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Astrology As Healing Work:
How to Use It For Self-Care and Self-Love

Learn How to Nurture Yourself by Connecting More Deeply to Your Natal Chart

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Discovering How Venus and the Moon in Your Chart Can Help You Take Care of You!

In today’s triggering political climate, we must remember to ask ourselves: What nourishes you and makes you feel good? What helps you be kind to yourself? How do you feel safety and make sure that your needs are getting met?

So many of us are trying to find time for self-care, but failing because we’re busy surviving capitalism and getting sucked in by toxic social media.

Even when it gets hard, we can’t give up — self-care is necessary to be a functioning human being in this stressful world with a 24-hour news cycle.  

Everyone takes care of themselves differently. Perhaps you feel secure in a hot tub, secluded and completely unplugged. Maybe singing union songs in a passionate crowd or feeding your friends and family is the thing you need to feel safe and connected to your community.

All of this is reflected in your birth chart. Digging into your natal horoscope (a two-dimensional map of the sky at the moment of your birth) can both affirm what you’ve always known about yourself and reveal aspects of your personality that remain a mystery.

In this workshop, we’ll take our understanding of the language of the stars to the next level while focusing on considering our safety, our joy, and our wellness. Because astrology is absolutely healing work!

The well of astrological study is deep and the ways in are infinite. There’s so much to learn, and it can be a lifelong pursuit.

So, in this course, we’ll be going over the basics while focusing on the moon and Venus — both are introverted and concerned with nurturing our inner selves.

I will walk you through the 12 letters of astrology, giving you a strong foundation for the conversation.

We’ll consider the moon, which represents our deepest personal needs, our basic habits and reactions, and our unconscious; and Venus, the planet associated with our heart, our affections, and our pleasures.

With our own charts in hand, we’ll move them through the signs and discover what these planets want us to do to take care of ourselves in the deepest, most fulfilling ways!

Just $39

per participant

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Ashley Brockington
Astrologer, Playwright, Comedian

Ashley is a playwright and stand-up comedian whose found that her performance skills come in very handy when leading astrology workshops. She led her first workshop for the Femmes of Harriet’s Apothecary in 2015 and realized that she had a calling.

A lifelong student, Ashley believes that we all know much more than we think we know. Her teaching style includes pulling the inherent wisdom out of her students and having lots of fun while doing it.  

As a queer cisgender femme of color, Ashley is uniquely situated to talk to other folks of color about self-love, self-care, and healing.

A full-time practitioner at MINKA Brooklyn, Ashley is a part of a thriving circle of healers in Brooklyn. Check them out at

Just $39

per participant


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Just $39

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