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Traci Medeiros-Bagan

Traci Medeiros-Bagan (She/They) is a queer vegetarian intersectional femme-inist of color. They hold a BA in Critical Gender Studies with a Focus in Sexuality, a MA in Counseling Psychology and are a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher working towards their 850-hour Yoga Therapist Certification. They are a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in Fullerton, CA serving queer, genderqueer, kink, non-monogamous, and sex worker/adult entertainment communities, with a specific lens around marginalized experiences and egalitarian healing spaces. Committed to embodied feminist healing, they often speak and write on the intersections of identity, shame, social stigma, inclusive sex positivity and radical self-care.

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Bringing Sexy Back: Healing from Sexual Trauma, Building Boundaries, and Reclaiming Pleasure
The aftermath of a sexually traumatic experience can wreak havoc on us in the most intimate ways, violating us down to our nervous systems and rippling out into every corner of our lives. This presentation will help survivors, and those who support them, demystify and destigmatize the aftermath of trauma. It will also offer functional ways to build awareness, start the healing process, and safely reintroduce trust and intimacy into their lives.

Honoring Our Oldest Profession: Demystifying Sex Work to Destigmatize Desire
It seems that every modern political cycle brings a new wave of sexual scandal. The internet may be responsible for fanning the flames, but these scandals are nothing new. Yet we continue to be “scandalized,” sex work is demonized, and the folks who work in the industry continue to bear the dangerous (and sometimes lethal) burden of our shame. This presentation will demystify sex work, offer tools for healthy and ethical consumption, and build a case for why we must destigmatize consumption for the safety of sex workers and for the good of all of our desires.

The Intersectional Slut: Defining Our Sexual Selves with Abundance and Accountability
Where does sex positivity converge with intersectional feminism? Who’s included in the liberation party? The sociocultural narratives that oppress us are no less present in our bedrooms. This presentation will offer ways we can check our biases, break out of our binaries, and find our most authentic and abundant sexual selves by discussing why it’s not only relevant but necessary, to carry our intersectional awareness in between the sheets.

Conscious Kinky Healing: Playing Mindfully with Ourselves and Others
In the era of “Me Too” everyone, no matter their sexual inclinations, could learn a thing or two from the explicit consent negotiations modeled in ethical kink play. This presentation will address the individual mindfulness needed to safely negotiate consensual body interactions with others as well as discuss kink as a mindfulness and healing practice.

Transcending “Trans Friendly” Care: Why Tolerance is Unacceptable in Healing Work
The medical and healing fields have a long history of failing the transgender community. Far from supporting the health and well-being of transgender individuals the Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm” has been broken many times over — but, hopefully, not irreparably. To start soothing these wounds, conscious healers must stop mistaking friendliness for radically competent care. This presentation will discuss how to move towards trans-affirming and trans-knowledgeable care and can be customized to serve different populations.

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“During this webinar, I felt validated, heard, safe and loved, something that seems so rare when you've experienced trauma. Words cannot express my gratitude.”
- Chelsea

“I think Traci did a wonderful job of presenting complex ideas and then breaking them down so they are more easily understood.”
- Laura C.

Past Presentations

Stigma + Violence: How it Looks and How it Can Be Prevented on Campus, Santiago Community College Wellness Series 2013-2014

Gender Privilege: Exploring Gender Privilege, Power, and Safety in Our Communities, Santiago Community College Wellness Series 2013-2014

Gates + Gatekeepers: Accessing Medical Transition Services, Asterisk Trans* Conference 2015, February 2015
Taming the Hulk: Finding Temperance for the Transmasculine Journey, Asterisk Trans* Conference 2015, February 2015

Queering Consent: Navigating Relationships Outside of the Hetero AND Homo Normative, Contemporary Relationships 2015, May 2015

"The Talk" A Closed Space to Discuss the Coming Out Process, Asterisk Trans* Conference 2016, February 2016

Pajamas, Popcorn, and Porn: Slaying the Shame Monster Under Our Beds, Kink.com’s Education Series, March 2016

Clearing the Cache: Destigmatizing and Demystifying the Consumption of Pornography in Contemporary Relationships, Contemporary Relationships 2016, May 2016

Cache Confidence, Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit 2016, August 2016

Serving the Transgender Community, Interview on Therapy Cable, March 2017

Porn Tasting 101: Consumption for the Curious (Press Release), Catalyst Con 2018

AVN Write-Up, Catalyst Con 2018, May 2018

Dating and Sex After Trauma: A Webinar for Survivors and Those Who Love Them, Everyday Feminism, May 2018

Conscious Kink: A Sensual Midweek Yoga Class @ The Armory Club, Kink.com’s Education Series, June 2018

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