7 Ways to Help Teenage Fathers While Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Source: Fjalar Writes

Patriarchy has delegated the realm of parenting to women and girls. Consequently, fathers, specifically teenage fathers, are not given the resources or skills to emotionally and financially provide for their children. This invisible dynamic, with the support of legislative classism and racism, perpetuates class immobility for many teen fathers and their families. Let’s do better.

If Physical Illness Was Treated like Mental Illness

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Because our society is dependent on people complacently generating income and labor, folks with mental illnesses are entirely too often neglected, not acknowledged, and not taken seriously. Rather than empathy or advocacy, family members (as well as cultural, economic, and political institutions) assault people with condescending advice and demeaning ridicule.

7 Common Myths About People on Welfare

Source: CBS Charlotte

Angry Americans have a lot to say about welfare. Some of it’s questionable, most of it’s derogatory, and almost all of it’s incorrect. There are millions of people who currently receive government assistance in our country. To some Americans, this rings alarm bells. But how much do they really know about what welfare actually is, or about the people who need it?

Sh*t People Say to Asexuals

Shit People Say to Asexuals

Asexuality is defined as not experiencing sexual attraction. Seems pretty straightforward, right? Apparently not. Asexuals confront many of the same misinformed questions and inappropriate comments every time their sexuality comes up, and oftentimes it just serves to invalidate their experience. Check out this video for a look at some common microaggressions!

The Difference Between When a White Man Versus a Black Man Carries a Gun

The Difference Between When a White Man Versus a Black Man Carries a Gun

Our society wants to desperately say that we’re a colorblind nation and racism has ended – despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. To help you grapple with how different the experiences of white people and Black people can be in the US, check out this video by The Daily Show on what happens when a white man and a Black man assert their right to bear arms.

A White Man, Black Man, and White Woman All Try To Steal a Bike – And Only One of Them Is Stopped

A White Man, Black Man, and White Woman All Try To Steal a Bike - And Only One of Them Is Stopped

We’ve been taught to assume Black people are up to no good. For those who don’t understand why that’s racist, check out this this hidden-camera experiment by “What Would You Do” where three people (a white man, a Black man, and a white woman) attempt to steal a bike. The responses are not surprising – unless you don’t believe racism and benevolent sexism exist.

5 Challenges for Modern LGBTQIA+ Teens (And How You Can Help)

Source: Rewind & Reframe

We all know that homelessness, suicide, homophobia, and transphobia remain awful realities for too many young LGBTQIA+ people. These crises get a decent amount of attention. But many LGBTQIA+ teens face different challenges that don’t always make it on our radar. Here are five issues that may not grab headlines, but are still pretty arduous for queer and trans teens today.

‘Ally’ Is More Than a Label — It’s an Action

'Ally' Is More Than a Label--It's Action

It’s easy to say you’re a male ally and a feminist. What’s not so easy is checking your privilege, making a deliberate effort to use your privilege in a constructive way, and giving up oppressive behaviors. But that’s what being a male feminist means. Check out this cartoon to see what it looks like when allies talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk.

9 Ways the Media Can Stop Shutting Out Trans Voices

Source: Tiki Toki

So many cis-LGBQ+ media sources claim to be advocates of trans inclusiveness. But by even refusing to acknowledge a trans person’s chosen name in how they report on them, they become gatekeepers and enforcers hegemonic patriarchy. So here are nine ways for the media to keep in mind when doing stories on trans folks.

What Is Patriarchy (And How Does It Hurt Us All)?

What Is The Patriarchy?

The patriarchy harms all people, regardless of gender identity, sex, or sexual orientation, by perpetuating oppressive and limiting gender roles, the gender binary, transphobia and cissexism, sexual assault, and the political and economic subordination of women. Watch Marina Watanabe discuss the pervasive and intricate ways patriarchy violates us all.