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Povi-Tamu Bryant

As a black, queer, gender nonbinary person, Povi-Tamu Bryant is committed to working with people to bring an intersectional understanding to the ways we build, live and interact with each other. As a Facilitative Leadership, Diversity, and Equity consultant, they spent the last several years working deeply to counter anti-blackness in the Los Angeles area through building out a local legal support network for the Movement for Black Lives, Justice Warriors for Black Lives. Povi-Tamu is focused on bringing care and an increased value of emotional labor to our organizations and movements.

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Embracing Difference: Strengthening Equity in Our Organizations
Homogeneity is limiting. Toleration is boring. Implicit and explicit bias are real. Let's work together to shift the ways we relate to and operate around difference. This session provides framework and practice for identifying our limitations and pushing past them to create more equity in our institutions.

Strengthening Your Anti-Racist Practice
A strong anti-racist practice is one of the best tools we have to combat the ongoing racial inequities people are experiencing. We will work together to identify how and where we can push ourselves, our communities and our institutions to combat anti-blackness and in doing so break the barriers of structural racism.

Cultivating Communities of Care
Creating communities that prioritize care as integral to the work of getting free is a survival must. We will develop a tool kit that will allow you to cultivate communities of care in your organization, activism, family and all the sides you're investing in.

Cultural Humility: A Framework for Expanding Your Practice of Solidarity
This workshop will expand and strengthen your solidarity practice through exploring the ins and outs of cultural humility. You will walk away with action plans for implementing day to day as well as institutional shifts that will create more equitable experiences for marginalized folks.

Solidarity, Say What? What It Takes To Take Real Risks To Dismantle The -Isms
Together we’ll dive deep into four practices of solidarity: raising awareness, continuing education, creating braver spaces and, most importantly, what it means to actively take real risks to dismantle the -isms.

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“Povi-Tamu and I have collaborated on various projects within the context of grassroots organizing and organizational management over many years. They have a keen ability to read the needs of a group, organization, or an issue that needs to be addressed, and think through available options to find a solution. Their group-level facilitation style is excellent; this includes fairness, attention to detail, encouraging participation, and demonstrating accessibility. Additionally, they can facilitate a feedback process and witness group interactions to collect member concerns, and relay back to the group an unbiased assessment of needs. They develop an action plan to meet the unique needs of the organization.”
- Dahlia Ferlito, Co-Founder, White People 4 Black Lives

“Povi-Tamu creates a warm and welcoming environment for Diversity and Inclusion training. They manage difficult conversations with ease and authority and leave us all feeling better informed and more equipped to execute our jobs with awareness and sensitivity.”
- Heather de Michele, Managing Director, The Groundlings

Past Workshops and Presentations

“Black Lives Matter” Panelist, Day of Remembrance, Japanese American National Museum, March 2015

“Opening Roundtable: Understanding Police Violence,” Critical Race Studies Symposium: Race and Resistance: Against Police Violence, UCLA Law School, October 2015

“Blacktivism” Panelist, CSUN Civil Discourse and Social Change Initiative Symposium, November 2015

Guest Speaker, Black History Month Celebration - Hallowed Ground, CSUN, February 2016

“SOLIDARITY: Strengthening Relationships to Build Movement,” Moderator at Advancing Justice Conference, March 2016

“State Violence Against Racially Subordinated Groups: Solidarity or Separation” Panelist, Race of the Races: Privilege, Exclusion and INequality among People of Color in the Law, UC Irvine School of Law, February 2017

“The Afterlife of April 29, 1992 & the Fight for Racial Justice in South Los Angeles,” Panelist, UC Riverside, April 2017

“A Narrative on Black Homelessness” Panelist, February 2018

“Moving from Analysis to Action,” Secular Student Alliance, April 2018

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