Exposing 5 Sex Myths That Impact Your Choices as a Women

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Have gender stereotypes led you to have sex when you didn’t want to? Your sex life shouldn’t be defined by stereotypes. Understanding how culture influences our choices around sex can empower us to talk about our desires and needs openly and sincerely. This article will help you understand and feel empowered. Learn how myths can impact you — and what to do about it.

Your First Time: A Sexual Guide for Trans Men

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Trans men, like all people, need to know how to have fulfilling, safe, healthy sex to feel whole and good about ourselves. We deserve it (and don’t let anyone tell you differently). But most out trans boys, trans men, and trans masculine people I know receive inadequate, if not wholly non-existent, sex talks. So here are seven key places to start.

Sex Tips That Don’t Suck

real sex tips

Had enough of sex tips that suck? Most of the sex advice written for women focuses on men without a single thought for the pleasure or needs of women. Patriarchal ideas that tie the value of a woman to the pleasure of a man can damage the way you see yourself. Take in this eye-opening spoken word piece about real sex tips and take your body back.

Beyond 50 Shades: The Reality Behind 3 Myths About BDSM

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It’s important to discuss kink from a feminist perspective because of the harm that misinformation about our desires can cause. This misinformation can lead to feelings of disempowerment in one’s a/sexuality and relationships, and erardicating that should be part of the foundation of any intersectional feminist movement. So let’s bust three common myths about BDSM.

How Not to Make Love to a Fat Girl

How Not to Make Love to a Fat Woman

People — and in this context, women — are more than just their body parts: their fat, their bellies, their thighs, their skin. When you are attracted to a person of size (or any one who has a marginalized body or identity), and they invite you to share sexual intimacy with them, don’t objectify or fetishize them. As this poet says, “Make love to the whole of them.”

How Women Are Pressured into Being Sexy, But Punished for Being Sexual

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This culture financially and socially rewards women for how well they fit into a heterosexual lens of desire. Then, we ridicule those women who choose to gain from that dynamic. But instead of directing our ire at the people working the system, we need focus our attention on changing the system. As the old saying goes, “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.”

This Comedian Turns the Tables on Sex Position Jokes

Liz Miele's comedy routine on feminist sex positions.

In a world where sexual violence and objectification are still the butt of too many jokes, Liz Miele does a phenomenal job of drenching humor in feminism and wringing patriarchy down the drain. Check out this video for a big, beautiful belly full of laughter and some super smart, super sexy metaphors examining the experience of women in and out of the bedroom.

Teen Sex Isn’t the Problem (But Thinking That It Is Sure Is)

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Contrary to popular belief, being sexually active does not automatically mean a teen has problems and is in need of help. With the appropriate education and resource, sexual connection can be healthy for teenagers. But treating sexually active teens as delinquents and stigmatizing them can create the very problems many claim to be trying to avoid.

8 Tips on Respectfully Talking Pleasure, Sex, and Bodies With Your Trans Lover


It’s super important to have conversations about sexual boundaries, consent, and desires with your lovers. These conversations keep us safer, but there aren’t many examples for how to respectfully and non-fetishistically have them when your lover is trans. This article provides insight on how to compassionately negotiate sexual dialogue with your trans partner.