8 Tips on Respectfully Talking Pleasure, Sex, and Bodies With Your Trans Lover


It’s super important to have conversations about sexual boundaries, consent, and desires with your lovers. These conversations keep us safer, but there aren’t many examples for how to respectfully and non-fetishistically have them when your lover is trans. This article provides insight on how to compassionately negotiate sexual dialogue with your trans partner.

3 Ways to Stand Up to Toxic Messages and Accept Yourself as a Queer Person

Source: Autostraddle

In an extremely heteronormative society, self-acceptance as a queer person can be very difficult. From religion to family to media to legislation, queer people are assaulted with too many homophobic messages that teach assimilation and self-loathing. Check out this article to learn strategies for attaining self-love, empowerment, and resilience as a queer person.

5 Things Straight Women Should Stop Saying to Queer Women

Source: Scientific American

There are certain things people say to queer women over and over again that they just shouldn’t — and straight women do this, too. We think that women can’t oppress other women, but it’s entirely possible. And we need to talk more about it. So, here are five things straight women shouldn’t say when talking to queer women. And yes, we’ve heard them all before.

5 Tips for Being a Proactive Ally

The most important part of being an ally is recognizing one’s privilege and supporting marginalized groups in their fight for justice. But the nature of privilege is that you aren’t taught that you have it. So a lot of people aren’t sure how to do that. To help, Franchesca Ramsey has made this video with five action-oriented tips for how to be a better ally.

5 Ways Marginalized People Can Recognize Their Privileges In Other Areas

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Privilege and oppression simultaneously impact our lives in a number of intersectional ways. If we solely focus on our marginalized identities, we give up the opportunity to recognize and interrupt the ways our privileges cause harm to the people we care about. If you’re struggling with recognizing your privilege as a marginalized person, this might serve as a helpful guide.

3 Ways the Gay Rights Agenda™ Has Perpetuated Oppression

Source: Everyday Feminism

The mainstream gay movement, in cahoots with the US government and the major corporations which fund the government, has co-opted gay equality and anti-hate crime legislation to exploit, harm, and neglect poor folk, trans folk, and people of color. We want to celebrate the gains of the movement, but the question is: At what cost?

5 Ways That Bi Erasure Hurts More Than Just Bisexual People

Source: BiNet USA

Bisexual folks have been made the butt of so many jokes, have had their identities excluded from queer communities, and have been accused of perpetuating transphobia and the gender binary. But the castigation of bi identities from queer and gender non-conforming movements reinforces a prejudice that harms people across the gender and sexuality spectrum.

Queer and Trans Latinx Speak Up and Out About Love, Life, and Family

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Though coming out as queer and/or trans can be empowering, homophobia and transphobia often ostracize people from their families and cultural spaces. While this type of loss is deeply painful for all who experience it, it’s even more arduous when exacerbated by the racism, xenophobia, and systemic and legislative violence that comes with being Latinx in the US.

Sh*t People Say to Asexuals

Shit People Say to Asexuals

Asexuality is defined as not experiencing sexual attraction. Seems pretty straightforward, right? Apparently not. Asexuals confront many of the same misinformed questions and inappropriate comments every time their sexuality comes up, and oftentimes it just serves to invalidate their experience. Check out this video for a look at some common microaggressions!

5 Challenges for Modern LGBTQIA+ Teens (And How You Can Help)

Source: Rewind & Reframe

We all know that homelessness, suicide, homophobia, and transphobia remain awful realities for too many young LGBTQIA+ people. These crises get a decent amount of attention. But many LGBTQIA+ teens face different challenges that don’t always make it on our radar. Here are five issues that may not grab headlines, but are still pretty arduous for queer and trans teens today.