Race & Ethnicity

Epic Takedown of Racist Halloween Costumes (In the Form of a Baking Tutorial!)

There’s a lesson to be learned from baking cupcakes. And that lesson is: Don’t appropriate other cultures when you pick a Halloween costume. Confused? Check out this parody baking tutorial from Kat Lazo for a hilarious and spot-on critique of some pretty messed up costume ideas for the 31st. Because Halloween is no excuse for misogyny and cultural appropriation!

Stuff White Guys Say to Asian Women

Stuff White Guys Say to Asian Girls

Yellow fever. Exotification. Asian fetish. Racism. Our sexist and racist society has a long history of teaching white straight guys to fixate on Asian women in inappropriate and — frankly — offensive ways. That’s not to say that it’s impossible to date an Asian woman without being problematic, but there are some normalized things you should avoid saying. Here are just a few!

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Perfectly Explains Why We Need Diverse, Complex Media Representation

The Danger of a Single Story

Think back on the stories you’ve heard about Africa. How similar are they? Chances are, most of them involve the same basic elements: starvation, lack of modern technology, war. And while these elements may be true for some people in some parts of the continent of Africa, we’re doing a disservice to the world in assuming that this is the only African story.

Why Feminism Must Discuss the Intersection of Race and Gender


Flavia Dzodan responded to white feminism with: “My feminism will be intersectional, or it will be bullshit.” We need to be inclusive of all struggles, including racism — even when it makes white feminists uncomfortable to have their white privilege pointed out. Check out this spoken word poem on why feminism must be intersectional around race.

6 Important Reflections from Indigenous LGBTQIA+/Two Spirit People

LGBT / Two Spirit Native American Stories

We all struggle for similar things in our lives: acceptance, happiness, health…But these struggles can affect LGBTQIA+ people of color in varied and unique ways. This video features several courageous indigenous LGBTQIA+/Two Spirit families and individuals sharing their personal stories of acceptance, family, trials, and triumphs. Check it out!

3 Reasons Why Being Anti-Racist Isn’t Code for Being Anti-White


It seems like every time anti-racism activists speak up about their work, there is some level of pushback claiming that the work is “attacking white people.” But the thing is, that’s just not true. Anti-racism is not against white people. To clarify what anti-racism is really about, here are three things that the movement actually works to dismantle.

How to Talk About Race with Your White Boyfriend


Some people claim that love is (color)blind. But it hasn’t even been 50 years since laws prohibiting interracial relationships were outlawed, and the effects of that history are still in play today. So how do people navigate this history of tension, privilege, and oppression when they’re also trying to date each other? Here are some ways to approach the topic.

15 Questions White Folks Never Have to Ask Themselves


One of the most difficult parts of discussing privilege is that it can be extremely difficult to recognize your own. If you’re white, you know what we’re talking about. Check out this list of questions that people of color have to ask themselves on a constant basis. And let’s all work together toward creating a society where none of us need to ask these questions again.