An Everyday Feminism Webinar

Taking Your Anti-Racism Work
To the Next Level

How To Take Risks
& Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Challenge Your Privilege and Take Your Anti-Racism Practice Deeper

What does it really mean to be in true solidarity with racially marginalized people? Do you wonder about the way you leverage your privilege to help others? Do you want to do more in your anti-racism practice but feel like something is holding you back?

Let’s be real: anti-racism is a lifelong commitment. And it isn’t easy work. It takes more than sharing news articles or even bringing up politics at the family holiday table. And, if we’re being honest, it’s often easier to choose a less-involved route.

But if we want to see liberation in our lifetime, we need to take real risks and to learn and keep fighting every single day. It’s time we rise to the challenge and commit to finding sustainable ways to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone.

In this webinar, you’ll receive guidance that will help you strengthen your anti-racist practice. You’ll be provided with tools and resources to begin challenging and shifting the attitudes and actions that subtly perpetuate racism.

You will also be provoked and pushed to go beyond comfortable anti-racism work and begin to challenge your own privileges.

You’ll find ways you can take real risks like calling in/out your boss or professor when they do or say something racist or advocating for the hire or retention of people of color at your job.

By the end of the webinar, you should leave feeling deeply motivated and better equipped to act as an agent of change in your own community and in the world.

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Povi-Tamu Bryant
Course Leader & Managing Director, LA Black Workers Center

As a black, queer, gender nonconforming womyn, Povi-Tamu is committed to working with people to bring an intersectional understanding to the ways we build, live and interact with each other. They are the Managing Director of the LA Black Worker Center and spent the last several years working deeply to counter anti-blackness with Black Lives Matter LA. They are now focusing on building out a local legal support network for the movement for Black Lives, through an emerging project Justice Warriors for Black Lives.

Letter from the Course Leader

The policies and practices of the current administration—and the social freedom it has granted for increasingly blatant racist actions—have fueled a need to strengthen anti-racist solidarity-building. We are now being called to be hyper-vigilant about our anti-racist practice.

How can you take action to create lasting change? What can you be doing to help free our society from the violence of racism?

I’ve been interrupting anti-blackness for close to a decade through popular education, facilitating solidarity-building journeys, and direct action mobilization. Now, I’m called to share what I’ve learned with you.

This webinar will support folks as they withdraw their support to white supremacy—realized and unrealized—and turn their anti-racist analysis into actual practice.

In this webinar, we will deal with the most challenging questions about anti-racist practice, offering invaluable and practical advice on how to move beyond your comfort zone and dismantle white supremacy and racism, both systemically and in everyday life.

Together we’ll dive deep into four practices of solidarity: raising awareness, continuing education, creating braver spaces and, most importantly, what it means to actively take real risks in the name of anti-racism.

With intention and purpose,
Povi-Tamu Bryant

Just $35

per participant


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Just $35

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