Kim is a teacher, scholar and organizer finishing her PhD in Ethnic Studies and Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Her scholarship and community work engages the intersection of cross racial coalitions, gender inequality, class oppression and queer sexuality.

Kim combines an academic and organizing background in queer literacy, intersectional feminism and anti-racist coalitions to inspire and deepen allyship and solidarity work. She currently facilitates anti-oppression workshops for universities, non-profits and community based organizations.

Kim has worked extensively with the LGBTQ Youth Space, is a collective member of Third Woman Press: Queer and Feminist of Color Publishing and member of Theatre First.

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Location: Oakland, California

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  • Uprooting Anti-Black Racism at HomeWhy is it so hard to talk to family members, friends, neighbors and community about anti-Black racism? Is there a way to make it easier? In this presentation I offer tools and techniques for uprooting anti-Black racism. It consists of reflecting upon the historical roots of anti-black racism in communities of color, revisiting the political and community stakes for building cross-racial solidarity and concludes most importantly with a practical toolbox for conversations about anti-Black racism.
  • Understanding the Queer AlphabetHow is what you wear different from your gender pronouns? What does this have to do with who you want to sleep with? In a world with increasing queer visibility, this presentation provides a basic vocabulary with which to understand the relationship the between gender identity, presentation, and sexual desire. 
  • Anti-Oppression in the Classroom – This presentation shares strategies and tools educators, and groups can use to engage students from marginalized communities in their classrooms. The presentation will provide a vocabulary and understanding of how race and privilege (whether it be attributed to gender, class, ability etc.) function pedagogically and what can be done to create safer spaces.
  • Navigating Internalized RacismThis presentation uses women of color feminism to illustrate the ways in which all people live within and are hurt by the perpetuation of racism.  It does so with the ultimate aim of illustrating how we are complicit and can work internally and externally toward racial justice.

All topics can be adapted to be presentations, keynote speeches, or workshops and can be tailored to the audience. If you don’t see a topic that quite meets your needs but think we can cover it, just let us know. We are also willing to create a signature talk or workshop for groups.

Past Presentations:

  • Talking Back! Our Voices Overcoming Violence: Keynote Speech, Empowering Women of Color Conference, University of California, Berkeley 2014
  • Women of Color Campus Climate Summit, University of California, Berkeley 2014
  • The Color of Violence: Gender on University Campuses, St. Mary’s College, 2014
  • Growing Pains: Healing Anti-Black Racism at Home, Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach, March 2014
  • Real Wonder Women, Cesar Chavez Student Resource Center UC Berkeley, October 2015
  • Healing Anti-Black Racism at Home, Queer and Asian Conference, University of California, Berkeley 2015
  • A Solidarity Toolkit, Humboldt State University, 2016
  • Teaching For Freedom: Anti-Oppression in the Classroom, Queer and Now Conference, DeAnza Community College, 2016

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