Why People Hate Tess Munster (And Other Happy Fat People)

Plus-size model Tess Munster looks seductively at the camera against a teal background

When fat and happy people get positive press, we get hope for body positivity. But scrolling down to the comments is a different story – there, you’ll find a monstrous amount of hate and criticism. So why is loving yourself so controversial? Find out with this spot-on take on how we’re all taught to feel badly about ourselves and why body love is for everyone.

What Happened When This Fat Woman Wore a Bikini

Author standing in a bikini at the beach

When this author resolved to wear a bikini, she did just that – she wore a bikini. Why did this simple thing cause such a commotion for those around her? Answer: she’s fat and *didn’t* try losing weight before rocking her two-piece. Read on as she debunks concerns about her health, comfort, and “glorifying obesity” and exposes the real reasons people judge. With her insights, we can all have more love for our bodies.

5 Common Questions About Eating Disorder Recovery Answered

Eating disorder recovery is a really confusing process – mostly because the day-to-day experience of it is rarely discussed. And that leaves a lot of people in recovery confused about what it should look and feel like. So if you’ve ever wondered how to tell the difference between typical and disordered or what “full recovery” is, then this video is for you.

I Am Enough: 3 Strategies for LGBTQIA+ People Dealing with Family Rejection (Part 1)

Sad person looking toward the camera

It’s not easy feeling abandoned for being who you are. In fact, it’s often utterly unbearable. LGBTQIA+ people, particularly youth, are one of the groups most affected by family rejection. And rejection from one’s own family is one of the most painful experiences to endure. Here’s some recognition of you and your struggle, with a few strategies to help you cope.

How to Stop Doing Everything for Everyone and Selling Yourself Short

Person feeling frustrated

Are you the go-to person for friends and family to count on? Do people believe you’ll settle for approval instead of compensation? Then you may be selling yourself short. Many of us, especially women, have been taught that we should work for free because that’s what nice women do. Read on to learn how to stop striving to be indispensable, and be happier for it.

Self-Care 101: What It Is and How to Start

Don’t have time for self-care? Then you could probably really use some. Take it from self-proclaimed recovering overachiever Melissa A. Fabello, who knows how it goes when you don’t know where to start. Check out this Self-Care 101 lesson on exactly how to find a set of nourishing practices that works for you. It’s easier than you think, and you deserve it!

On Internalized Racism: 4 Lessons I Learned as an Undercover Asian

Person looking in mirror, reflecting

Internalized racism is a form of systematic oppression where people and communities of color unconsciously support white privilege and power. And as soon as this author could name her oppressor’s tool, she could begin to overcome the oppression. Rather than assimilating to whiteness, she started to embrace her Chinese heritage – and love herself in the process.

How the World Convinced Me I Was Lesser for Being Short – And How I Started to Believe in Myself Again

How the World Convinced Me I Was Lesser for Being Short – And How I Started to Believe in Myself Again

When people don’t take you seriously, you might stop taking yourself seriously. That’s what this author felt as she internalized the expectation for women to be small. People reference discrimination against short men as heightism, but nobody talks about the power struggles of short women. Learn why we should with one woman’s account of how she learned to take up space.

Does ‘One Size Fits All’ Fit You?

one size fits all

How do you feel when you hear “one size fits all?” Excitement? Dread? The truth is, so many of us don’t fit, and then it’s one more reason to feel bad about our bodies. So if you don’t fit, don’t feel bad. Catch this video with women of varying body types trying on these clothes to remember that you’re not alone – and have some laughs while you’re at it.

6 Ways to Stand Up to Toxic Media Messages and Love Yourself as a Trans Person

Person with a short, dark bob haircut standing against a wall with their hand in front of their face with "Be You" written on their palm

Loving yourself as a transgender person is nothing less than gorgeously radical. Bombarded with toxic ideas about trans identity, the risk of internalizing transphobia is everywhere. That’s why it’s so important to think of self-love as an ongoing process. Here’s how to practice radical self-love to directly combat the oppression you face every day.