Asexuality and Aromance 101

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What do you know about asexuality? What about aromance? A lot of folks are out of the loop on what those terms really mean. So here’s a clear break-down of both: what they are, what they aren’t, and some struggles society creates for ace and aro people. The end of the video can help you start your own conversation, so we can all be more informed and understanding.

Why the Transgender Fight for Safe Bathrooms Matters for All of Us

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“The bathroom is often the start of trans people experiencing violence out in the world.” This – coupled with a horrific experience of hate violence – is why activist Drian Juarez is dedicating her life to the fight for gender neutral bathrooms. Unfortunately, this effort is often met with confusion. Watch this video to understand how this is an issue of safety and inclusion.

7 Need-to-Know Steps for How to Have the Best First Date (And Possible Relationship) Ever with Another Woman

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You’re giddy with excitement for your first date with another woman! So don’t let narrow expectations of what relationships “should” be get you down. Take these tips on everything from what to wear to how to make a perfect plan. These are the keys to breaking down heteronormativity and building up meaningful relationships – full of respect and a whole lot of fun.

I Am Queer, I Am Non-Binary, and I Don’t Know What It Means to Feel Safe in Public

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(Content Warning: Homophobic and transphobic violence) In what ways are you unlike what people think you “ought” to be? For too many of us who are transgender, being ourselves means there’s no such thing as feeling safe. Take it from this author, who never knows if a small altercation could lead to violence. His chilling story of a bus encounter shows how hatred and bystander apathy make the world unsafe.

5 Books Written by Queer and Trans Women That Set Me Free

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Readers bestow upon themselves that title because they become completely absorbed in pages and find pieces of themselves in the novels, poetry, and memoirs that they read. So what happens when you’re queer or trans and voices similar to yours are lacking? This author explains what that experience was like for her – and then shares the books that set her free.