to Stand Up to Toxic Messages and Accept Yourself as a Queer Person

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In an extremely heteronormative society, self-acceptance as a queer person can be very difficult. From religion to family to media to legislation, queer people are assaulted with too many homophobic messages that teach assimilation and self-loathing. Check out this article to learn strategies for attaining self-love, empowerment, and resilience as a queer person.

Why Era-Themed Parties Can Be Awkward for People of Color

Even with the best of intentions, era-themed parties patronized predominately by white people can be awkward and exclusive for guest of color. This is especially true if the chosen era takes place during a time of blatant racial oppression. Check out this comic to learn more about how these parties can be unintended, yet still harmful, racial microaggressions.