5 Reasons Why I Don’t Care If My Daughter Gets Fat

Credit:  Gallery Hip

In a world filled with misogyny, children are taught to diet at terrifyingly early ages and women are perpetually assessed by oppressive, fatphobic, Eurocentric, patriarchal standards of beauty (as opposed to character or skill). Liz Boltz Ranfeld vows to break the cycle of fat-shaming by loving and celebrating her daughter regardless of weight or size.

If Privilege Was Visual, It Would Look Like This

The Straight, Ablebodied, Rich, White Man’s Burden

Because privilege can be near-invisible to those who have it, being told that you benefit from systematic social favoritism can be hard to accept. It’s not uncommon to feel that people are telling you that your life is simple and that you don’t work for what you have. But privilege is more complicated than that. This cartoon provides a useful visualization.

6 Reasons Why Birthing Education Is a Reproductive Right

Source:  The Asian Parent

What do you think of when you hear “reproductive rights?” Access to abortion and birth control, most likely. For most people, the list ends there. But reproductive rights are also about HOW a person will give birth. Where, when, and with whom a person gives birth is equally important a right as their ability to prevent, continue, or terminate a pregnancy. Here’s why.

How Gender Double Standards Cause the Wage Gap

Bitch If You Do, Broke If You Don't

The average woman in the US is still paid considerably less than the average man. This we know. But the reasons for the wage gap are, apparently, still up for debate. Plenty of people will try to argue that the reason is not actually sexism — that the real reason is that they don’t ask for raises. This comic by Lefty Cartoons puts this distraction to rest.

5 Ways to Fight Oppression and Create Harmony Between Different Cultures

Source: Anokhi Media

Animosity over cultural differences can lead to anything from bully and stereotyping, to war and genocide. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We take in prejudice slowly and silently through socialization. But because we learn prejudice, we can also unlearn it. Here are a few ways you can fight oppression and practice communal harmony in your everyday life.

Affirmative Consent Laws, Explained in One Simple Video


Recently, California passed the “Yes Means Yes” law, which dictates that “an affirmative, unambiguous and conscious decision” must be reached by everyone involved to engage in sexual activity. This was a huge step in the fight against rape culture! What does this decision mean in terms of our society’s view of sex and consent? Check out this video to find out!

4 Lies We Need to Stop Telling About Asian-American Men


Our society, and in particular our media, often make Asian-American men out to be “not manly enough” and “too feminine” – by virtue of their race. This is not just racist but also patriarchal. But the thing is, Asian-American men are — believe it or not — like other human beings. They’re diverse and complex. So let’s uncover some of the most common lies.

What To Do (And Not Do) When Someone Asks for Different Gender Pronouns

Pronoun Etiquette

So you know someone who has felt comfortable enough to ask you to refer to them by different gender pronouns. This is a big step for them, and the way you proceed is very important. Some of the most common reactions and behaviors can have damaging effects on the person. Check out this comic for a simple introduction to the DOs and DON’Ts of pronoun etiquette!

5 Ways That Being Against Sexism Doesn’t Mean You Hate Men

Source: Right Source Marketing

When women express discomfort with sexism, men in particular jump to the conclusion that they must be man haters to make such a fuss. This seems to be the primary deterrent preventing women from speaking out against sexism. But here’s the thing: Being against sexism is not the same thing as being against men. Let’s debunk five myths about this misconception.