Now that you've received all of the modules, we'd love to get your feedback on them. So we'd greatly appreciate it if you took 10-15 minutes to share your thoughts on what's working and not working about the course for you.

Even if you haven't worked through all the modules, we still want to get your thoughts! This includes any breakthroughs you've had so far and any challenges you've faced with with moving forward. All of that is useful and important information to us.

  • This is in case we want to follow-up on your feedback.
  • Please give individual feedback on the modules you've worked through, including:

    - Module 1 - Identify Your Toxic Self-Talk

    - Module 2 - Heal the Hurt Within

    - Module 3 - Counter Toxic Self-Talk

    - Module 4 - Honor Your Feelings and Needs

    - Module 5 – Moving From Skills to Habits