Alcohol and Consent

Alcohol and Consent

A huge part of dating — and in particular, hookup culture — is alcohol. But having sex while under the influence of alcohol isn’t always the best idea. In fact, it’s almost always a bad one. Check out this video from Laci Green about the various levels of drunkenness, how to approach alcohol and sex, and why alcohol is problematic for consensual sex.

Why You Should Stop Saying ‘Slut’ and What to Say Instead

Source: CT Latino News

In recent years, the word “slut” has become deeply ingrained into our culture, to the point where people say it too easily and too casually. I’ve often asked myself: What can we do about this nasty, negative word choice that is so standard in our culture? Maybe learning more about the word itself – and more empowering words we can use instead – is a good start.

17 Lies We Need to Stop Teaching Boys About Sex


While our culture promotes a male-centric (that is, penis-centric) view of sex, men do not necessarily have it easy. Boys are half of the equation in discussions about sex positivity, and we need to teach everyone proper lessons about anatomy, communication, and consent. Let’s start by debunking these 17 myths about boys and sex.

Was It Good For You?: Inequality in Hetero Hookups

Source: Yahoo! News

Hookup culture. Everybody’s doing it. But maybe let’s take a step back and think about how – and who – this upward trend in casual sex is affecting: Is it healthy? Is it fostering equality? Is it beneficial for all? Or does it continue to uphold patriarchal memes?

Why I’m Not Here for Sex-Positivity without Critical Analysis


I get a lot of people asking me to explain sex-positivity, usually under the assumption that I identify as sex-positive. Which I don’t. I prefer to call myself sex-critical because that’s actually what I stand for. The problem for me is the way that a lot of people do sex-positivity – namely, without a critical analysis component. And I want to talk about that.

Faking Orgasm


In this video, Laci Green discusses fake orgasms. She begins with a story of her own experience, why she faked orgasm so often, and how it turned into a destructive habit. She also discusses her observations of this widespread phenomenon and offers a word of advice to those who may be faking orgasm or those who have partners that they suspect are faking it.

5 Problems with ‘Keep Abortion Rare’

Source: Ms. Magazine

You’ll see it on signs and banners at abortion rallies: “Keep Abortion Safe, Legal, and Rare.” This sentiment is often championed and portrayed as “something we can all agree on.” But is it really a desire we have, let alone one that we should be making heard? How does this kind of logic affect the abortion movement and all those who seek abortions?

Taking Feminism to Bed: Sexual Norms vs. Feminist Ideals

Source: The Doctor's Channel

When it comes to sexuality and feminism, one of the biggest roadblocks that we face – both in unlearning our own educations and in teaching others – is how social messages conflict with our own authenticity. What are some ways in which we can transform public thought about sexual “norms” and reconcile our feminist beliefs with social norms surrounding sex?

EF 34 – Jump Starting a Career in Sexuality Education, with Bryce Komaroff

Jump Starting a Career in Sexuality Education

Shockingly, the topic of sexuality education is still very controversial today. Views around whether this vital information should be taught in schools, what exactly should be discussed, and which populations “need” it the most varies widely. In this podcast episode, Bryce Komaroff and Melissa A. Fabello discuss the benefits of pursuing a career in sex ed!