How Can You Tell if You’re Being Sexually Empowered or Objectified? Ask Yourself This Simple Question

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There’s a long-standing debate in feminism about sexual empowerment: How do we know when someone is being sexually liberated versus being sexually objectified, since they sometimes can look similar from the outside? Well, the answer is simpler than you think: The difference is in who has the power. Check out this informative comic to get an idea of what that means.

Mainstream Porn Has Taught You A Lot About Asian Female Sexuality – But It’s All a Direct Result of Racism

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We know mainstream porn has some pretty unrealistic images, including false stereotypes. But do you know where stereotypes about Asian sexuality come from, and what they teach us about valuing (and devaluing) Asian bodies? Learn about the disturbing connection to colonization, to see how deep these misconceptions go, and why we must stop the colonization of bodies.

Consent Can Be Withdrawn At Any Time and 10 Other Things You Need to Know About Consent

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We often talk about how important consent is, but what, exactly, is consent? Here it is – a video from Lex Croucher covering the basics of what it means to consent to sexual activity. Rape, sexual assault, and coercion are far too common among all types of people. So spread the word, and let’s raise awareness of this clear understanding of consent. (Content Warning: Rape)

Asexual, Aromantic, Partnerless, Child-Free… And (Yes!) Happy

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Annoyingly, we live in a society that expects people – and especially women – to work toward a traditional family. We’re expected to get married and have children – and in time with our “biological clocks,” no less! But some people are perfectly happy without partners and kids, and it’s about time that we start respecting that. Read this article to see why.

Healing From A Broken Heart — In And Out Of The Bedroom


If you’re newly single, you shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed about how you heal – and that includes if you heal in a sexual way or if you choose not to. You might get a lot of advice and judgments. But here’s all the post-breakup bedroom advice you need: a comic to remind you that you know what’s best and healthiest for you, no matter what anyone else says.

8 Refreshing Approaches to Positive Sex for People of All Sizes

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“Let’s talk about (fat) sex!” We don’t talk about it nearly enough, but it’s an important part of both sex positivity and body positivity. Just think of all the ways sexuality is stripped from people who are considered fat. Now read this introduction to “Sex at Every Size,” a new set of practices to help us move beyond society’s limits and feel sexy at any size.

It’s Time: How to Talk to Your Middle Schooler About Porn

Parents talking to their middle schooler

With the way young people today are so wired into the media, it’s no surprise that many parents are looking for advice after discovering their child looking at porn. Here are helpful recommendations for what to say to your middle schooler, what you can stop worrying about, and how you can make this communication as healthy, informative, and comfortable as possible.

Why Don’t We Talk About Painful Sex?

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Sex should never hurt. This is true regardless of a person’s gender, irrespective of the kind of sex that someone is having (consensual and desired pain-play notwithstanding), and it’s true whether it’s a person’s first or 401st time. But why are so many people resigned to having painful sex? Well, partly because we don’t talk about it enough. So let’s start now.

Along Came Poly: A Polyamorous Person’s Guide to Coming Out to Your Monogamous Partner


So you’ve figured out that you’re polyamorous. Awesome! But you’re also currently in a monogamous relationship. Uh-oh. Entering into a polyamorous relationship from a previously monogamous one can take work – but not only is it not impossible. It also can lead to healthier, more fulfilling relationships! Check out this comic to learn how to talk to your partner about your polyamory.

This Touching Note to Self Can Inspire You to Face Your Insecurities

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A casual sexual encounter is no big deal, right? Except that sometimes you carry with you your insecurities, the complexities of your identity, and painful memories from the past – and then it can be a pretty big deal. Here’s one poet’s moving note to self. We could all use this reminder that you have nothing to be ashamed of, and your body needs your voice.