3 Reasons Why Saying ‘Real Men Don’t Rape’ Reinforces Rape Culture

Black background with white text reading "Real Men Don't Rape!"

(Trigger warning: sexual violence) We’ve heard “real men don’t rape.” But the men who have raped are indeed very real. This phrase usually comes from good intentions, but it ultimately harms survivors and reinforces rape culture. Real people of all genders can and do rape. Learn about the dangerous myths we keep up by saying “real men don’t rape,” and let’s rethink our anti-rape campaigns.

What Happened When This Fat Woman Wore a Bikini

Author standing in a bikini at the beach

When this author resolved to wear a bikini, she did just that – she wore a bikini. Why did this simple thing cause such a commotion for those around her? Answer: she’s fat and *didn’t* try losing weight before rocking her two-piece. Read on as she debunks concerns about her health, comfort, and “glorifying obesity” and exposes the real reasons people judge. With her insights, we can all have more love for our bodies.

What It’s Like for Gentrification to Kick You Out of Your Neighborhood


Gentrification is the process by which urban renewal displaces a poorer demographic of people with a richer one. That is, what looks at first glance to be great – hip restaurants! luxury apartments! new parks! – is hell for those living in that neighborhood. Watch this video to learn more about what the gentrification of San Francisco’s Mission District has done to those who called it home.

‘Don’t Make Us Look Bad’: The Invisibility of LGBTQIA+ Intimate Partner Violence

Queer woman of color looking despondent

We’re taught that a “normal” relationship has a cisgender man and a cisgender woman. Same with a “normal” case of intimate partner violence. But reports of LGBTQIA+ intimate partner violence are on the rise. So why is LGBTQIA+ IPV so invisible? Let’s survey the scene, and get some essential guidelines for giving safe and affirming support to LGBTQIA+ IPV survivors.

Shelby Buys a Pop and Rejects ‘Inspiration Porn’


“You’re such an inspiration!” is a great compliment, right? Not always. If you’re confused about why a disabled person might take it as an insult, you need to check out this comic. It shows how able-bodied people who use “inspiration porn” to feel good can actually make the harmful mistake of ostracizing disabled people. Get an idea of how this feels.

Sh*t People Say to Autistic People

(Trigger Warning: Ableist language) “I’ve seen Rain Man.” “But there’s nothing wrong with you.” “Labels go on soup cans. Not people.” Don’t be this person. With this video, find out just how insensitive people can be when they talk about autism, and learn what not to say to avoid perpetuating harmful false beliefs. And if you’ve gotten these comments, get a good laugh and know that you’re not alone.

From Stripping to Sex Tapes – The Kardashians, Amber Rose, and Our Love of Hating Women

From Stripping to Sex Tapes - The Kardashians, Amber Rose, and Our Love of Hating Women

We all have more important things to worry about than Twitter beef between model Amber Rose and reality star Khloe Kardashian. But like it or not, it’s a hot topic. So what does that say about us? Here’s why this isn’t just a trivial catfight, but a moment that tells us what we need to know about our role in the media’s perpetuation of a dangerous kind of sexism.

How to Teach Consent to Kids in 5 Simple Steps

Two children holding hands

Talking about consent isn’t always easy, and having these conversations with children can be even harder. Because it can seem so overwhelming, many adults shy from teaching kids about boundaries and consent in a comprehensive way. But here’s what you need to know about why it’s so important to teach consent in an ongoing process, with simple steps to follow.

These Double Standards Have Got to Go

got to go

Ever feel like people treat you the way they wouldn’t want to be treated? Here a chance to recognize that. Some of our cultural norms reveal that many people operate by some pretty messed up double standards. This comic puts those standards side-by-side so we can understand exactly what’s wrong here and do something to make sure we all get the respect we deserve.

The Agonizing Barriers to Eating ‘Responsibly’

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You’ve heard about organic food – eating it is good for you and the planet. But what about when you just need to eat because you’re hungry? This spoken word piece tells the story of one of the millions of American children living with the risk of not having food each day. Step into his shoes to understand the bigger picture about economic and food justice.