4 Ways to Honor Your Child’s Gender Autonomy

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Although they do a majority of their learning through observation of their peers in social situations, children’s groundwork for understanding gender is largely influenced by the adults they see in their family systems. If you don’t talk about gender, children will learn society’s gender model. Here are five ways to facilitate your child’s gender autonomy.

Times I’ve Been Mistaken for a Girl

Times I've Been Mistaken For a Girl

For those who don’t adhere 100% to the intensely restrictive gender roles prescribed by society: this is the poem for you. Watch as hip hop artist and poet Alex Dang describes the many times he’s been misgendered by the people around him — including family, friends, and strangers — just because he existed in a way that didn’t make sense to them.

5 Things You Should Know About Your Agender Acquaintance

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“Agender” by definition means “someone without gender,” and falls under the big, colorful trans umbrella. While the identity is easily summed up in a sentence or two, the concept is where people seem to get lost. So, here’s a guide to the most common assumptions, faux pas, and outright weird notions about people who are agender that pop up in everyday life.

5 Simple Ways Men Can Better Respect Women

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When we favor covering the sensational work that feminist men are doing out there, I think we’re accidentally skipping over the “every man” and the simple, seemingly mundane ways that sexism creeps into our everyday lives. So here’s a short introduction, guys — a few small things you can do to show more respect. Because, hey, we all have to start somewhere.

Little Boxes: 6 Ways to Make Room for Bigger Truths

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Every day, our children are shown the gender box they are expected to live inside of and are encouraged to shrink down the parts of themselves that don’t fit that narrow mold. If we truly want our children to succeed in this world, they need our help to smash open the very boxes we’ve constructed for them – to claim their place, their voice, and their power. But how?

Separating Out Gender Identity from Gender Expression


Long hair, turquoise athletic shorts, shaved legs. I sound like a girl, right? I’m not. Why? Because I don’t identify as one. And although it really is as simple as that, I understand where some people have trouble: “If you express yourself in this way,” they wonder, “then doesn’t that imply that that is how you identify?” But the truth is, well, no.

A New Masculinity: Why I Need Feminism as a Man

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I want to see a masculinity where love, power with, and compassion replace dominance, power over, and violence — a masculinity where some of those good messages I learned from the men in my life endure while leaving behind the destructive things that hurt me and so many other male-identified people. In short, we need a new way to understand ourselves as men.

What Boys Look For in Girls


Hank Green knows we all want to be appreciated, but he wants you to know that initial attraction isn’t really based in reality. And he’s worried about young women basing their self-worth on whether they appeal to guys, especially since that seems to be how the world is set up. So hear him out in this video where he discusses love at first sight and its nonsense.

How to Support a Trans* Survivor of Domestic Violence

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You know that not only does domestic violence in the trans* community play out in slightly different ways, but trans* survivors often face obstacles when trying to access resources. It’s not easy to approach a loved one about their abusive relationship. But you don’t need to be an expert. You just need to be there.