Trans* Women Are Not Drag Queens

Source: The Catholic Transgender

At one point during this year’s Oscars ceremony, it dawned on me: Many people don’t know the difference between trans* women and drag queens! There seems to be an assumption that all people assigned male at birth who grow up to wear clothing from the women’s section identify the same way. That couldn’t be further from the truth. So let’s talk about this difference.

‘Who’s the Man?’: Heteronormativity and Queer Relationships

Source: Jeff Shore

People in queer relationships are often subjected to a barrage of ignorance from the straight community. Whether it be invasive sexual questions or unwanted criticism, nothing seems to be off limits to the innocently inquisitive straight. Inevitably, one of the more repetitive and annoying debates will be the age-old question “Who’s the man and who’s the woman?”

Coming Out: Why Language Barriers Suck

Coming Out: Why Language Barriers Suck

Coming out as trans* is hard enough without the added difficulty of a substantial language barrier. Check out this week’s video headline to hear Leo’s story of how he came out to the people in his life, including his close family members. Watch Leo impart advice and warnings about the rocky terrain of coming out to people who you can’t even communicate with.

3 Examples of Everyday Cissexism

Source: Huffington Post

Oppressive assumptions and myths are often so embedded in our society that they are difficult to recognize. This is true of cissexism, which is often thought to be a more subtle form of transphobia. By “subtle,” I mean that it is less visible to cisgender people. Despite this, it is no less damaging. In order to eradicate transphobia, we need to tackle cissexism.

Intersex Awareness

Intersex Awareness

Did you know that biological sex is not a binary? As many as 4% of the population are predicted to be intersex — born with reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t fit neatly into the definitions of male and female. Check out this week’s video headline for an introduction into the reality of intersex conditions and how to respect intersex individuals.

Human Sexuality Is Complicated


For someone just learning about the various spectrums of human sexuality, the topic can be overwhelming. Not to fear! Here to lay out introductions to everything from gender to the difference between sexual behavior and sexual orientation is vlogger Hank Green! Check out his video to get a little closer to understanding and appreciating human complexity.

Embracing Feminine Energy in Entrepreneurship

Source: Levo

Prevalent messages in our society say that business and life don’t mix. And this separation between vocation and voice is a separation between our masculine and feminine selves. It’s an unfortunate reality, as it relegates feminine principles to the background and labels them as detrimental to sound business practices. So how do we reclaim entrepreneurship?

EF 29 – Trans* Empowerment Through Technology, with Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler

Dr. Kortney Ziegler

Due to anti-transgender bias, trans* people disproportionately face challenges with physical safety, employment, housing, and more. To address such obstacles, Dr. Kortney Ziegler founded Trans*H4CK, which brings together trans* people to develop their own tech-based solutions. In this podcast, Kortney and Sandra discuss the role of Trans*H4CK in the lives of trans* people and the trans* movement.

Is ‘Bitch’ an Example of Internalized Sexism?

Source: Melissa A. Fabello

Some detrimental cultural ideals run so deep that no one even questions whether they might operate as support beams of status quo oppression. Let’s take the word “bitch” for example. As an exercise in identifying some potentially hibernating connotations that can perpetuate harmful gender stereotypes, here are a few common uses of the word “bitch” and their problematic subtexts.