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7 Need-to-Know Steps for How to Have the Best First Date (And Possible Relationship) Ever with Another Woman

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You’re giddy with excitement for your first date with another woman! So don’t let narrow expectations of what relationships “should” be get you down. Take these tips on everything from what to wear to how to make a perfect plan. These are the keys to breaking down heteronormativity and building up meaningful relationships – full of respect and a whole lot of fun.

How Romantic Comedies and Social Media Teach Folks That Stalking Is Okay If It’s in the Name of Love

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It’s a go-to romcom staple: Boy likes girl, but girl doesn’t like him back. The determined boy will then spend the movie trying to convince the girl to give him a chance. And although audiences are supposed to cheer him on, the truth of the matter is that this trope actually portrays stalking behavior. And when we show stalking as romantic, we start blurring lines.

Dating Fails on the Autism Spectrum

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“Dating and relationships are foreign territory.” Sound familiar? Dating can be confusing for anyone, and for this author, it can be truly mystifying. Read on for her adventures in dating with an autism spectrum disorder, and learn why we should widen the acceptable way of making friends and showing romantic interest – so we can all be liked for who we are.

Your Cinematic Crush Is a Stalker (Um, and That’s a Problem)


Ahhh, movie magic romance. So daring, so swoon-worthy, so… stalkerish. The media has an interesting way of presenting love to the masses. Namely, it takes blatantly abusive behavior and manipulates the audience into thinking it’s romantic. And that can be really dangerous. Check out this comic to see examples of how those popular cinematic moments should have gone.

Asexual, Aromantic, Partnerless, Child-Free… And (Yes!) Happy

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Annoyingly, we live in a society that expects people – and especially women – to work toward a traditional family. We’re expected to get married and have children – and in time with our “biological clocks,” no less! But some people are perfectly happy without partners and kids, and it’s about time that we start respecting that. Read this article to see why.

So You’re a ‘Breasts Man’? Here Are 3 Reasons That Could Be Sexist

Three bras – one pink, one powder blue, one taupe – hang on a line by clothes pins

Boobs are great, but forgetting there’s a person behind them is not. As in the case of one reader, there are times when comments on our bodies (yes, even from loved ones) are unwarranted, unnecessary, and marginalizing. And there are painful consequences to objectifying body parts associated with womanhood. To help explain why, here’s what’s not okay about these comments.