6 Things You Might Not Think Are Harassment, But Definitely Are

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Many people have no idea what does and does not constitute harassment. Here’s the thing: in our society, men are taught to feel sexually entitled to women. So many men who approach women in public spaces feel they “should” respond positively to their overtures – and then get upset at them when they don’t. Here’s some concrete examples of how this shows up.

3 Ways That Sexism Is Different Than Gender-Based Prejudice

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One dictionary defines sexism as “prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination on the basis of sex.” But the reality is that sexism is so much bigger than this. We need to unlearn this one-dimensional, oversimplified definition of sexism and start understanding it as a broader system of oppression. Here are three ways that sexism and gender-based prejudice differ.

Your First Time: A Sexual Guide for Trans Men

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Trans men, like all people, need to know how to have fulfilling, safe, healthy sex to feel whole and good about ourselves. We deserve it (and don’t let anyone tell you differently). But most out trans boys, trans men, and trans masculine people I know receive inadequate, if not wholly non-existent, sex talks. So here are seven key places to start.

Sex Tips That Don’t Suck

real sex tips

Had enough of sex tips that suck? Most of the sex advice written for women focuses on men without a single thought for the pleasure or needs of women. Patriarchal ideas that tie the value of a woman to the pleasure of a man can damage the way you see yourself. Take in this eye-opening spoken word piece about real sex tips and take your body back.

Men Shatter the Lies We Tell About What It Means to Be a “Man”

being a man

Do you ever talk about what it means to be a “man”? Not a lot of us do. The patriarchy sets the harmful expectation that men aren’t supposed to talk about their feelings or display any kind of emotion. Here’s a chance for men to talk about masculinity and remember, as one man in this video puts it, that “there’s no right way to be a guy.” So what makes you a man?

6 Ways to Respond to Sexist Microaggressions in Everyday Conversations

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Sexist microaggressions are entrenched in our culture and society. They sneak into our minds and our languages without us being completely aware. When faced with microaggressions, it can be difficult to know what to do or say, let alone when it comes from someone you love and care about. So here are 6 ways to help you respond to this kind of everyday sexism.

They Call It ‘Compassionate Conservatism’ — I Call It Oppressive


“Compassionate conservatism” is the idea that one can simultaneously push marginalization, but doing it in a way that shows care. But usually, this “care” is focused all wrong — like, say, toward fetuses, but not toward accessible childcare. And there’s nothing compassionate about that. It’s harmful, it’s hurtful, and it’s oppressive.

6 Reasons Why Being Called a Cis Person Is Not Oppressive

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Using the term cis is all about helping trans people and not at all about making cis people feel bad. And yet, a lot of cis folk push back because they don’t understand it. But in the end, all we, as trans people, are asking is for you to use an extra syllable in your sentences, to give a moment’s pause, and to recognize that we’re just as human as you are.