The Single Parent Double Standard: Demonizing the Moms and Martyrizing the Dads

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A lot of us still hold tight to deeply gendered beliefs about men’s and women’s roles when it comes to child-rearing. If the research is to be believed, it’s not only typical to assume that single dads are doing something heroic, but it’s just as typical to think that single moms are doing just the opposite. Here are a few other things we can do to change this.

10 Tips for Talking About Sexual Violence with Your Sons

10 Tips for Talking About Sexual Violence with Your Sons

We often discuss issues of rape and sexual violence with our daughters, but are we having these critical conversations with our sons? The truth is that our sons can be victims of rape, too. They can also be bystanders, confidants, or rapists. Undoubtedly these conversations are challenging. So how do we start them, and what do we talk about? Here are a few tips.

For Michael Brown and Ferguson: Facing White Fears of Blackness and Taking Action to End White Supremacy


The police murder of Michael Brown has once again brought the attention of the country to the devastating reality of racist violence and structural inequality. With outrage, grief, and pain all over the country, I’m writing this to white people in particular as a call to action to stand with the people of Ferguson. Here are nine suggestions to help move forward.

For Emmett Till


In the wake of the death of Michael Brown (and Trayvon Martin, and Eric Garner, and John Crawford…), we must remember that brutality toward Black bodies is nothing new in America. Watch Dominique Christina deliver her outstanding poem about Emmett Till and the particular way that she, as a mother of a young Black man, relates to his murder.

6 Things That I Understand About the Fat-Acceptance Movement

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I am most certainly plus-size at 5’6″ and 260 pounds; a size 18 in most stores. I’m pretty damn fat and unabashedly so. But all bodies–large, small, and everything in between–pay dearly for the negativity in which fat bodies are perceived. So I’m here to explain to the world the 6 things that are often misunderstood about the fat acceptance movement.

3 Reasons Why Internet Harassment Is Not ‘Freedom of Speech’

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If you’ve spent more than two minutes on the Internet, you’ve probably seen internet harassment—trolling, bullying, insincere but deliberately hurtful comments, and other things that no one would say to another person’s face offline. But the internet isn’t some disembodied place where people should feel okay with delivering abuse without consequences.

5 Ways to Address LGBTQIA+ Disparities in Health Care

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Our LGBTQIA+ communities are, in general, less healthy than our heterosexual counterparts and much of that is directly related to discrimination and social stigma. We get the short end in terms of access, utilization, and LGBTQIA+ informed care, and the consequences of the health disparities within our communities are severe. So what can you do to help?

4 Things You Need To Do To Have a Balanced Relationship

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I’ve come to learn is that relationships grow if both individuals evenly tend them. If a relationship was an equation, both individuals have to be the same number. One can’t be greater or smaller; they have to be in balance, equal. But finding this balance in a relationship can be difficult. Here are a few things you need if you want a balanced relationship.

5 Reasons Why No One Should Be Legally Required to Tell Their Parents About Their Abortion

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A majority of states require parental involvement in the decision of those under 18 to have an abortion. On the surface, this seems well-intentioned. But what’s really underlying these laws? Here are 5 reasons why parental involvement laws do more harm than good, and why no one, regardless of age, should be legally required to obtain consent from their parents for an abortion.