Celebrating Butch: A Powerful Photo Collection on Female Masculinity


In our gender binary world, female masculinity can make lots of straight cis people uncomfortable – who then make it uncomfortable and even dangerous for butch folk to exist. In spite this, butch is being increasingly proudly reclaimed and expressed. Check out this photo collection by Meg Allen showing that range, fluidity, and subjectivity of female masculinity.

4 Reasons Never to Tell Your Daughters to Be ‘Ladylike’

Source: Acloche

Terms like “ladylike” are in line with equally absurd terms like “acting Black” that lump behavior onto a particular group of people in an effort to reinforce dominant society’s assertion of what is considered desirable and acceptable social protocol. So here are my four top reasons for steering clear of labels and social graces when it comes to my daughters.

I am the Gender Bunny!

Gender Bunny

Trans people have to put up with a lot of crap from straight cis people: everything from people being offended to find out that the person they found attractive is “actually a man,” to asking invasive personal questions about a trans person’s genitalia. Check out this spoken word poem by J Mase III that pokes fun at these entitled attitudes.

How Identity Is More Complicated Than Society Thinks It Is


General society would have us believe that gender (and sexuality, and romantic attraction, and countless other identifiers) exist within a binary system. But the reality is that identity is much more complicated than that. And the concept of multidimensional spectra can be overwhelming. Check out this video for an introduction into the spectra of identity!

3 Ways to Rethink Masculinity as a Newly Masculine-Presenting Person

Source: The Unfeminine Aethetic

We sometimes think that issues of sexual entitlement and objectification are purely a problem with men, but the reality is masculine women do it, too. As I’ve become more vocal about my masculinity, my feminism has had to change from a feminism of solidarity to a feminism of recognizing that I’m different, and I that need to own that and change my behavior.

10 Trans Guy Myths Busted

10 Trans Guy Myths Busted

There are a lot of misconceptions about what it means to be a trans guy — everything from conflating it with sexuality (“All trans guys are just super lesbians”) to misunderstanding that trans is not necessarily defined physically (“You aren’t really trans until you start hormone treatment”). Arielle Scarcella and Benton Sorensen team up to bust some of these myths!

4 Ways to Be Gender Inclusive When Discussing Abortion

Source: Huffington Post

The “War on Women” is a war on me, but I’m not a woman. I’m trans, and I am personally affected by anti-choice legislation. Changing the cis-nomative atmosphere is difficult, but there are some steps that individuals and organizations can take to improve this lack of intersectionality. Women, after all, aren’t the only people who need access to abortions.

4 Ways to Honor Your Child’s Gender Autonomy

Source: Huffington Post

Although they do a majority of their learning through observation of their peers in social situations, children’s groundwork for understanding gender is largely influenced by the adults they see in their family systems. If you don’t talk about gender, children will learn society’s gender model. Here are five ways to facilitate your child’s gender autonomy.

Times I’ve Been Mistaken for a Girl

Times I've Been Mistaken For a Girl

For those who don’t adhere 100% to the intensely restrictive gender roles prescribed by society: this is the poem for you. Watch as hip hop artist and poet Alex Dang describes the many times he’s been misgendered by the people around him — including family, friends, and strangers — just because he existed in a way that didn’t make sense to them.

5 Things You Should Know About Your Agender Acquaintance

Source: Autodtraddle

“Agender” by definition means “someone without gender,” and falls under the big, colorful trans umbrella. While the identity is easily summed up in a sentence or two, the concept is where people seem to get lost. So, here’s a guide to the most common assumptions, faux pas, and outright weird notions about people who are agender that pop up in everyday life.