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Afrosexology provides comprehensive pleasure based education centered around the experiences and liberation of Black people. Afrosexology curates online content, community discussions, educational materials, and sex positive events that cover topics such as masturbation, self love, enhancing communication in relationships, radical twerking, oral sex, and body agency. They work with diverse groups including sexuality professionals, community organizations, individuals, parents, youth, spiritual communities, universities, and anyone else who wants to live a sex positive life. They have been interviewed and featured in HuffPost, Vibe, Broadly, Health, and Playboy magazines to share expertise and share the passion behind this movement. Afrosexology has traveled nationwide and internationally, successfully engaging with over 10,000 people through community workshops, conferences, webinars, and social media. Afrosexology aims to educate, explore, and reclaim Black sexuality and promote Black self-empowerment through sexual liberation.

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Unpacking Masturbation Shame
For some women, sexual autonomy, pleasure, and discovery are not only unfamiliar practices but is often met with guilt, shame, and fear. In this workshop we will explore masturbation as a radical act of self love, pleasure, and tool of empowerment.

Exploring Your Erotic Self
Defining your erotic self strengthens your sexual voice and challenges "the do's and don'ts" of sexuality. From erotic porn to candlelit baths, explore what stimulates you and leads to the discovery of your authentic and most erotic self.

Radical Self Love
Daily practices of self love are a way to remind ourselves that we are more than what society tells us. In this workshop we will discuss the importance of romancing yourself and accepting and loving your mind, body, and soul.

Building Your Ideal Love Life
There are many different relationship models that exist, yet we are only taught about a few. If you had a chance to create your ideal relationship what would it look like? What does fidelity feel like? How do you define commitment? What are your deal breakers? What do you need to feel loved, affirmed, secured, and valued? How do you want to handle disagreements?

Oppression & Orgasms
Liberation Through Sexual Pleasure: Historically, Black people have been told that they are asexual, hypersexual, sexual deviants, a sexual fantasy, and unrapeable. These messages are often internalized and leave feelings of being unlovable, unworthy, and devalued. To challenge those myths, reclaiming pleasure is necessary. ?

Other topics may also be available on request!

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"The workshop that has held at Sex Down South conference this past weekend was PHENOMENAL! It was an absolute pleasure and joy to share safe space with other Black women. I felt comfortable enough to be vulnerable and share my truths; I left the workshop feeling replenished and grateful. Thank you Dalychia and Rafaella! Keep up the great and necessary work!" - Danielle Gilmore, Black 32, queer, exploring polyam

"The ladies of Afrosexology are doing the Good Work of helping women to reclaim their femininity, and even their divinity. The Radical Twerk event was such a positive experience, and I am forever changed." -Anonymous

"Hello Dalychia & Rafaella, just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your workshops & program. It's the missing piece of the puzzle for me, I believe that women & femme centered safe spaces are essential to our survival in an anti-femme world. I have attended 4 of your workshops and I have gained useful tools & tactics; healed in many needed areas; and felt supported & understood in a way that I have never experienced. So when I say I love the both of you, I mean that I love that you seemed to have found a passion and made it your work. While also meeting a community need. That's something that I desire & so many others. I admire your vulnerability, determination, & Afro-centered approach. Please keep doing what you are doing & may it flourish in the way that you both envision." -Black, Womyn, Age 37

"I have enjoyed working with and attending Afrosexology's workshops. Working with this dynamic duo has always been seamless and our audiences always report gaining insight from our discussions. In attending workshops by Afrosexology, I am always learning. I know very few folks who are as clear and follow through on their ethical practices as Afrosexology and will support them in any space, opportunity and project." - Dr. Lexx, Founder of The Institute for Sexuality and Intimacy, LLC, Black, Fat, Queer, Breastfeeding Millennial Mom

"Afrosexology does amazing work of a high caliber. Our region is better for having them here. You should attend their next event or hire them! You won't regret it." - Michelle, Education Manager of Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri

"Last Sunday's workshop/ discussion, was PHENOMENAL, and SO important! I was especially moved by the presence of so many young men, and what they had to say. Men in the West are usually not very verbal, and what I heard was very revealing. Maybe one day, as men, we can continue these discussions on our own, and then take action. Again Thank you, and RIGHT ON!" -Black, Male, Age 61

Past Talks and Workshops

  • From Hurting to Healing: Opened Hearts, Crossed Boundaries. Presentation at PolyDallas Millennium Conference. July 2018
  • Creating a Masturbation Care Plan. Workshop for O.School. May 2018
  • Play & Pleasure in your Sex Life. Presentation for Dawn Serra’s Explore More Summit. April 2018
  • Masturbation Nation. Presentation for University of Tennessee’s Sex Week. April, 2018
  • Oppression + Orgasms: Black Liberation through Sexual Pleasure. Workshop for Race, Sex, and Power Conference. April 2018
  • Making a Pleasure Playdate. Workshop for O.School. March 2018
  • Can I Talk to You?: Parents and Youth on Sex, Sexuality, and Relationships. Workshop for De LaSalle Middle School. October 2017
  • #Relationship Goals: Building Your Ideal Love Life. Presentation at PolyDallas Millennium Conference. July 2017
  • Radical Self Love. Workshop for Planned Parenthood Teen Advocates for Sexual Health (TASH). April 2017
  • Exploring your Erotic Black Self. Workshop for Washington University in St. Louis Association of Black Students. February 2017
  • Black Liberation through Sexual Pleasure. Workshop at Sex Down South Annual Conference. October 2016
  • Health Week Panel. Panelists for Washington University in St. Louis, Q.U.E.E.N.S student group. September 2016
  • Claiming the Right to Sexual Pleasure. Panel presentation at AASECT Summer Institute. August 2016
  • The Pleasure of Black Folk: Empowerment through Sex Education. Panel Presentation at Association for Black Sexologists and Clinicians Round Table Discussion in St. Thomas, VA. April 2016
  • Black Youth in Need: Improving Sex Education. Presentation at Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program Annual Conference. April 2016
  • Are you Satisfied?: Reawakening Sexuality in Relationships. Workshop at Black Marriage Day Conference. March 2016
  • Own your Pleasure. Workshop at Women Let's Talk about Sex Conference. March 2016
  • Black and Sexy: Taboos & Relationships. Workshop for Washington University in St. Louis' Association of Black Students. February 2016
  • Black Men and Sex. Workshop at Urb Arts. November 2015
  • I'm Feeling Myself: Black Women and Masturbation. Workshop for Sistahs Talking Back. December 2015
  • Pillow Talk: The Erotic Black Woman. Workshop at Yeyo Arts. October 2015
  • Radical Twerk: Reclaiming our Black Bodies. Presentation at Association for Black Sexologists and Clinicians Annual Conference. October 2015

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