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Why Dumpster Diving Is a Thing (And 3 Ways We Can Stop Shaming Those Who Do It)

A bunch of dumpsters and recycling bins behind a building

You may gag at the thought of dumpster diving, and it’s true that it’s not pretty. But it’s also true that there are too many people in the US who are too hungry to care. Dumpster diving can feed hungry people and reduce the massive food waste problem in this country, but it can also be dangerous and dehumanizing. Here’s how and why we should change that.

5 Ways to Take Care of Yourself While Working in the Service Industry (And 5 Ways to Be a Better Consumer)

Coffee shop barista writing down an order on a take-out cup

There’s something about working in the service industry that makes people think it’s okay to treat you poorly. And since racial and gender minorities make up most of this workforce, that mistreatment makes for even more opposition to deal with every day. So here are some tips for when work gets hard – and some ways we consumers can do our part to make it easier.