This webinar has been canceled - we'll let folks know if it is rescheduled!

An Everyday Feminism Webinar

How White Allies Can Talk To Other White People About Racism - Without Them Flipping Out

A Free Webinar by Sandra Kim, Founder of Everyday Feminism

Talking to white people who flip out at the mere mention of white supremacy and racism is usually both infuriating and baffling.

And it’s one of the primary actions that white allies are being called to do by people of color.

That’s why Sandra Kim, the Founder of Everyday Feminism, is giving this webinar..

For white allies struggling to talk about racism with other white people in their lives and…

Want to have anti-racism conversations in a way that’s actually humanizing and healing.

This webinar has been canceled

A recording of the webinar will be available only to people who registered, so if you can't make the time but want to see the recording, please register!

In this FREE webinar, you’ll learn:
  • Why arguing to convince them that they’re racist consistently backfires - even when that’s what you really want to do
  • What the most powerful thing you can say in order to have them emotionally open up to you -and truly consider that their action may be racist
  • Why healing as white people is critical to having white allies be effective in their anti-racism work - even though white tears are usually derailing and racist
  • How you can go deeper into Sandra’s unique liberatory healing approach with upcoming trainings

Spaces are limited - so reserve your spot soon!


Millions of people have become more socially conscious and taken action to address systemic oppression due to Sandra Kim’s work as the Founder of Everyday Feminism and Re-Becoming Human and creator of healing justice trainings.

Sandra draws on over a decade of her own Buddhism-based healing and spiritual journey as a person with multiple marginalized identities, as an organizational leader, and as a human being living in a dehumanizing society.

She provides the very transformative insights and practices that allows her to continuously re-become human and address systemic oppression from a deeply grounded place.

Sandra shows how you too can free yourself of internalized oppression and co-create a liberating life and loving community around you - every day.


Sandra Kim

Founder & President
Everyday Feminism

Spaces are limited - so reserve your spot soon!

"I joined Sandra’s Healing from Internalized Whiteness training because I wanted to act against racial injustice, but felt frustrated because that felt so theoretical to me. This program has opened my eyes to the racism around me and in me, and has allowed me to let go of my sense of guilt, entitlement, and all that goes along with “internalized whiteness.’ I can now be closer to others, including people of color, because I am being my real self, and that has been such a gift."
– Aiyana S.

The Healing from Internalized Whiteness training helped me to become a more effective change agent by becoming more accepting of what is, within me and around me - so that I can be present to it, honor it, and transform it with courageous compassion."
– Lenore N.

"Sandra’s training helped me to have more productive and genuine interactions with people, especially those who don't share my exact beliefs. Now I'm also able to better care for myself and more effectively navigate my own path towards an anti-racist existence. I still stand up for my values, but it is now from a place of greater wholeness, openness, and stability."
– Gabriela D.