4 Ways to Stop the Silence and Stigma around Miscarriages

Source: About Health

About 15% of pregnancies end in miscarriage — that’s almost one in seven. And yet, we don’t often talk about them. Miscarriage is a part of reproductive rights and justice — and something that we can no longer afford to ignore. Here are four ways to combat the silence and stigma.

How to Tell If Your Child Is Bullying Others (And What to Do About It)

Source: Huffington Post

Most parents don’t want to believe that their child is capable of doing anything wrong — especially bullying others. But the truth is, this denial is only making the problem worse. Parents and guardians are the ones who have to face the reality of bullying, and take charge against it. Here are some helpful tips on how to begin this difficult process.

5 Reasons Why Feminism Needs to Address Child Abuse (While Yes, Recognizing That Women Can Be Abusive Too)

Source: Liberty Beacon

When it comes to addressing domestic abuse and working to eradicate it, feminism has played a critical role. But there’s one area of abuse that doesn’t get enough recognition in the movement: child abuse – especially child abuse committed by women. In order to address it, we need to see the abuse of children for what it is, regardless of the abuser’s gender.

11 Myths, Misconceptions, and Lies About Gender Non-conforming Children

Source: Lindsay Morris

Recently, a beautiful and moving video about a transgender child in California named Ryland Whittington went viral. Sadly, like every other conversation about transgender children, the comments section was often unkind. Scanning the comments, I saw the same poorly thought-out ideas keep popping up. I think it’s time to put these misconceptions to bed.

8 Ways to Make Sex an Awkwardness-Free Conversation Topic with Your Kids

Source: All Parenting

I have three kids — 15, 18, and 20 — and none of them has gotten pregnant, impregnated anyone, or gotten an STD (at least, as far as I know). And they talk to me about lots of things, including sex. Sometimes too much. If you want to achieve the same kind of open dialogue I have with my spawn, here are my eight tips for how to talk to your kids about sex.

4 Reasons Never to Tell Your Daughters to Be ‘Ladylike’

Source: Acloche

Terms like “ladylike” are in line with equally absurd terms like “acting Black” that lump behavior onto a particular group of people in an effort to reinforce dominant society’s assertion of what is considered desirable and acceptable social protocol. So here are my four top reasons for steering clear of labels and social graces when it comes to my daughters.

6 Things White Parents Can Do to Raise Racially Conscious Children

Source: Public House Watch

Talking about race is challenging for many parents, especially White parents. And we need to get over it. As discussed in part one of this article, remaining silent on the topic of race isn’t helping our children and it isn’t moving the needle any closer to equality. In fact, it may be doing the exact opposite. Here are a few things everyone can do to make it better.

5 Reasons We All Need to Talk to Kids About Race in America

Source: Chicago Parent

Talking about race in America can feel dangerous and overwhelming, but it is important work if we want to truly get to a place where all people are treated as equals. And as with all important conversations, it needs to start with our children. Here are five reasons every parent, guardian, and educator should be talking about race with the children they care for.

The Single Parent Double Standard: Demonizing the Moms and Martyrizing the Dads

Source: Collegian

A lot of us still hold tight to deeply gendered beliefs about men’s and women’s roles when it comes to child-rearing. If the research is to be believed, it’s not only typical to assume that single dads are doing something heroic, but it’s just as typical to think that single moms are doing just the opposite. Here are a few other things we can do to change this.