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Everyday Feminism offers a range of online courses to help you go deeper into applying feminism to your everyday life.

Our online courses are where feminism meets self-help – where we help you process through society’s messages to affirm your own self-worth and develop daily practices to achieve your goals.

Through providing powerful frameshifts, practical skills and tools, and a supportive community of feminists, these online courses can help you work through different issues and live a life that you love.


We’re bombarded with messages that there is something inherently wrong with us, that we’re not lovable or important. So we start to believe in them and hear them running in the back of our minds like a broken record.

This self-paced, lifetime access online course will help you free yourself from your toxic messages and learn how to heal the hurt inside that’s keeping you from giving yourself the self-love and self-acceptance you deserve.

In the course you’ll learn how to build a daily practice of:

  • Being resilient to toxic messages within yourself and from others
  • Honoring and communicating your needs and wants
  • Accepting your internal experiences with compassion, not judgment
  • Finding validation within yourself and prioritizing your own truth

By taking daily actions that show yourself that you have inherent self-worth, you’ll develop greater self-confidence to just be your full authentic self.

Whether you are in a relationship or are single, this self-paced, lifetime access online course will help you free yourself from past baggage and learn the skills and habits to build a healthy, thriving, and inspiring relationship.

In the course, you’ll work either on your own or with your partner to learn to:

  • Accept each other as you are, while believing in each other’s ability to grow
  • Unpack your baggage, biases, and internalized messages around relationships
  • Be respectful of each other’s needs and boundaries
  • Communicate your feelings and desires and invite your partner to help support them
  • Give and receive support and encouragement around each other’s goals and interests
  • Turn conflicts into opportunities for deeper connection and growth
  • Nurture new habits that create energy and excitement
  • Have an inspiring shared vision of how you wish to grow as a couple and as individuals
  • And much more!