We're always looking for ways to improve our support of your journey toward greater self-love. We'd greatly appreciate it if you took 10-15 minutes to share your thoughts on what's working and not working about the course so far.

  • This is in case we want to follow-up on your feedback.
  • Please give individual feedback on the modules you've worked through, including:

    - Module 1 - Identify Your Toxic Self-Talk

    - Module 2 - Heal the Hurt Within

    - Module 3 - Counter Toxic Self-Talk

  • Previously, we first introduced the Misguided Helper and then the Hurt One. However we switched the order because we felt developing a relationship with the Hurt One should be taught first since it is more critical and powerful to the healing work then countering the Misguided Helper. However, technically the other order may make more sense since you first learn about toxic voices, then you learn those toxic voices are the Misguided Helpers, and then you learn the Misguided Helpers are protecting the Hurt Ones. We'd like your feedback to know whether or not we should keep the order as is or change it back.
  • Does it seem like there's enough, too little, or too much work in each module for two weeks? If you think the pacing or amount of course work should be different, what would you recommend? More but smaller modules? Same number of modules but for longer periods than two weeks?