It’s Okay to Be Alone: Achieving Self-Empowerment Through Solitude

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Some are baffled by those of us who make the choice to be alone. Others think aloneness means something’s wrong with you or that you’re self-centered. Here’s a more empowering perspective. Read about this author’s practice of deliberately spending time alone to see how you can grow your self-confidence all on your own – without needing anyone else to complete you.

These Wise Ways to Deal with Tough Times Can Help You Through Life’s Struggles

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Been through tough times? In spite of what you may have heard, you don’t need to “get over” it. Here’s how you can learn something valuable about your own strength instead. We’re all in this together, trying to make oppression a thing of the past. In the meantime, while we’re still struggling, get some inspiration from the wisdom of author and rapper Humble the Poet.

5 Ways to Take Care of Yourself While Working in the Service Industry (And 5 Ways to Be a Better Consumer)

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There’s something about working in the service industry that makes people think it’s okay to treat you poorly. And since racial and gender minorities make up most of this workforce, that mistreatment makes for even more opposition to deal with every day. So here are some tips for when work gets hard – and some ways we consumers can do our part to make it easier.

Take These 6 Affirming Steps and Love Yourself Like You Deserve

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Do you ever wish you could get to a place of feeling happy with yourself, but don’t know how? Then meet Lex Croucher, aka Tyrannosaurus Lex. She believes in her own abilities and worth, but she wasn’t always this confident. Check out her funny, practical advice on breaking through toxic messages and low self-esteem to learn how to appreciate who you are.

You Don’t Need to Be Leading Marches for Your Activism to Matter – Here Are 5 Reasons Why

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We – as social justice activists – need to explore beyond thinking of the very large and very public demonstrations as the sole means of radical change. Who is included in our idea of “activists?” In which ways are we unintentionally excluding folks in this vision? What other platforms are activists using to raise awareness about injustice? Let’s talk about it.

What Happens If We Let Fat People Be Happy?

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We all love a good, body-positive message, right? That is, if the woman behind the message is relatively thin. If she’s fat, or writes positively about bodies of all sizes, abilities, and more, she gets a tidal wave of criticism. Why? There’s a massive, toxic industry behind it. Here’s how and why we should reject the absurd notion that only weight loss means happiness.

My Blackness Is Not the Problem, America’s Rampant White Supremacy Is

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Have you ever been a token? Outnumbered, you might have heard things like “I don’t see you as Black.” Such so-called “compliments” are based on the delusion that whiteness and other dominant characteristics are “normal.” For people of color, there’s no winning in this othering game, so here’s a new way of thinking to dismantle internalized bigotry instead.

Authentically Loving the Skin I’m in – ‘Flaws’ and All

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When you think of being body positive, you probably think of loving the parts of your body that society tells you to hate: your thighs, your hips, or your stomach. But would you ever think to include your acne on the list of things to love about yourself? This article gives an awesome argument for why loving the skin you’re in should mean exactly that and nothing less.