If Lesbians Said What Straight People Say

f Lesbians Said The Stuff Straight People Say

There are a lot of great things about being a lesbian–but the invasive comments from straight people isn’t one of them. Hypersexualization, dismissiveness, and self-indulgence are just a few of the things lesbians encounter from straight people. Check out this hilarious parody video to see what it would sound like if the roles were reversed!

Asexuality, Explained in One Simple Comic

5 Myths About Asexuality

There seems to be quite a lot of confusion about asexuality. Common beliefs are that it’s the same thing as celibacy, that all asexual people have been abused, and that asexuals don’t experience oppression — none of which are true. So let’s clear the air about the “A” in LGBTQIA+. Check out this comic to learn the truth about some common myths about asexuality.

6 Important Reflections from Indigenous LGBTQIA+/Two Spirit People

LGBT / Two Spirit Native American Stories

We all struggle for similar things in our lives: acceptance, happiness, health…But these struggles can affect LGBTQIA+ people of color in varied and unique ways. This video features several courageous indigenous LGBTQIA+/Two Spirit families and individuals sharing their personal stories of acceptance, family, trials, and triumphs. Check it out!

Why Some Bisexuals Don’t Feel Welcome in the Queer Community

I Don't Feel Queer Enough

As awareness of gay relationships is rising, there’s one group that often gets ignored: bisexual people. Many people can’t grasp that sexual attraction doesn’t have to be limited to one gender. And this can lead to some internal conflicts for bi folks. In this video, one bisexual activist shares her experiences of not feeling queer enough for the queer community.

16 Myths About Gender Confirmation Surgery

Source:  Huffington Post

Misinformation is the enemy of progressive change and social improvement. And unfortunately, there is a LOT of misinformation about gender confirmation surgery. “They need therapy, not surgery!” “I don’t want to pay for that.” “It’s not like it’s life or death.” These ideas aren’t helping anyone. In fact, they’re harmful to many. So let’s clear up a few misconceptions.

Fifty Shades of White: On Being a Trans Latina

Source: Hunted Interior

I never really used to give much thought to the idea that society needs positive cultural images of minorities until I came to embrace my Hispanic heritage and come out of the closet. When I finally did, it raised the question: Where the hell are the transgender Latinas? Is it true that there really aren’t very many Latina/Hispanic trans women in this country?

Stuff Cis People Say to Trans People


Trans folks are people, just like cis folks are. But the way some cis people talk to trans people implies otherwise. Disrespectful questions, trivialization of trans issues, conflation of gender identity and sexual preference all add up to the dehumanization of trans folks. Check out this video compilation of some of the most common transphobic microaggressions!

How Does It Feel to Come Out?


If you’ve never had to come out to the people around you, it can be hard to imagine what the experience is like. It can be difficult to understand the heartbreak, determination, and love that comes along with those moments. In celebration of LGBT History Month, watch five people share their experiences with coming out to their loved ones in this encouraging video.

4 Eye-Opening Stories From LGBTQIA Asians and Pacific Islanders

Our Families: LGBT Asian and Pacific Islander Stories

Intersectionality dictates that experiences will vary based on the intersecting identities of the individuals in play. For queer people, an important intersection is often race, especially as it relates to family dynamics. Check out this video featuring four stories of trials and triumphs that Asian and Pacific Islander members of the LGBTQIA+ community face.

Sh*t Cis People Say to Non-Binary Folks

Shit People Say to Non-Binary Folks

A lot of people don’t understand what it means to have a non-binary gender identity. That’s understandable. After all, society does a great job enforcing a gender binary. But just because you don’t understand non-binary identities doesn’t mean you get to dehumanize or invade the privacy of non-binary folks! Check out this video for a crash course in what not to say to gender non-conforming people.