José vs Joe: Who Gets a Job?

José Vs. Joe: Who Gets A Job?

In a perfect world, the most qualified applicants would gain the attention of those responsible for filling job openings. But that’s not the world we live in. Something as simple as a non-White sounding name can immediately reduce your chances of getting hired. Watch what happened when one man decided to change only one letter of his resume, going from José to Joe.

7 Reasons Why Gentrification Hurts Communities of Color

Source: Planet Ivy

Many times when wealthy people move into a low-income neighborhood, they truly want to help. Oftentimes, they even start community programs and become leaders in the community, often through beautification projects. And while I get why this seems to be good at first glance, it really isn’t. Gentrification hurts communities of color, and these are some of the ways how.

Calling Out America’s Racist, Broken Prison System

Calling Out America's Racist, Broken Prison System

The function of the US prison system is to rehabilitate prisoners — or at least it’s supposed to be. Nowadays, it seems like the federal prison system is more devoted to saving money than they are to taking care of inmates. But don’t take our word for it. Watch John Oliver (and special guests) explain just how messed up our prison system has become over the years.

7 Reasons Why Class Is a Feminist Issue

Source: CBS Sacramento

We often discuss class as if it is independent from other forms of oppression. But class is at the heart of feminist work; it’s connected to so many of the other forms of oppression that exist. And not only does it allow these inequalities to exist, but it helped to create them in the first place. Here are seven reasons why class is a feminist issue.

What Not Having a Car Has Taught Me About Segregation

Source: LA Times

When I tell people that I don’t own a car, people treat me differently. They do this because they see me as someone who has chosen to flirt with death. “But isn’t it dangerous in those parts of DC? Aren’t you scared that you will get mugged?” When I travel via public transport, I make a lot of observations. Here are the two most important lessons I’ve learned.

Stop Saying Affirmative Action Disadvantages White Students

Source: Teaching College English

When I do Q&A sessions with young people, a White young person will usually ask, “How do you feel about Affirmative Action? It’s not fair that I will have less of a chance of getting into college because of what happened in the past!” Ask any White person how they feel about Affirmative Action, and you’ll probably hear that it is “unfair.” This is just not true.

What Losing My Job Taught Me About Privilege, Sexism, and Oppression

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About one year ago, I lost my job. The 6 months it took me to find a new position changed me, and maybe more importantly, it informed my feminism. It also brought me face-to-face with my own privilege. Having a “career” instead of a “job” is a privilege. Benefits, health insurance, and a living wage are all privileges, too – and I no longer take them for granted.