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5 Things Queer and Questioning Indigenous Folks Should Consider About Claiming Two Spirit Identity

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3 Disturbing Ways the Media’s White Male Gaze Hurts Women of Color

Where Are the Asian American Mental Health Stories?

Yes, Racism Is Still a Problem — Here Are 4 Ways to Fight It Together

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3 Reasons Black Folks Don’t Join the Animal Rights Movement – And Why We Should

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10 Ways Well-Meaning White Teachers Bring Racism Into Our Schools

7 Racially Coded Phrases That Everyone Needs to Stop Saying About Black People

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How White People Subtly Reinforce White Supremacy When They Laugh at Black Names

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3 Ways to Prioritize Self-Care While Resisting Dehumanization – Because #BlackWellnessMatters, Too

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The Black Feminist’s Guide to the Racist Sh*t That Too Many White Feminists Say

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