An Everyday Feminism Webinar

Feminist Parenting in the Time of Trump, Gender Reveals and White Supremacy

How to Raise Your Kid(s) To Not Be F*cked Up

Learn How to Stick to Your Social Justice Parenting Plan When Everyone is Telling You Otherwise

Figuring out how to talk to your kid(s) about complex things like white supremacy or homophobia while raising them to be caring, autonomous, and empathetic humans can seem extremely daunting.

How do you combat toxic masculinity when a child is being socialized as a boy? How do you raise resilient children and have conversations about the realities of racism and police brutality? How can you help your 3-year-old understand patriarchy in a way that’s relevant to them?

The conversation around feminist parenting is constantly evolving, and many of you are ready to take parenting a step further than just talking about mainstream issues. Instead of teaching them to defy gender roles, you’re redefining what gender means altogether with your kids.

Finding resources that inform this very important work isn’t easy. It’s hard to know what to do on the fly when your 5-year-old is suddenly gender policing the other kids in class, a family member is forcing your toddler to give a non-consensual hug, or you overhear your pre-teen talking about how many girlfriends he’s going to get this year.

Unfortunately, there’s no handbook for raising confident, compassionate and resilient kids. However, with the help of this webinar, you can learn a framework for contemporary feminist parenting that offers practical, concrete tools you can implement with your kid(s) today!

We’ll discuss how to spark honest, organic conversations with your kids about complex topics like white supremacy, toxic masculinity, and deportation. We’ll also explore what it means to raise kids to be socially conscious and self-aware, even when you draw a lot of opposition from other parents.

It can be ridiculously hard when it seems like everyone, including some of your friends and family, is trying to steer you away from your core ideals in order to fit into their idea of what parenting should look like.

On top of that, today is a terrifying time to raise a kid. The current administration has made hate fashionable and emboldened white supremacists, misogynists, and bigots to act on their hate.

This webinar offers strategies to help us come together as parents to help our kids navigate through these difficult times. Whether you’re already a parent, thinking about being a parent, or are a relative or friend, raising a child is a big job and we want to help!

At the end of this webinar, you will:

  • Be fired up about crafting new ways of raising children that mirror the world you want to live in
  • Walk away with an actionable set of parenting skills that seek to raise children that exhibit values and behaviors that support equality and social justice
  • Learn tips and tools for approaching uncomfortable and difficult conversations with teachers, family members, and other parents you don’t see eye-to-eye with
  • Dive deeper into how to teach your kid about activism and advocating for justice
  • Come away with a solid understanding of what it means to be a feminist parent

Hopefully one day, social justice, emotional intelligence and anti-oppression will be ideals that are embedded into mainstream society. Until then, this webinar will help you on your journey raising the next generation of awesome, empathetic, feminist people!

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Jay Brisette

Jay Brissette
Webinar Co-Leader; Co-founder of the Los Angeles Childcare Collective

Jay Brissette is a black, queer, youth worker, born and raised in Los Angeles. As co-founder of the Los Angeles Childcare Collective with 17 years of experience working with youth and a parent themself, Jay is invested in creating a future that centers and honors black children and youth. Their focus is creating trainings and resources that make political education accessible to our children. They are currently working as a parent educator at a national non-profit organization and are completing practicum through Echo Parenting, an organization that teaches developmentally appropriate, trauma-informed care with a focus on non-violence.


Michelle Zenarosa
Webinar Co-Leader; Director of Content, Everyday Feminism

Michelle Zenarosa is a Los Angeles-based queer Filipinx parent and child of an undocumented immigrant. As the Director of Content at Everyday Feminism, she has almost 20 years experience in journalism and media-making through a social justice lens, having worked at various news outlets like Fusion, New America Media and LA Weekly. She has been a facilitator for storytelling by youth in Los Angeles, Washington, DC, and Palestine and was awarded the 2017 fellowship for the Society of Features Journalism. She's currently working on a book all about queer baby-making.

Just $39

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