4 Lies We Need to Stop Telling About Asian-American Men


Our society, and in particular our media, often make Asian-American men out to be “not manly enough” and “too feminine” – by virtue of their race. This is not just racist but also patriarchal. But the thing is, Asian-American men are — believe it or not — like other human beings. They’re diverse and complex. So let’s uncover some of the most common lies.

What To Do (And Not Do) When Someone Asks for Different Gender Pronouns

Pronoun Etiquette

So you know someone who has felt comfortable enough to ask you to refer to them by different gender pronouns. This is a big step for them, and the way you proceed is very important. Some of the most common reactions and behaviors can have damaging effects on the person. Check out this comic for a simple introduction to the DOs and DON’Ts of pronoun etiquette!

Pondering Male Privilege Post-Transition

Source: The Momentum of Failure

The reality of male privilege is well established. There is no question that being female carries a significant “life penalty” with it. There’s no denying that male privilege exists. However, sometimes it feels taboo to ask how far male privilege goes. Who better to ask about it, though, than trans men and women who have lived on both sides of the divide?

10 Misconceptions Every Trans Ally Needs to Understand


Okay, so you get that gender identity is different from gender expression, which is different from sexual orientation. You know the difference between transgender and genderqueer. You know that not everyone wants “the surgery,” and not to ask if they do. You proudly claim the mantle of transgender ally. But are you one? Here’s your Trans 201 lesson.

What Trans-Exclusionary Feminism Really Looks Like

What Trans-Exclusive Feminism Really Looks Like

There are people who identify as feminists who try to exclude trans women from any feminist discussion or space, claiming that “there’s so much more to being a woman than wearing a dress or having some surgery.” But that line of thinking reminds us of another group — and it’s not a very flattering comparison. Check out this comic to see how trans-exclusionary logic plays out!

My Period and Me: A Trans Guy’s Guide to Menstruation


I’m a dude – one with a uterus. So like most trans guys, I have to deal with periods at some point or another. And it’s not easy. Everyone in the world seems to think periods are the ultimate expression of femininity. Sometimes it makes me feel very, very feminine. But the truth is, there’s no reason bleeding makes me feminine. Here are five ways to remember this.

How Asexuality Is More Complicated You Think

Gray-Asexuality and Spectrums

Asexuality is defined as not experiencing sexual attraction. Seems straightforward, right? But like most things, asexuality isn’t as simple as it appears. Within asexuality there are many different spectra to consider: from gender and sexual attraction to sexual drive and desire. There is a lot of nuance to this identity. Check out this video for a helpful introduction!

8 Myths About Transgender Men’s Genital Reconstructions

Source: Vivastic

There are a lot of misconceptions about genital reconstruction. “It’s just cosmetic.” “You need therapy, not surgery.” “It’s not like it’s life or death.” And that’s just for general reconstruction conversations! There are even more specific myths about individual kinds of surgery — ie: trans men. Here are eight non-truths about trans men’s genital reconstruction!