Workplace Sexual Harassment: What To Do When Your Co-Worker Won’t Stop

Workplace Sexual Harassment

While Human Resources departments are supposed to address sexual harassment at work, they sometimes don’t do enough. Consequently, it’s not always a helpful resource for those who need support. Read this article for tips on using direct communication to interrupt this sort of microaggression when it’s happening to you in the workplace.

How Men Can Better Recognize and Interrupt Everyday Sexual Harassment

How Men Can Better Recognize and Interrupt Everyday Sexual Harassment

Women and feminine looking people are perpetually exposed sexist harassment in public spaces. Too often, that violence goes unrecognized, which turns leaving the house into an arduous experience for so many. This comic illustrates the pervasiveness of rape culture, holds men accountable for disrupting it, and suggests strategies for them to speak out.

A Spoken Word Poem on the Policing of Race and Citizenship

In this spoken word poem, Ela Barton suggests that the hateful sentiment behind Arizona’s SB 1070 law is a frustration about people of color working for themselves and generating inter-community resources, as opposed to subordinately working for white people in positions of power. This policing of race and citizenship protects colonial standards of white supremacy.

Men Holding Each Other Accountable for Rape Culture

In his spoken word poem “Action,” Guante reflects on how he should have held his friend accountable for the abusive way he spoke about and treated his girlfriend. He analyzes how the media teaches men to think of sex as violence and to victim blame. This poem asks men to speak up and reminds them that rape culture is dependent on their silence and complacency.

How to Recognize and Respond to Intimate Partner Violence

Our culture tells us that intimate relationships should be private. On too many occasions, that privacy hides violence and abuse. This infographic not only shares critical statistics, it also provides strategies for recognizing abusive relationship patterns, suggestions/resources for support, and examples of healthy relationship qualities.

Concrete Examples of How Video Games Normalize Violence Against Women

Contemporary video game narratives normalize the sexual and murderous objectification, exploitation, and violence against women so cavalierly. One can’t help but question how expose to the murderous rape culture of this media influences the perspectives and behaviors of its players. How long will we tolerate such gruesomely misogynist depictions of abuse?

Talking Back: Street Harassment Is Not A Compliment!

After a montage of male and female public figures arguing that sexism is obsolete, that catcalling is essentially compliments, and that sexual harassment is just “boys being boys,” Jessica Williams, from the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, uses humor and sarcasm to illustrate the pervasive, invasive, and terrifying nature of street harassment and sexism in society.

Affirmative Consent Laws, Explained in One Simple Video


Recently, California passed the “Yes Means Yes” law, which dictates that “an affirmative, unambiguous and conscious decision” must be reached by everyone involved to engage in sexual activity. This was a huge step in the fight against rape culture! What does this decision mean in terms of our society’s view of sex and consent? Check out this video to find out!

Beyond GamerGate: The Fight For Equal Opportunity Gaming

Source: She Knows

Character assassination, stalking, rape and death threats — all directed at women in the video game industry. Where is this deep hatred coming from? Who does it affect? And what can be done about it? These are questions that deserve answers. Instead of ignoring the problem, as it has been ignored before, we have a duty to investigate this war on women in gaming.