Sh*t People Say to Asexuals

Shit People Say to Asexuals

Asexuality is defined as not experiencing sexual attraction. Seems pretty straightforward, right? Apparently not. Asexuals confront many of the same misinformed questions and inappropriate comments every time their sexuality comes up, and oftentimes it just serves to invalidate their experience. Check out this video for a look at some common microaggressions!

5 Challenges for Modern LGBTQIA+ Teens (And How You Can Help)

Source: Rewind & Reframe

We all know that homelessness, suicide, homophobia, and transphobia remain awful realities for too many young LGBTQIA+ people. These crises get a decent amount of attention. But many LGBTQIA+ teens face different challenges that don’t always make it on our radar. Here are five issues that may not grab headlines, but are still pretty arduous for queer and trans teens today.

9 Ways the Media Can Stop Shutting Out Trans Voices

Source: Tiki Toki

So many cis-LGBQ+ media sources claim to be advocates of trans inclusiveness. But by even refusing to acknowledge a trans person’s chosen name in how they report on them, they become gatekeepers and enforcers hegemonic patriarchy. So here are nine ways for the media to keep in mind when doing stories on trans folks.

If Straight People Had to Come Out

If Straight People Had To Come Out

It’s no secret that we live in a heteronormative society. Just look at the concept of coming out. Straight people’s sexuality is accepted as fact without question, whereas queer people are either assumed to be something they aren’t, or are forced to formally announce their identity at every turn. But what would it look like if our society was HOMOnormative?

4 Myths About Intimate Partner Violence in Lesbian Relationships

Source: Huffington Post

The idea that intimate partner violence occurs in lesbian relationships may seem ridiculous. But this belief isn’t only false; it’s damaging. It can prevent lesbians from seeking help when they are in an abusive relationship. After all, who’s going to believe them? Here are four myths about IPV in lesbian relationships that can prevent women from seeking help.

Pondering Male Privilege Post-Transition

Source: The Momentum of Failure

The reality of male privilege is well established. There is no question that being female carries a significant “life penalty” with it. There’s no denying that male privilege exists. However, sometimes it feels taboo to ask how far male privilege goes. Who better to ask about it, though, than trans men and women who have lived on both sides of the divide?

Street Harassment Is an LGBTQIA+ Issue, Too

Street Harassment is an LGBTQIA+ Issue

We talk a lot about street harassment as an issue affecting women. But there’s another group that is disproportionately targeted for this kind of violence, only we don’t talk about them nearly as much. Here to fix that is Kat Lazo. Watch Kat take to the streets of NYC and discuss street harassment and other forms of violence with members of the queer community.

Pansexuality 101: It’s More Than ‘Just Another Letter’

Source: Nichelle Mitchem

For some, the LGBPTQIA+ acronym can be intimidating in its all-inclusivity – “How am I supposed to memorize every identity in this nebula, and learn to respect them in my everyday life as well?” Worry not, kind feminist! Getting to know the basics will help to ease this overwhelmed feeling. Let’s explore one specific identity in this acronym today – pansexuality.

10 Misconceptions Every Trans Ally Needs to Understand


Okay, so you get that gender identity is different from gender expression, which is different from sexual orientation. You know the difference between transgender and genderqueer. You know that not everyone wants “the surgery,” and not to ask if they do. You proudly claim the mantle of transgender ally. But are you one? Here’s your Trans 201 lesson.

How One Grandma Came to Accept Her Queer Granddaughter


Coming out is never easy but coming out to family members is, for some LGBTQIA+ folk, the hardest part. For many of us, our families are forever. And the thought of not being accepted by them can be terrifying. Check out this video by GayWrites for a wonderful reflection from an accepting grandmother about how to deal when families don’t accept you the way you are.