5 Lies TV Teaches You About Being a Teenaged Girl

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When you’re a teenager, your life is all about glamour, adventure, and romance, right? Well, no. But that’s what’s on TV. And while TV’s fictional stories may seem harmless, they can set up unhealthy expectations of how your life is supposed to be. So here’s the real deal – why your reality is valid. How has your teenage experience been different from TV?

4 Ways Indian Culture Sends Its Young Women Toxic Messages – And How We Can Stand Up to Them

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The number one question the patriarchy is asking is: “How do we make women feel less-than, now that they think they’re enough?” And, often, patriarchy finds ways to do so. This article addresses four ways that Indian culture in particular works to stifle women’s liberation, as well as this author’s suggestions for how to push back against it and stand up for yourself.

How Society Polices Women’s Clothing (No Matter What We Wear)

Have you ever stood in front of your closet, worried about what you’re choosing to wear because you know that no matter what you pick, someone will have an opinion about it? Whether it’ll be pegged as too revealing, too dowdy, too shabby, or just “too much,” it boils down to the same problem: Women’s clothing choices are constantly under attack. This comic shows how.

I Am Queer, I Am Non-Binary, and I Don’t Know What It Means to Feel Safe in Public

Illustration of a person on a bus looking scared as another person taunts them

(Content Warning: Homophobic and transphobic violence) In what ways are you unlike what people think you “ought” to be? For too many of us who are transgender, being ourselves means there’s no such thing as feeling safe. Take it from this author, who never knows if a small altercation could lead to violence. His chilling story of a bus encounter shows how hatred and bystander apathy make the world unsafe.

Men Should Be Feminists, But Should They Call Themselves Feminists?

A person scratches their head in confusion

Men can make positive contributions to feminism, but are there drawbacks to celebrating men just for calling themselves feminists? This author grappled with his own relationship to feminism as he wondered what it means to hold feminist men accountable. Find out how he learned that contributing to the movement means so much more than just calling himself a feminist.

This Is Exactly Why We Need the Leadership of Trans Women of Color

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Are you impacted by or wanting do something about the life-threatening conditions working against transgender women of color? Then you need Lourdes Ashley Hunter’s voice in your life. Here, she celebrates Black and Brown trans and gender non-conforming identities and lives, and shares what we all need to know about how structural oppression is linked to violence.

No, Feminists Do Not Enjoy Being the Victim

Person with their hand up as if saying "Stop"

This author, like so many of us who spend our time fighting sexism, was charged with wanting to be a victim. Is it true? We do often seek to acknowledge the horrifying truth of how our culture mistreats women and other marginalized folks. But that doesn’t mean you’re “playing the victim.” Here’s some affirmation of how far that is from the truth.