An Everyday Feminism Webinar

How to Effectively Navigate Your Workplace as a Feminist (Even When They're Not)

From intern to CEO — we can all reshape our work spaces.

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Learn simple tools you can use to make the workplace better for women and marginalized people.

Do you work in an office full of casual misogynists? A store or service center that feels hopelessly behind the times? An institution where microaggressions are more common than free bagels?

If you’re a manager, there is more you can do than give people the side-eye or an ineffective warning. And if you were hired yesterday to answer phones, you don't have to wait until a situation gets to the point where you're forced to go to HR about it (if there's even an HR department to go to).

A lot of advice on achieving workplace justice centers change that comes from powerful figures, like a CEO or Congress. Occasionally, it focuses on educating employees about the law so they can advocate for themselves when their rights are violated.

But what about our day-to-day? What about situations that aren't so bad we want to sue – but still bad enough for us to desire change?

How can we make the workplace better without compromising our own careers and relationships?

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Helpful methods of communication that encourage dialogue, rather than escalating conflict
  • Tools for creating a fair and non-discriminatory hiring process (even if hiring is not part of your own role)
  • Tips for ensuring that you and other marginalized people get credit for your ideas and aren't spoken over by others
  • Ways to create a workplace culture that encourages everyone to feel safe and comfortable giving input and sharing their ideas
  • Strategies for choosing language that furthers social justice in a way that is accessible and encourages people to really listen

You don’t have to be the most confident person in the world to practice any of these strategies, and you don't have to engage in confrontation in a way that makes you uncomfortable. Whether you’re an outspoken advocate or someone who sends polite emails after the fact, there are ways that all of us can make our work spaces more feminist.

Don’t let another day – or year – go by in a workplace where your values, creativity, and self-worth cannot flourish.

Just $35

per participant

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Jennifer Dziura
Webinar Leader, Writer, Public Speaker, and Founder of GetBullish and The Bullish Conference

In 2010, Jennifer started writing an advice column called Bullish related to work, feminism, and helping others cut down on the bullshit in their lives. She has spoken on these topics at Harvard, Yale, MIT, and many others, and has published hundreds of columns on career websites and on GetBullish, which now also encompasses an annual conference and an online store with over 3,000 items. As a one-time philosophy major, Jennifer’s work is often concerned with ways we can use language – regardless of how much formal power we hold – to make the world more fair.

Just $35

per participant


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Just $35

per participant