What ‘Passing’ Says About Our Expectations of Women – And Why This Trans Woman’s Getting It Wrong on Purpose

I Got It Wrong On Purpose: A Trans Woman On "Passing"

“Do I pass?” According to our society’s standards, women who are trans, women of color, fat, disabled, and more will never “look like a woman right” – so this author’s getting it wrong on purpose. Dysphoria can leave us heartbroken around as we try to fit the impossible standard of womanhood. With this moving article, learn about the power of looking like you.

Being Seen as a Hairy Brown Girl – There Was Nothing Wrong with Me Then and There Is Nothing Wrong with Me Now

Photo credit: Sharon Kilgannon, Alonglines Photography

As a hairy South Asian girl, this author was ridiculed and was made to remove his facial and body hair from a young age. And even after he came out as a trans man and was using he/him pronouns, it took him two years to let his facial hair grow. Why? Find out with this compelling story of overcoming the Western beauty and gender standards that impact us all.

8 Things I’d Tell My Younger Self As a Non-Binary Person

Traditional "men's" and "women's" restroom figures being pointed to with an arrow leading to "Nope."

What would you tell your younger self? For this author, there’s a lot that he wishes he’d known as a young genderqueer and non-binary person. So here are his words to his younger self, shared with you as a reminder of how important you are. Even if you don’t identify as non-binary, you can read this for comfort and validation wherever your path takes you.

Let’s Talk About the Reality of the “Men’s Rights” Argument

Black shirt with "#MENINIST" written across the front in white against a red background

What’s up with men’s rights advocates? Maybe you’ve read their commentary, and maybe you’ve wanted them to shut the hell up about so-called “men’s oppression.” But is there any truth to what they’re saying? What are their worries, and who are the true champions of gender equality? Let’s get into the concerns, the myths, and the real story behind men’s rights.

Here’s What’s Really Happening When White Saviors Try to ‘Save’ Muslim Women

Person out of focus, looking down at the ground

Can you identify Imperial Feminism? It’s the kind of “feminism” that centers the narratives of white saviors and strips away agency of Muslim women and women of color in general. Framing non-Western nations as savage and misogynistic and white Western people as heroes ignores the truth of misogyny. Read on to see it for what it really is – gendered racism.

Why We Must Honor the Trans Lives We’ve Lost Without Telling the Living They’re Doomed

Person clutching at their heart, awash in a red filter

(Trigger Warning: transphobia and violence) Many well-meaning allies are spreading the word about horrific violence against transgender people (especially the high rates against trans women of color). But have you thought about what it’s like to be a trans woman of color and constantly encounter these stories? This moving piece shows how vital it is to center trans voices and offer hope for living long and happy lives.

Dear US Women: These 9 Societal Messages Are Lying to You

Person holding their finger to their lip, in a "shhh" motion

You’ve been told that you’re not strong enough, not smart enough, not aggressive enough. You’ve been told that these weaknesses and character flaws keep you from achieving certain things. And you’ve had more than enough of those lies. Here are some dangerous myths society has taught you. It’s time to get free and unlearn them, and this is a helpful start.

This Comic Respects Women with Short Hair on Their Own Beautiful Terms

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 5.27.09 PM

What have you heard about women with short hair? These translations show what’s really going on when strangers and loved ones make negative comments. Follow this comic to the end and you’ll see why positivity beats the oppressive gender norms that mold society’s idea of female beauty. Get the respect you deserve, and shine on.

First Boi In: Dressing Queer in the Corporate World

Person in masculine-presenting clothing, leaning against a wall and looking up toward the camera

You never really forget the day you realize you’re the first of a kind that those around you have ever encountered. That was this author’s experience of being a masculine of center woman in a corporate office complete with assumptions about how gender and sexuality should be presented in the workplace. Here’s a deeper conversation about gender dress codes.