7 Snarky Responses to Those Annoying Questions People Ask Single Women Who Date Men

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We have a hard time envisioning a woman who isn’t driven by romantic aspirations. You need go no further than any grocery store magazine aisle to be bombarded with quizzes, horoscopes, and advice on love. And we really need society to catch up and stop asking single women annoying questions. But until that glorious day, here are seven snarky responses to try.

5 Ways to Be an Ally to Your Partner’s Eating Disorder Recovery (And Avoid Triggering Them)

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Dear partner, I understand that you don’t understand what it’s like to have an eating disorder, and I know that you’re not trying to trigger me. But if you really want this relationship to work, we’re going to need to talk about my eating disorder recovery. Because eating disorder recovery affects all aspects of a person’s life, and I need you to work with me on this.

Along Came Poly: A Polyamorous Person’s Guide to Coming Out to Your Monogamous Partner


So you’ve figured out that you’re polyamorous. Awesome! But you’re also currently in a monogamous relationship. Uh-oh. Entering into a polyamorous relationship from a previously monogamous one can take work – but not only is it not impossible. It also can lead to healthier, more fulfilling relationships! Check out this comic to learn how to talk to your partner about your polyamory.

This Touching Note to Self Can Inspire You to Face Your Insecurities

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A casual sexual encounter is no big deal, right? Except that sometimes you carry with you your insecurities, the complexities of your identity, and painful memories from the past – and then it can be a pretty big deal. Here’s one poet’s moving note to self. We could all use this reminder that you have nothing to be ashamed of, and your body needs your voice.

Thinking Critically About Who Pays for the Date

Two people on a date, paying the bill

What do you think about before a date? You might plan for what you’ll say or wear. But what about who will pay? Here’s how common ideas about money and love relate to assumptions about gender and sexuality. We should be free to create connections that value our full selves. Get tips for thinking more about who pays for a date, and lose the patriarchal dating script.

7 Ways to Lovingly Support Your Gender Non-Binary Partner

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For gender non-binary people, partners can have a big impact on our transitions, for better or for worse. Rejecting our transition is rejecting who we are on a deep and essential level, and supporting us can make all the difference. If you’re a cisgender person in a relationship with a non-binary person, here’s a list of ways to lovingly support your partner.

How Can a Wedding Be Feminist? Here Are 6 Ideas

A couple kissing on their wedding day

“You can’t be a feminist and get married!” Ever heard that from someone else or in your own head? The idea that modern marriage excludes feminism is absurd and insulting. You should be free to make your own choices and have a wedding that fits your values, if a wedding is what you choose. Here are some helpful tips to get you thinking about how to make the feminist wedding of your dreams.

Family Violence Doesn’t Discriminate – But Biased Systems Do

One person staring ominously straight while another's hand is placed over their mouth, quieting them

(Trigger Warning: Intimate partner violence, sexual assault) Family violence affects people of all backgrounds. So don’t all survivors deserve support? With her story, one woman exposes the terrible truth about the racism and stigma aboriginal survivors face when they try to pursue safety and justice. Read her powerful story of surviving intimate partner and sexual abuse, and let’s advocate for justice for all survivors.

Polyamorous People Answer the Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask

“Why isn’t one person enough?” People have a lot of questions about polyamory. In this video, polyamorous people share some answers, breaking down misconceptions and giving advice on starting and sustaining non-monogamous relationships. So if you’re a polyamorous person or you wonder what it’s like to be one, enjoy this light-hearted clip on being true to who you are.