Everyday Feminism is an educational platform for personal and social liberation. Our mission is to help people dismantle everyday violence, discrimination, and marginalization through applied intersectional feminism and to create a world where self-determination and loving communities are social norms through compassionate activism.

Since the launch of its online magazine in June 2012 by Sandra Kim, Everyday Feminism has quickly become one of the most popular feminist digital media sites in the world, with over 4.5 million monthly visitors from over 150 countries. In the last year, over 30 million unique users have visited our site and our articles have been read over 60 million times.

Through our online magazine, we work to amplify and accelerate the progressive cultural shifts taking place across the US and the world. Our unique focus on helping people apply intersectional feminism and compassionate activism to their real everyday lives has deeply resonated with people around world.

We aim to shift our culture to end the everyday violence, discrimination, and marginalization that people face due to their gender, sexual orientation, race, class, size, ability, and other social differences.

We seek to create a more just world where we can accept ourselves for who we truly are, where we respect each other’s right to self-determination, and where we nurture and are nurtured in loving communities.

Please note that as we are based in the US, our focus is on the US/Western world and we invite people from other parts of the world to draw lessons and use the information as they feel are relevant to their particular communities. We do not have the cultural competency or resources needed to be an international site despite having people visiting from across the world.

Here’s what some of our readers have said about the impact of Everyday Feminism in their lives:

Just two days ago, I finally – FINALLY – disclosed my rape (after four years) and a series of other sexual assaults to my mom. I only just started using the terms “rape” and “assault”, because I didn’t want to acknowledge what actually happened.

For a while I questioned if it actually was rape. I asked myself, what could I have done differently? Maybe I did lead him on. Maybe I should have screamed and fought, but to me it wasn’t that black and white at the time. Funny what hindsight can do.

Now, thanks to many of Everyday Feminism, I see now that it was rape. No means no, no matter what volume it is projected.

I feel so relieved that I have finally started to face the rape and sexual assaults that have been the causes of many sleepless nights over the years.

– Chelsea

I just want to say how very much I enjoy and find Everyday Feminism’s articles useful. There is never a day that I cannot use nearly every article to pass on to one of my volunteer groups! Insightful, up-to-the-minute, and educational! Everyday Feminism is a real womyn’s site for real feminists, be they male, female, or other.

I find what you send to be so on-the-mark sometimes, that I rush off one article to my LGBT employee’s group, another to my sexual freedom group, and a few to my State President for the National Organization for Women (NOW). And there is something left over to send to “Federally Employed Women” and “Blacks in Government”!

Keep up the excellent work! We need what you write! You are not afraid to touch on “touchy” subjects — you are not afraid to go where other sites dare not! Three cheers and a big “thank you” for outstanding articles!

– Linda A., Co-founder of FDA GLOBE (LGBT employees group) and Advisor to the Board of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Foundation and the Maryland State Chapter of NOW

I want to tell you how grateful I am for what you wrote about bringing transgender on “What Cis Folk Have In Common With Trans Folk.” It was honest and straightforward and exactly how I feel as a trans woman.

I have no desire to flaunt, to shock, or alienate anyone. I am who I am and just want to be accepted as I am. My basic fears and hopes are the same as anyone else.

And you expressed this so eloquently and hopefully will open some minds to being more inclusive of transgender.

Thank you for your sensitivity and support. I am loving Everyday Feminism and l looking forward every new article!

– Taryn

I just wanted to thank you for existing. At the beginning of this month, I got out of a year long relationship that had gotten abusive and out of control for the past 4 months and I am really struggling.

I cry every day but the posts I see remind me to stay strong and that I’m not alone.

– Grace

Today is the first time I’ve stumbled across your wonderful website, and I owe you a very big thanks. Just before the new year, I separated from my long term partner.

Although no (intentionally) hurtful things were said, my self-esteem and body image took a big knock as a result. I’m a feminist, and try to remember that the images of the female I see in the media everyday are unattainable and computer generated, but some days it’s hard.

However, this morning I read article upon article on this site showing me how beautiful we all are, no matter how close, or not, we look to the ‘ideal’, and how little our outward appeal actually matters.

Inspired, I took my clothes off and looked in the mirror, and took note of all the things I like about myself. My mind, for being clever and sharp. My heart, for making me kind and friendly. My laugh, for being quick and joyful. My great breasts and legs came only second, and I didn’t even think about my cellulite or my tummy.

I went to work afterwards, and even though I’d not changed any of my routine, many people commented on how great I look. Beauty really does come from within!

So thank you, thank you, thank you for reminding me of what I can achieve, and how fabulous I am. I know sometimes it can feel like your words are falling on deaf ears, but you made a huge difference to me today.

– Rachael

A week ago, at my job, a man asked me on a date, which I declined, and he began to stalk me. 3 months ago, I would have dropped it and waited for him to find someone else. But your posts showed me that the more we stand idly by and let it go, the longer it will continue to happen.

So I took your posts to heart and #stood(thefuck)up!! I called the police and found out he had prior stalking charges that the victims had dropped. But I WILL NOT LET IT GO! And with the helpful hand of the law, now I will be the last woman he stalks, harasses, or scares. One woman at a time, you truly are making a difference.

–  Liane

Everyday Feminism has become an essential component of my feminist theory and gender studies classes. Your online magazine offers diverse, fresh, and engaging articles that breathe life and relevance into feminist theory. As a father, I’m particularly excited about EF’s emphasis on feminist parenting, a topic I feel is sometimes overlooked in feminist circles.

And that’s just it, EF manages to creatively combine engaging, contemporary appeal, poignant, intelligent analysis, and a holistic approach to social change that honors what I love the most about feminism: its egalitarian spirit.

– Jeffrey Allen Nall, Ph.D., instructor of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Florida Atlantic University

I was thrilled to find your website. I have young nieces and a grandaughter that I need to keep up with. Your site will help me understand more about the issues facing young women today. I’m hoping that it will help me to guide them on their journey.

I’m 65 years old and things have changed drastically since I was a young feminist. Then again, maybe they haven’t changed all that much. Lots of self esteem issues still need to be tackled. Thanks for starting the website and bringing me on board.

–  Yvonne

Everyday Feminism is a modern-day version of consciousness raising groups. I go there to understand what messages I don’t realize I’m getting about my role and for encouragement to be who society actually needs me to be – a good person.

The subtle ways it’s helped me in my everyday are through encouragement to be proud of my accomplishments and catch myself when I find I’m apologizing for those successes. It’s validating when I’m put off by a joke made at the Oscars or a commercial I saw on TV and then in the next few days find that someone else agreed and posted about it.

We may not be changing laws or ending wars everyday. But with Everyday Feminism, we are changing the world and making a better world for our daughters and sons.

– Ashley

Joined ‘Everyday Feminism’ site last week. Find it to be wonderfully uplifting and informative.

I, too, used to be ignorant as to what ‘being a feminist’ meant.

Now I’m proud to call myself one! Thanks a bunch!

– Patty

Joined today and immediately tweeted out the link. I find the tone so refreshing. While many of the views are beyond my experience as a straight white male Boomer, it’s a lot easier for me to examine and learn through my discomfort when the spirit of the thing is respectfully direct.

This is a challenge I face every day in my wok with white male executives on global diversity and inclusion, and I understand the intention such a tone requires of you. Congratulations on your discipline. It helps me cope with an online world that bends toward anonymous name calling and shallow analysis.

– Chuck

I’ve been reading Everyday Feminism for several weeks and its really beautiful the way feminism is being explained.

Honestly my perception of feminism was different and as I read your articles, I really am pressed to consider how I treat others and how to unwind my own bias.

Thank you for opening my eyes to this thinking.

– Beth

The difference Everyday Feminism has made in my life, being a young, activist woman during the 70’s Feminist revolution, is that I finally believe the new generation understands that the word “feminist” is not a bad word and that women before you fought hard for the things you take for granted today.

Never lose sight of this and don’t believe there isn’t a LOT more work to be done.

– Terry

I am a grateful that I was able to subscribe to your emailing-list. Before I start my work, I read your articles to help get through the day.

I work with youth who live in a place where the smell of gasoline, marijuana, nicotine, and alcohol lingers in the air. And I just want to let you know that your articles help me go through my day.

– Anne

I just have to say that I am so glad I came across this website. I’m really so happy I’m shedding tears. I’m only 17-years-old, and I consider myself to be a feminist.

Unfortunately in my school everyone thinks I’m “scary” and violent because I consider myself a feminist. I’m pretty ostracized, but when I found this website I felt somehow at home, I guess I just want to say thank you. Thank you very much.

– Giselle

I’ve been struggling with mental wellness regarding body image and eating for about two years. I just learned about everyday feminism by stumbling upon it on google and absolutely love it.

Thank you for writing articles that make me feel good about myself as I am and helping me learn to love myself!

– Katia

If you’d like to share how Everyday Feminism has made a difference in your life, please tell us here.