1) If You Are an Online Course Member and Are Logged-in:

If you’re enrolled in the Everyday Self-Love or Relationship course, to make sure you have enough time to work with each module, we release each successive course module every two weeks. Module 2 will be available two weeks after signing up for the course, Module 3 in four weeks, etc. So if you are a course member and are currently logged-in, you just need to wait a bit longer to be able to access this Module!

2) If You Are a Compassionate Activism Program Member and Are Logged-In:

If you’re enrolled in one of our Compassionate Activism programs, we update the program portal with the video recordings a couple days after the session. We will email you notifying you when it is available.

2) If You Are Not a Course or Program Member:

This page can only be viewed by course and program members. To learn more about the, click here for our online courses on Everyday Self-Love and Relationship and click here for our Compassionate Activism program.

3) If You Are Not Logged-in:

If you’re not logged-in, you can login here.

If you think there may be another issue, you can contact us here.


– Sandra and the EF Team

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