An Open Letter to the White Fathers of Black Daughters

Source: Huffington Post

In this beautifully written piece, a young biracial woman sets out to write a letter to her father – a white father to a black daughter. And her heartfelt words are what every white parent of children of color should hear: that race matters, that accountability matters, and that it’s up to you to make sure that you are a part of your child’s understanding of race.

It’s Time: How to Talk to Your Middle Schooler About Porn

Parents talking to their middle schooler

With the way young people today are so wired into the media, it’s no surprise that many parents are looking for advice after discovering their child looking at porn. Here are helpful recommendations for what to say to your middle schooler, what you can stop worrying about, and how you can make this communication as healthy, informative, and comfortable as possible.

6 Ways to Support Your Non-Binary Child

A group of children are silhouetted, playing a ball game against a setting sun

Non-binary kids are kids who feel that they are multiple genders, none, or some mixture thereof. As a former non-binary kid myself, this author has some thoughts about how best to parent non-binary kids. Because knowledge is power – and knowing how to wade through your child’s non-binary identity can help you be a better parent and your child be their authentic self!

5 Most Ridiculous Facts About Maternity Leave in the US

An Asian woman dressed in all white sits on her floor and holds her pregnant belly with one hand

For a country so taken with the idea of “family values,” the United States does a remarkably terrible job at helping people start families. We’re the only industrialized nation that doesn’t have a law guaranteeing that new mothers receive paid maternity leave. And in most workplaces, paternity leave remains unheard of. So what do we need to know, and how can we fix it?

How I Dealt with Multiple Miscarriages While My Friends All Had Babies

Person with eyes closed, seemingly collecting oneself, focused on finding calm and balance

If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking “Why them and not me?” then this article is for you. Working through infertility or miscarriages while celebrating the births around you is not always an easy task – and you’re not alone in this hard experience. Check out this piece, which explains why binary thinking – a la easy and not-so-easy pregnancies – can be damaging.

How to Teach Consent to Kids in 5 Simple Steps

Two children holding hands

Talking about consent isn’t always easy, and having these conversations with children can be even harder. Because it can seem so overwhelming, many adults shy from teaching kids about boundaries and consent in a comprehensive way. But here’s what you need to know about why it’s so important to teach consent in an ongoing process, with simple steps to follow.

3 Ways to Respect Your Child’s Autonomy While Still Being a Parent

Young child with a huge smile

The pace has quickened when it comes to raising children. Children need autonomy skills sooner, and perhaps more urgently, than their parents did. If you’re nervous that autonomy is the gateway to disrespect for the parent-child dynamic, or you’re just not sure where to start, here are three ways to start making room for the practice of this vital life skill.

How Being a Stay-at-Home Dad Made Me Embrace My Inner Feminist

A parent reading to their child

When this author’s son was born, it made sense that he would stay home with him while his wife returned to her job. Besides, he wanted to be there as closely as he could to experience life with the baby. It didn’t even occur to him that this decision had a political element – but of course it did. Read about how watching his son grow had him reevaluating his feminism.

Tell Them The Truth: Empowering Our Children to Be Truth-Seekers

Source: Gallery Hip

You want the best for your children. But with misinformation coming at them from TV commercials, skewed textbooks, and silenced teachers, how do you raise a confident child? One effective method is to empower them to seek the truth. Here are three ways this author has tried to empower her children to be truth-seekers.