Taking Feminism to Bed: Sexual Norms vs. Feminist Ideals

Source: The Doctor's Channel

When it comes to sexuality and feminism, one of the biggest roadblocks that we face – both in unlearning our own educations and in teaching others – is how social messages conflict with our own authenticity. What are some ways in which we can transform public thought about sexual “norms” and reconcile our feminist beliefs with social norms surrounding sex?

EF 34 – Jump Starting a Career in Sexuality Education, with Bryce Komaroff

Jump Starting a Career in Sexuality Education

Shockingly, the topic of sexuality education is still very controversial today. Views around whether this vital information should be taught in schools, what exactly should be discussed, and which populations “need” it the most varies widely. In this podcast episode, Bryce Komaroff and Melissa A. Fabello discuss the benefits of pursuing a career in sex ed!

6 Abortion Myths Debunked

Source: Women Vote PA

Close your eyes and think about the word abortion. What are the first things that come to mind? Pregnancy? Unborn fetuses? Policy makers? Crying? Grief? Our society is filled with all kinds of mixed messages and myths about abortion. These myths have real consequences and effects on policy, which limits people’s right to choose. Let’s bust some of these myths.

What Our Dominant Narratives Say About Abortion

Source: The Lizness

Can you think of a movie or television show that portrays abortion as an option for one of its characters? These are the dominant narratives about abortion – the stories we see and hear that shape how we perceive the procedure. Meanwhile, where are the real stories? Where are the realities, the facts and the lived experiences of actual people having abortions?

Human Sexuality Is Complicated


For someone just learning about the various spectrums of human sexuality, the topic can be overwhelming. Not to fear! Here to lay out introductions to everything from gender to the difference between sexual behavior and sexual orientation is vlogger Hank Green! Check out his video to get a little closer to understanding and appreciating human complexity.

One Man’s Journey: How I Stopped Watching Porn for One Year and Why I’m Not Going Back

Source: Fame Magazine

I remember when I first discovered porn. Fascinated by this world of unleashed sexual expression, I couldn’t get enough of it. I thought I’d outgrow my porn habit over time. But I never did. I didn’t know it then, but porn had become an addiction. I didn’t realize how much watching porn manipulated my mind, warping my sexuality, numbing my feelings, and impacting my relationships with women.

Sex Object BS

Sex Object BS

What is sexual objectification, and why is it a big deal? In this video, sex educator and kick-ass feminist Laci Green gives an (albeit very brief) overview of our culture’s sexual objectification problem and how it contributes to serious problems like gender and sexual inequality in every sphere of life — as well as perpetuating rape culture. Spread the word that we all deserve to own (and be the subjects of) our sexuality.

A Letter to My Son about Porn

Source: Mama Mia

My darling Son, this is not a conversation any boy wants to have with his mum at any age. But it’s a conversation we must have nonetheless. I would be failing in my duty as a parent, guide, and woman if I did not share the following information with you – information that has the power to impact greatly upon your future sex life. And your relationships. So listen carefully. This is important.