On Approaching Women Who Distrust Men

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Often, straight men become frustrated when they meet a woman who doesn’t trust them immediately. They’re frustrated that women impose a “guilty until proven innocent” mentality on all men. But there are reasons why women feel this way. If we can work to understand those reasons, we can learn how to work with her in a supportive role, if that’s what she wants.

So You Want to Try Polyamory

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So you’ve been reading about polyamory and have decided it’s something you want to try. Or maybe you’re still thinking about it, but don’t have a clear sense of where you’d even begin. It can take some time to figure out how polyamory works best in your life. Here are a few tips, guidelines, and things to consider for people just starting out in the poly world.

‘Who’s the Man?’: Heteronormativity and Queer Relationships

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People in queer relationships are often subjected to a barrage of ignorance from the straight community. Whether it be invasive sexual questions or unwanted criticism, nothing seems to be off limits to the innocently inquisitive straight. Inevitably, one of the more repetitive and annoying debates will be the age-old question “Who’s the man and who’s the woman?”

How to Work through Personal Conflict in a Healthier Way


These days, little arguments usually simmer down, but that wasn’t always the case. The difference is how I behave when I’m in a quarrel. Here are a few things I’ve learned that allow me to prevent arguments from escalating, to keep myself from saying things that I later regret, and to maintain a good relationship with the person I’m frustrated with or hurt by.

5 Benefits of Sharing


I was twenty-nine when a boyfriend told me it was strange that I didn’t share my food when we went out. At the time, I thought, “Why would I want to share my food? I ordered it so I could enjoy it.” My philosophy? What was mine was mine, and yours was yours. Thinking about it, though, I realized that I kept more than just my peas and carrots to myself.

Human Sexuality Is Complicated


For someone just learning about the various spectrums of human sexuality, the topic can be overwhelming. Not to fear! Here to lay out introductions to everything from gender to the difference between sexual behavior and sexual orientation is vlogger Hank Green! Check out his video to get a little closer to understanding and appreciating human complexity.

Femme Invisibility: On Passing Right by Your People and Not Being Recognized

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I am not the poster child queer woman. Pastel sundresses, lacy push-up bras, and vanilla lip gloss would not, as it were, come as accessories with Stereotypical Lesbian Barbie. Femmes are the surprises. Femmes are the ones who are asked how we can possibly be queer-identified if we paint our nails. We’re the ones who have to fight to be noticed for who we are.

Navigating Online Dating

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Online dating has never been more popular, perhaps because it enables you to choose who you want to chat to. So throw the traditional dating rulebook out of the window and make the first move on the candidates on your hot list. If you fancy a date with someone, ask them! Read on for some tips for making the best out of your online dating adventures.

Why I Call Her My ‘Partner’ and Not My ‘Girlfriend’

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She is my partner. She is not my girlfriend. Choosing to use the word “partner” is somewhat political, but it is also very personal. I choose to use “partner” to not only indicate to society that I desire equality in my relationship, but more importantly, to indicate to my partner that, above all else, I unconditionally respect her as a completely autonomous and equal companion.

How to Survive Engagement Season: A Guide to Healthy Marriage Expectations

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You’ve seen the statuses (“I said YES!”) and the ring selfies (“He put a ring on it!”). You’ve also memorized the jewelry store slogans. Everyone, it’s here. It’s engagement season. And if engagement season makes you contemplate a swift death, you’ve come to the right place. Put the chocolate and wine away, because here are some healthy ways to sift through the engagement season frenzy.