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Everyday Feminism offers a range of online courses to help you go deeper into applying feminism to your everyday life.

Our online courses are where feminism meets self-help – where we help you process through society’s messages to affirm your own self-worth and develop daily practices to achieve your goals.

Through providing powerful frameshifts, practical skills and tools, and a supportive community of feminists, these online courses can help you work through different issues and live a life that you love.


We’re bombarded with messages that there is something inherently wrong with us, that we’re not lovable or important. So we start to believe in them and hear them running in the back of our minds like a broken record. This 3-month online course will help free yourself from society’s toxic messages and learn how to heal the hurt inside that’s keeping you from moving forward in life.

Led by Sandra Kim, founder of Everyday Feminism, this course will provide a step-by-step process in order to be more self-accepting and loving.

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From our families to mass media, we’ve been bombarded with messages about who we “should be” and how we “should” be in relationship to others – which too often gets us into unhappy, unsatisfying relationships with people that we love. This 3-month online course will help you free yourself from internalized messages around relationships and develop a healthy relationship that nurtures and inspires you and your partner.

Led by Sandra Kim, founder of Everyday Feminism, this course will provide a framework for health relationship and critical communication and interpersonal skills to bring love back into your relationship.

Next Expected Course Date: June 2014

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While things have improved in our society, far too many young people who are questioning their identity and coming out to themselves as LGBTQ still feel lost, scared, and alone. And for some, coming out to family members and friends can be a traumatic and even dangerous experience. This is particularly true for young people living in conservative, rural, or other areas that don’t have LGBTQ support organizations.

Led by Jaymie Campbell, Program Coordinator for Ally Safe Schools, this course will be the first-ever free online course giving LGBTQ youth support, guidance, and a peer community during their first coming out experiences.

Expected Course Date: TBD