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We Need to Get Rid of These 4 Racist Ideas About People of Color in the Workplace Before We Can ‘Race Together’

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The Starbucks #RaceTogether campaign came and went faster than you could finish a latte. Can we learn anything positive from it? Let’s talk about how you can actually create cultural change around racial justice issues – by starting with your own workplace (and without talking to under-caffeinated strangers). What would you change to make a less oppressive workplace?

Mainstream Porn Has Taught You A Lot About Asian Female Sexuality – But It’s All a Direct Result of Racism

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We know mainstream porn has some pretty unrealistic images, including false stereotypes. But do you know where stereotypes about Asian sexuality come from, and what they teach us about valuing (and devaluing) Asian bodies? Learn about the disturbing connection to colonization, to see how deep these misconceptions go, and why we must stop the colonization of bodies.

This Poet’s Advice Left Championship Judges in Awe

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This spoken word piece is called “Unsolicited Advice.” And maybe you didn’t ask for this message, but these words are what every girl and woman needs to hear. Through struggles of abuse, familial mental illness, and racism, Tonya Ingram finds her voice. And in this championship-clinching piece, she’ll show you how, sharing powerful words in spite of unspeakable pain.

These Mental Health Myths Harm the Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities

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You may have heard about the truth behind the “model minority” myth, but have you ever thought about how this myth creates a deceptive picture of Asian American and Pacific Islander mental health? Misconceptions float around both inside and outside of the AAPI community, leaving dangerous gaps in mental health treatment. Here’s why and how we need to fix this.

6 Racist and Sexist Things You Should Never Say to a Mixed Race Woman

Wanna find out why “you’re so exotic” is not a compliment? Most of the comments mixed race women get don’t come from a place of malice or hatred, but a lack of understanding. And navigating a multi-racial identity can be hard enough without factors like racism and sexism. So avoid being racially sensitive by starting with Marina Watanabe’s tips on what not to say.

4 Myths About Police Brutality We Need To Stop Spreading Right Now

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It’s happened again – a Black man, Walter Scott, gunned down by a police officer claiming self-defense. So we’re bound to have the same conversations again, asking: is police brutality about systemic racism or a few bad cops? Rather than going in circles with the same debates, we need to put some harmful, widely-believed myths to rest. Here’s the truth about police brutality.

Your Local Public School Is Failing at Addressing Racism – Here Are 3 Ways How

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Why study race? Ask students from various racial backgrounds, and they’ll give you compelling reasons. And for those who teach about issues of race, the evidence of how much it’s needed is overwhelming. But how are public schools really teaching (or not teaching) about race? Find out how and why we must address this huge flaw in our education system.