Celebrating Butch: A Powerful Photo Collection on Female Masculinity


In our gender binary world, female masculinity can make lots of people uncomfortable – who then make it uncomfortable and even dangerous for butch folk to just be themselves. In spite this, butch is being proudly reclaimed and expressed. Check out this amazing photo collection by Meg Allen showing the range, fluidity, and subjectivity of female masculinity.

The Many Faces of Homophobia: Microaggressions and the LGBTQIA+ Community

Source: Kevin Nadal

You think you know homophobia? Think again. The run-of-the-mill, tactless, Bible-thumping conservative with a penchant for accusing queer people of pedophilia isn’t the sole perpetrator of homophobia. You know those tiny backhanded comments that sound like compliments, but sort of negatively generalize groups of people? There’s a word for them: microaggressions.

I am the Gender Bunny!

Gender Bunny

Trans people have to put up with a lot of crap from straight cis people: everything from people being offended to find out that the person they found attractive is “actually a man,” to asking invasive personal questions about a trans person’s genitalia. Check out this spoken word poem by J Mase III that pokes fun at these entitled attitudes.

How Identity Is More Complicated Than Society Thinks It Is


General society would have us believe that gender (and sexuality, and romantic attraction, and countless other identifiers) exist within a binary system. But the reality is that identity is much more complicated than that. And the concept of multidimensional spectra can be overwhelming. Check out this video for an introduction into the spectra of identity!

Shit Straight Girls Say to Gay Guys

Shit Straight Girls Say to Gay Guys

Last time we checked, liking men does not automatically make someone a woman. And yet, you’ve probably heard a straight woman tell a gay man, “I love how you’re basically one of the girls.” And the microaggressions don’t end there! Check out this hilarious video by Nicola Foti compiling some of the most ridiculous things straight women say to gay men.

10 Trans Guy Myths Busted

10 Trans Guy Myths Busted

There are a lot of misconceptions about what it means to be a trans guy — everything from conflating it with sexuality (“All trans guys are just super lesbians”) to misunderstanding that trans is not necessarily defined physically (“You aren’t really trans until you start hormone treatment”). Arielle Scarcella and Benton Sorensen team up to bust some of these myths!

How Misogyny Impacts Lesbians

How Misogyny Impacts Lesbians

Some people seem to think that lesbians aren’t as subjected to misogyny as straight women are–and that’s just not true. All women are turned into sexual objects–even lesbians. Here to set the record straight about how misogyny affects lesbians is Arielle Scarcella. Watch her explain a few of the ways lesbian women are objectified, oppressed, and marginalized.

I Know I’m Queer — Now What?

Source: Credit.com Blog

I’ve seen many wonderful articles that discuss questioning and defining your sexual orientation. However, there is a comparative lack of guidance when it comes to actually deciding what to do with such an epiphany. Just take a deep breath and remember to take things at your own pace. You know you’re queer – now let’s focus on what happens next.

5 Ways to Address LGBTQIA+ Disparities in Health Care

Source: WYPR

Our LGBTQIA+ communities are, in general, less healthy than our heterosexual counterparts and much of that is directly related to discrimination and social stigma. We get the short end in terms of access, utilization, and LGBTQIA+ informed care, and the consequences of the health disparities within our communities are severe. So what can you do to help?