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The Difference Between When a White Man Versus a Black Man Carries a Gun

The Difference Between When a White Man Versus a Black Man Carries a Gun

Our society wants to desperately say that we’re a colorblind nation and racism has ended – despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. To help you grapple with how different the experiences of white people and Black people can be in the US, check out this video by The Daily Show on what happens when a white man and a Black man assert their right to bear arms.

A White Man, Black Man, and White Woman All Try To Steal a Bike – And Only One of Them Is Stopped

A White Man, Black Man, and White Woman All Try To Steal a Bike - And Only One of Them Is Stopped

We’ve been taught to assume Black people are up to no good. For those who don’t understand why that’s racist, check out this this hidden-camera experiment by “What Would You Do” where three people (a white man, a Black man, and a white woman) attempt to steal a bike. The responses are not surprising – unless you don’t believe racism and benevolent sexism exist.

5 Ways to Fight Oppression and Create Harmony Between Different Cultures

Source: Anokhi Media

Animosity over cultural differences can lead to anything from bully and stereotyping, to war and genocide. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We take in prejudice slowly and silently through socialization. But because we learn prejudice, we can also unlearn it. Here are a few ways you can fight oppression and practice communal harmony in your everyday life.

4 Lies We Need to Stop Telling About Asian-American Men


Our society, and in particular our media, often make Asian-American men out to be “not manly enough” and “too feminine” – by virtue of their race. This is not just racist but also patriarchal. But the thing is, Asian-American men are — believe it or not — like other human beings. They’re diverse and complex. So let’s uncover some of the most common lies.

If People of Color Had ‘White Fetishes’

White Fetish

In general, our society is moving toward a more accepting framework, and people seem to be more interested in becoming culturally aware. But in a misguided attempt to appreciate other cultures, many socially progressive folks end up exoticizing people of different cultures. Check out this hilarious satire to see what it sounds like when the roles are reversed.

Free the Fringe: 6 Ways to De-Stereotype Native American Heritage Month

Source: Huffington Post

This time of year is wrought with stereotypes of Native people. Thankfully, November is also National Native American Heritage Month and offers many opportunities, from the classroom to the kitchen, to move past one-dimensional representations. Here are 6 suggestions of how to de-stereotype Native American Heritage Month — no leather, feathers, or fringe needed.

Why We Need Better Representation of Asian Women (Explained in Terms of Harry Potter!)

To JK Rowling, From Cho Chang

You’ve seen the stereotype before: Asian woman falls in love with white hero and then cries when he inevitably leaves her. It’s one of the most tired tropes around Asian women in our media and, yes, even extends to Harry Potter. Check out this kickass poem by Rachel Rostad to JK Rowling on how this misrepresentation is damaging and dehumanizing and why we need to do better.

8 Things The History Books Don’t Tell Us About Native People


As you may know, history books are written by people in power. As a result, United States history books don’t do a great job representing the history and experiences of one of the most oppressed groups in US history: Native people. Check out this list to learn more about just a few of the truths about Native people that most history books fail to mention.

Private Vs. Public: Which Type of Prison Holds More People of Color?

The Color of Corporate Corrections

The number of prisons run by private firms and corporations has increased in recent years. We’ve already learned that these firms value financial gain over their responsibility to care for and rehabilitate prisoners. But how do they measure up against public prisons in terms of race? Check out this infographic to get the facts and then start wondering about how just our criminal justice system actually is.

Andrea Gibson Performs ‘Privilege Is Never Having to Think About It’

Privilege Is Never Having To Think About It

There comes a moment when we are all confronted with our own privilege. And yes, it can be very challenging to accept and acknowledge this privilege — but the way we react when confronted says a lot about us. Check out this poem by Andrea Gibson about a moment when fellow poet Sonya Renee called them out for their white privilege and about how they reacted.