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B. Cole


Cole is the Founder and Executive Director of Brown Boi Project, a community of people working across race and gender to eradicate sexism, homophobia and transphobia and create healthy frameworks of masculinity and change.

She holds an MSc from the London School of Economics and has worked as a community facilitator, strategist, and consultant with non-profits, socially responsible corporations, and governmental agencies.

Cole’s background crosses multiple sectors but as a young queer consultant of color with almost ten years consulting and facilitation experience she is often uniquely positioned to bring together groups across divides.

Location: Oakland, CA

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Her presentations include:

  • Gender Justice – Gender is everywhere and it permeates all of our society. It is the first and foremost box we are handed when we are born, a gendered box tied to race. This presentation explores the intersection of race and gender from 1st and 2nd wave feminist approaches while integrating queer theory approaches to gender justice as well. Centralizing the history and experiences of color, this presentation has something to offer everyone and can be used at the 101 level or as an advanced conversation.
  • The New Masculinity – We are experiencing a general renaissance of our cultural understanding of masculinity; one shaped by the feminist movement, LGBT activism and queer theory, and the evolution of men’s roles in society. This presentation touches on core frameworks of masculinity, its intersections with social change movements, and opportunities to engage and build collective power with young men of color in particular. This presentation can be tailored for youth or an adult audience.
  • Resourcing a Movement – Drawing on more than a decade of expertise with social change organizations, leveraging the power of individual donors. This presentation is a hands on opportunity to embed your values of justice into your fundraising efforts. Participants will come away with a clear plan to integrate into their own organizations/groups to resource social change. This presentation/workshop has been used with more than 100 groups and assisted them in raising more than $3 million dollars. It is designed for an intermediate to advanced audience.

All topics can be adapted to be presentations, keynote speeches, or workshops and can be tailored to the audience.

If you don’t see a topic that quite meets your needs but think we can cover it, just let us know. We are also willing to create a signature talk or workshop for groups.

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