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An Answer to ‘Why Is She Dating a Masculine Woman Instead of Just Dating a Guy?’

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Maybe you’ve heard it, been asked it, or wondered about it yourself: Why do queer women and lesbians date masculine-presenting women instead of just dating a cisgender dude? Well, let’s break it down and answer the question. And let’s examine why this is such a common question, as well as come up with some more respectful and supportive questions to ask instead.

4 Ways to Navigate Educational Privilege as a First-Generation College Student

Source: Pop Sugar

Being a first-generation college student is hard. You don’t have the same access or resources as your peers, AND you might find yourself feeling disconnected from your family or place of origin. This article provides some great ideas that will not only help make the process feel easier and more safe, they will also help hold you accountable to your new privilege.

To End Rape Culture, We Must Address These 3 Things

Source: Our Femifesto

As with all other systems of oppression, rape culture is a beast with tentacles and spores across countless other facets of inequality. The following 3 things may not appear to be major components of rape culture at first glance, but undoubtedly fuel and are fueled by it. Dismantling and addressing these things must be part of our movement to end rape culture.

The Latest War on Women: Online Harassment

Source: Radio Australia

The Internet is very much a public space – with all of the same sexism, racism, homophobia, and transphobia of our streets, but often, much worse. Women are the targets of a lot of this ugliness. Not unlike street harassment in the way we feel its hovering, ominous presence and the way it can control our actions — or at least try to — online harassment is an issue to be taken seriously.

Law & Order: SVU vs. Reality: Offensively Different

Source: http://jezebel.com/law-order-svu-airs-greatest-hits-compilation-of-camp-480867409

The depiction of rape in the media is not an inherently bad thing. But it is a bad thing when rape is part of a story line just for entertainment, for added suspense and sparkle. When television shows like Law & Order: SVU use and capitalize on rape as a means to allure viewers, the “featured” rape story becomes reduced to a mere gimmick, which is troubling and offensive.

The Hardest Part of Grieving: Actually Allowing Yourself to Do It

Source: Huffington Post

Often times our reaction to the death of a loved one is to scramble to regain normalcy. But stunting the grieving process will only compound the wall of bricks that you probably already feel like you’re carrying around on your shoulders. So here are a few nuggets of insight from someone who has realized how important it is to feel comfortable with the discomfort of grief.

A Vision For Marriage and Much More Than Marriage: Unfolding the Layers of Liberation

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Increasing marriage equality is a great step in the right direction. But it’s more important than ever to broaden the scope of what we envision for queer liberation. By unfolding the many layers of what liberation and equality could look like for the LGBTQ+ community, we’ll be able to see a nuanced picture of marriage equality that is couched in the larger movement for social justice.

10 Things We Need to Make Sure American Women Can Do by 2040

Source: Laced with Joy

Women’s rights in the United States have come a long way. But as we reflect on the remarkable progress the feminist movement has made in creating a more just and equal society, I challenge us to also look ahead to our next few decades of work. By 2040, let’s make sure young feminists can marvel at the following ten things that women of our generation were once not able to do.