Race & Ethnicity

Guy Hits on Girl — Gets Schooled Feminist-style


Hate it when guys use tired pick-up lines and comment on your ethnicity if you’re a woman of color? Watch this epic feminist smack-down, delivering a blistering critique of westernized beauty culture. This award-winning short film was directed by Karen Lum and features spoken word from Adriel Luis.

Holding the Tension: Whiteness vs. European Cultural Identity

Source: Irish American Society of Greater Richmond

We must get in touch with our cultural heritage to understand our stake in ending White Supremacy through a connection to what we lost, but we also have to understand and remain accountable to the privileges that Whiteness affords us every day. In some ways, this is a complex tension to hold. Because while not all White people are bad, Whiteness surely is.

Traveling, Street Harassment, and Actual Advice

Source: Fem Fatality

Safety should be a top priority when traveling! But if there is one thing I’m sure of, it’s that street harassment is a worldwide problem. So why do we continue to romanticize street harassment in Europe, while vilifying it when Black and Brown men are involved? It’s okay to feel uncomfortable when traveling, but if you want some real advice, let me help you out.

4 Reasons White People Can’t Use the N-Word (No Matter What Black Folks Are Doing)

Source: 1213 Online

Dear White Folks: We have to stop using the n-word. Like really, really. There was a word invented by White people as a pejorative for Black folks. Our people gave up the privilege to use that word the moment we invented it as a tool of oppression. So here are four reasons why it’s never okay for us to say it — no matter what Black folks are doing.

The N-Word ‘Double Standard’

The N-Word "Double Standard"

“If black people can say the N-word, why can’t I? How is that fair? It isn’t! It’s a double standard!” Raise your hand if you’ve heard that one before. Next time you do, show the person this video by vlogger Franchesca Ramsey! Watch as she explains the origins of the N-word and debunks common arguments in favor of white people using the N-word.

Stop Being So Attached!: A Beginner’s Guide on Problematic Language

Source: Fraud Magazine

Language is an extremely finicky thing. Much like a snowball, a language picks up habits from the culture that uses it as time goes on, especially our really bad habits like racism, sexism, and homophobia. If a single word is enough to dismiss and disregard an entire population’s feelings, ideas, and humanity, you can imagine why those people would want it erased from society’s vocabulary.

I’m a Foreigner?

I'm a Foreigner?

In many times unintentional and unconscious ways, people commit racial micro-aggressions in everyday conversations. Non-white natives are labeled eternally foreign and therefore, they can feel unwelcome in their own countries. It’s time we start speaking up against these racial microaggressions. So ask yourself, “what are the implications of asking someone, ‘where are you from?’”

5 Ways the Word ‘Strong’ is Used Against Black Women


Yes, black women have strength. But time and time again, the word “strong” has been used to dehumanize black women, to trivialize their pain, to create an impossible standard for young black girls to strive towards. For black women, taking that strength back means calling out the ways in which their strength is used against them. It’s time for us to debunk some myths.

Why Immigration is a Feminist Issue

Source: Utah Citizen Network

Mainstream feminists must listen to women of Color when they voice their struggles. I don’t believe feminisms is a monolithic movement, so I understand why some feminist groups and organizations focus their work on the issues that affect their immediate communities. But hear me out, and you’ll understand why immigration reform must be seen as a feminist issue foremost.