A 3-Day Training For White People Working on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

An Everyday Feminism Training

Healing from Internalized Whiteness

Trainer: Sandra Kim, Founder of Everyday Feminism and Re-Becoming Human

Stop arguing with white people about racism and
discover how to invite them into racial justice work
for their own healing and liberation

Limited spaces available
and going fast!

Why It's a Mixed Blessing for Racial Justice Right Now

For so long, the work was focused on getting white people to acknowledge that racism is real and it’s happening right now.

And that was a super hard, emotionally exhausting uphill battle for years.

Now with the Trump administration’s blatant racist policies, more and more white people are acknowledging its existence.

And they’re desperate to do something to stop racism.

That’s great!

But it’s still not enough…

We have a different obstacle in front of us now, because...

Privilege means that you don’t know what you don’t know.

Just because you’re ready to do something about white supremacy doesn’t mean you even know what it actually is.

People often don’t realize everyone (both white people and People of Color!) has internalized white supremacy to a certain degree — because it’s the air we breathe.

Unfortunately this means most white people who are newly coming into racial justice work are still very unconscious of how unconscious they are about it.

This unconsciousness can make bringing white people into racial justice work extremely fraught.

They are often emotionally resistant to seeing how they’re expressing white supremacy - and get mad when it’s pointed out or beat themselves up for it.

Too often that can mean them giving up on the work, continuing to beat themselves up, or insisting their racist actions aren’t racist.

For those who want to keep trying often struggle with questions like:

  • How can I make sure I don't accidentally say something racist - when I don't know what's racist and what's not?
  • How can I know what to do without burdening a person of color to educate me - but still somehow follow their leadership?
  • How do I know when speaking up against racism ends up speaking over people of color?
  • What do I do when I realize I've been unconsciously stereotyping and judging people of color?
  • What do I do with my guilt around having white privilege?
  • What do I do with my fear around talking to other white people about racism when they get so angry with me?
  • What do I do with my fear that I'll never get it right and that I'll always just mess it up as a white person?

It. Is. Exhausting.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Let me tell you how I’ve learned to do it differently.

Here's What People Are Saying

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 11.43.25 PM

Lenore N.

This training provides white anti-racists with crucial missing tools for the most challenging aspect of our work - navigating our own emotional reactions when confronted with the realities of white supremacy.

These tools help us to work through our knee-jerk tendency to reject ourselves or other white people when we encounter how racism operates through us.

With them, we can take on one of our most crucial responsibilities - to engage in productive dialogue with those who knowingly or unknowingly defend white supremacy.

This training has helped me to become a more effective change agent by becoming more accepting of what is, within me and around me - so that I can be present to it, honor it, and transform it with courageous compassion."

Limited spaces available
and going fast!

How I’ve Learned To Hold White People’s Feelings with Ease and Compassion

Many people of color who work on racial justice find it emotionally difficult to hold space for the emotional rollercoaster white people often go through when realizing that white supremacy is real and inside of them too.

That’s understandable since we’ve been dealing with both its existence and denial from white people for most of our lives. That denial impacts our lives in painful and concrete ways.

This is also often painful for white folks working on racial justice too, because it reminds them of when they were less conscious and had more unintentionally racist beliefs.

So it’s understandable that people working on racial justice may feel overwhelmed or ill-equipped to hold that work with the increased interest.

But I believe this struggle is more because we too often lack a trauma-informed approach to working with white people for racial justice.

And that’s something we can learn.

Here’s how I did.

Based on my own healing journey from internalized oppression and work in social justice, I realized there’s an unnamed trauma present that’s driving white fragility and white guilt...

It’s the trauma of people of European descent being turned into white people by white supremacy — and then being taught that whiteness is good, but doesn’t exist.

So whiteness is like the air that you breathe when you live in a polluted city — where you get taught that pollution has no negative impact.

You don't notice that it’s toxic or pervasive — even when it's making you feel sick.

And like pollution, whiteness is treated like it’s healthy, normal, and comes with no consequences.

So you feeling sick is ‘good’ and any attempt to treat it is wrong — and socially punished.

No wonder it’s so hard for white people to notice how much white supremacy and racism is both around and within them!

It requires them to call into question everything they’ve been taught — not just about race and people of color but also about who they are and where they come from.

That’s why we need white people to heal from their unconscious attachment to whiteness…

So you can reconnect to your humanity outside of whiteness and co-create an anti-oppressive community of care and consent around yourself.

This is possible.

I’m here to help you make it happen.

Sandra Kim
Founder of Everyday Feminism and Re-Becoming Human

How The Training Makes a Difference

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 11.55.10 PM

Aiyana S.

I joined this program because I wanted to act against racial injustice, but felt frustrated because that felt so theoretical to me.

This program has opened my eyes to the racism around me and in me, and has allowed me to let go of my sense of guilt, entitlement, and all that goes along with “internalized whiteness.”

I can now be closer to others, including people of color, because I am being my real self, and that has been such a gift."

Limited spaces available
and going fast!

Just Imagine...

What a difference it would make if the predominantly white organizations and communities you work with could:

  • Identify the pain that's behind your resistance and struggle to take action for racial justice
  • Give your pain  the gentle, loving care and attention it deserves, while holding space for others to do the same
  • Get back all the time and energy you normally spend on feeling confused, anxious, and angry with yourself and others around racism and direct them toward taking action instead
  • Stop being scared of discovering how you've been harmful and welcome the opportunity to hold yourself accountability in order to restore loving justice
  • Get alternatives to silencing yourself or coddling other people who are being harmful
  • Engage in dialogue with other people without letting fear drive you
  • Help other white people transform their ignorance and defensiveness into greater consciousness and motivation to act in solidarity with people of color
  • Begin co-creating a community of care and consent in their groups - so they’re able to develop the collective power needed to dismantle systemic racism in their communities!

Best of all, you’ll be able to do this with a deep understanding and compassion for their white fragility and white guilt - while calling them higher with fierce tenderness.

Because this healing work calls white people to be gentle and patient with themselves, which goes against everything white supremacy taught them to do.

And that’s how you get to show up for others - when you have been healing yourself from internalized whiteness!

Healing from internalized oppression is the primary way I’ve been able to show up in such compassionate ways for white people -  especially as a Person of Color.

Because I can see their struggle in me and me in their struggle.

Because I’ve been on this healing path for over a decade.

So I want to teach you in 3 days what it took me over 10 years to learn.

So you can do it faster, less painfully, and with more compassion!


Millions of people have become more socially conscious and taken action to address systemic oppression due to Sandra Kim’s work as the Founder of Everyday Feminism and Re-Becoming Human and creator of healing justice trainings.

Sandra draws on over a decade of her own Buddhism-based healing and spiritual journey as a person with multiple marginalized identities, as an organizational leader, and as a human being living in a dehumanizing society.

She provides the very transformative insights and practices that allows her to continuously re-become human and address systemic oppression from a deeply grounded place.

Sandra shows how you too can free yourself of internalized oppression and co-create a liberating life and loving community around you - every day.


Sandra Kim

Founder of
Everyday Feminism
& Re-Becoming Human

Limited spaces available
and going fast!

Here's What You'll Discover In the Training

My trauma-informed approach will show how you can transform your relationship to white supremacy and capacity to take action for racial justice by:

Growing up in a society built on white supremacy and systemic racism, it's impossible for you to not have internalized whiteness.

It was the primary way of being that you were taught - so you didn't even know it wasn't true to you.

To begin taking steps to free yourself from it, you'll learn:

  • How to notice when your internalized whiteness is manifesting - even if you're unconscious to it
  • How actions driven by internalized whiteness often dehumanize you and others - even if you're just trying to protect yourself
  • How to loosen the grip of internalized whiteness on you - even if you feel overwhelmed

How the Training Makes a Difference

Michael B.

Michael B.

Before I thought the answer to addressing white supremacy was in "good" white people coercing "bad" white people into change.

Through this training, I realized that perspective can be not only hurtful but also inaccurate and ineffective.

Things can get better when "good" white people become willing to connect to the pain of internalized white supremacy and are able to consciously choose to not act in racist ways.

Before I wasn't open to that part of myself. But now, I can actually accompany other white people in addressing their racism, because I'm learning how to address my own."

Limited spaces available
and going fast!

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How the Training Makes a Difference

Maxi-Headshot-150x150 (1)

Maxi L.

“I want to extend an enormous amount of gratitude! From my journey in this program, I emerged with a newfound confidence to talk about racial justice within white communities from a place of non-attachment and dedicated service. It allowed for intellectual and emotional growth.

It was an exceptional experience to be held in witness of shame and guilt as a white person while still being held compassionately accountable by Sandra.

This has profoundly shifted my worldview and fueled my sense of gratitude. My journey in this program gifted me the opportunity to share and process in safe space. I will definitely be returning to the course material to deepen my understanding and personal study.”

Limited spaces available
and going fast!

How the Training Makes a Difference

Gabriela v2

Gabriela D.

This training has helped me to have more productive and genuine interactions with people, especially those who don't share my exact beliefs.

Now I'm also able to better care for myself and more effectively navigate my own path towards an anti-racist existence.

I still stand up for my values, but it is now from a place of greater wholeness, openness, and stability."

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