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Standing in Solidarity with the California Prison Hunger Strike

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The United States incarcerates a greater proportion of its population than any country in the world by far. When so few know the full extent of their own rights, even fewer are aware of or do not care about the rights guaranteed to the incarcerated. Despite the supposed “guarantee” of these rights, prisoners all over the U.S. are forced to serve out sentences in inhumane and torturous conditions.

6 Reasons Why the Liberal Disdain of Conservatives is Wrong

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It’s okay to disagree with people. It’s even okay to hold disdain for other people’s politics. But when we cross over into personal attacks, we’ve gone too far. Not only are we being rude, we’re also being unfair. So the next time you find yourself criticizing conservatives, remind yourself that what you’re critical of is their belief system – not the people themselves.