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We are currently not processing new applications. If you wish for your application to be considered when we will be processing them, please fill out the form below. Thanks!

Everyday Feminism works with a team of Contributors in order to provide the diversity of perspectives and cover the breadth of intersectional and inclusive topics in our online magazine.

When reviewing applications for potential Contributors , we look for 1) expertise in certain issues and 2) creative ability (writing, producing videos, drawing comics) that matches our unique style.

Issue Expertise

Given the current composition of the team, we are only accepting applications from contributors who have a strong intersectional feminist anti-oppression analysis on disabilities, race, class, queer, trans, work, parenting, and organizing-related issues at this time.

Editorial Approach

Our posts are aimed at helping people develop a better understanding of how systemic issues of gender, sexual orientation, race, class, and other social identities affect them personally and how to address them in their everyday life and communities through a feminist anti-oppression framework.

To achieve this, our articles are written in a down-to-earth, emotionally reflective, and positive style and normally are 1,500-1,700 words long. They provide practical steps people can take to address an issue, issue analysis that identify the underlying systemic forces and social norms of an issue, and/or personal stories of people working through issues.

We are also experimenting with original comics and videos currently. They follow a similar approach and are adapted to their format and its unique advantages and limitations.

We do not publish general commentary, media critiques, or book reviews that do not have a personal impact angle since other feminist sites already do so.

Expectations and Benefits

If you end up joining the team as a Contributor, you will be expected to do 1-2 posts per month, with the support of our editors. Also, you will enjoy these benefits:

- Payment per post

- Free access to all online courses offered by Everyday Feminism.

- Opportunity to join our Speakers Bureau and schedule speaking engagements via Everyday Feminism.

- Becoming a part of the team for one of the biggest and fastest growing online feminist magazines that gets 4.5 million visitors per month.

Next Steps

If you would like to become a regular Contributor for Everyday Feminism, please complete the application below, which includes a pitch for a trial run post. Based on the application and our team needs, we will reach out to people who feel like a good match to further discuss the idea for the trial run post.

If you do not want to contribute regularly but would like us to consider a guest post for publishing, please note that below and either provide the URL or upload the file.

Please remember that we are not currently processing new applications or guest posts. If you send us one now, it may be some time before we respond to you. And due to the high volume of applications, we can only be in contact with people whose applications or guest posts are being moved forward.

Thank you again for your interest in writing for Everyday Feminism!
  • What is the topic and main point? Who is your target audience and what shift do you want them to make after reading your post?