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Beyond Diversity:
How to Build a Truly
Anti-Racist Organization

Understand How Your Organization is Complicit in Systemic Racism and White Supremacy Culture


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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
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Act Blue
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University of Pennsylvania
Illinois State University
Presbyterian Church USA
Alliance of Baptists
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South Bronx Community
King County Housing Authority
Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago
Butcher Box
Bethel-Bethany UCC
Wells Fargo
People's Law Office
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Lutheran Social Services of Illinois
Blue Springs School District
Zen Caregiving Project
Young Evangelicals for Climate Action
City of Nashville
and hundreds of others!

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Whether You Realize It or Not, Even Woke Organizations Need to Learn How to Interrupt Their Participation in Systemic Racism

Why does addressing systemic racism matter in your workplace? Why do so many “solutions” to systemic racism ultimately reproduce, maintain, and even amplify the problem? Why is it so hard for companies to recruit, hire and retain people of color?

Think about it. Every day a new report or headline emerges about companies and organizations that claim to be inclusive engaging in practices that demonstrate bias against people of color.

That’s because our current climate shifts our focus to the wrong thing. Instead of paying attention to the unaddressed history of systemic racial inequity, we focus on the actions of individuals.

While we’re looking for who to blame for racial injustice, we’re ignoring the organizational culture and practices that permitted the behavior in the first place.

When you don’t understand how your organization is shaped by White dominant cultural norms and values, any effort you make to ensure racial equality will ultimately be ineffective.

In this online training, you’ll understand how structural impediments, unconscious biases and explicit patterns of discrimination against people of color (and other marginalized groups), hurt your organization.

We’ll also do a power analysis that builds your capacity to identify and understand the dynamics of systemic racism and white supremacy culture in your organization, and uncover how these create barriers to racial inclusion and equity.

You’ll be invited to explore how individuals become co-opted by institutionalized socioeconomic power arrangements, and thus, become perpetrators of unjust systems.

The training won’t just give you an analysis of the “problem,” it will also share tips on behaviors and practices that you can use daily to interrupt patterns of inequity. It introduces our strategic methods to help people dismantle systemic forms of oppression and build cultural and racial equity.

So much is a stake for us right now. Individual action and transformation – while important – are only the beginning. You CAN grow your impact by calling on your organizations to reach a different level of accountability for people of color!

In this online training you will:

  • Acknowledge unconscious biases and patterns of discrimination that occur within your organization
  • Apply a racial power analysis to your workplace
  • Identify barriers within your organization that lead to exclusion and inequity
  • Learn daily practices you can use to interrupt patterns of racial hierarchy
  • Discover strategic methods to build an organizational culture based on racial equity

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About Crossroads Antiracism Organizing & Training

Crossroads is best known for its work assisting organizations institutionalize their antiracism commitments. We describe what we do as creating antiracist institutional practice that is race-informed and intersectional. Our particular focus is on race, racism and the intersections of racism with other systems of oppression. We do so by recognizing racism is not the only system of oppression in the United States, but that racism occupies a unique place in our country’s economic, legal and social formation and has been particularly difficult for us to face as a society and continues to produce deep chasms among us.

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Jessica Vazquez Torres
Training Leader, Educator, Anti-Racist Advocate, Crossroads Trainer

Jessica Vazquez Torres is a proven leader with 18-years experience in antiracism, anti-oppression, and cultural competency workshop development and facilitation. Jessica is deeply committed to addressing social structures and cultural dynamics that marginalize and minoritize communities and limit their access to the resources necessary to thrive not just survive. A 1.5-Generation ESL Queer Latina of Puerto Rican descent, Jessica holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Florida, a Master of Divinity from Christian Theological Seminary, and a Master of Theological Studies from the Candler School of Theology at Emory University.

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Emily Drew
Training Leader, Professor of Sociology and Ethnic Studies, Activist, Crossroads Trainer

Emily Drew is an Associate Professor of Sociology and Ethnic Studies at Willamette University, where she teaches courses about race, racism, immigration and social change. She is actively engaged in the educational reform and immigrant justice movements, producing research and engaging in campaigns to create access to education, restore families, and intervene in structural violence. Her work revolves around understanding how race, whiteness and racism operate inside of social institutions, with the goal of helping to illuminate more effective strategies for building more equitable institutions and society.

Just $45

per participant
(see group rates above)


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Just $45

per participant
(see group rates above)