Sex After Sexual Assault: A Guide for When It’s Tough

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Sex after sexual assault can be tough. Mental, emotional, and physical hardships are entirely legitimate, but the stereotype of sexual assault survivors as damaged and unable to function “normally” is utterly false. We all deserve a healthy sex life if we want one. So here’s a helpful guide to getting all the self-care and pleasure you deserve after surviving sexual assault.

Fat People Are Not the Problem — Fatphobia Is


This is what happens when society demonizes fat people so much that they’re considered sub-human: People don’t see them as human because they’re bombarded with the message day in and day out that fat people are diseased, defective, less-than. But Kath Read is here to remind you that YOU are not the ones who are broken in this equation — our fatphobic society is.

5 Ways to Stand Up to Toxic Messages and Accept Yourself as a Bisexual Person

5 Ways to Stand Up to Toxic Messages and Accept Yourself as a Bisexual Person

Does identifying as bisexual ever feel isolating to you? We’ve got biases and toxic media messages working against us from both the gay and straight communities. But fear not, fellow frustrated bisexuals! Your bisexuality shouldn’t be a burden, so here are ways to stand up to those toxic messages. This article will help you learn how to embrace your identity.

3 Ways the Body-Positivity Movement Could Be More Body-Positive

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In theory, body-positivity is a good thing. In practice, however, it feels a bit like Soviet communism in the 30s: a good thing that some jerks turned into a fascist dictatorship. It’s time for us to stop fighting each other over what kind of body is right and affirm that all bodies are amazing so that we can move on, fight for social justice, and enjoy our lives.

6 Things to Navigate While Coming Out to Yourself as a Survivor of Sexual Violence

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So many survivors of sexual assault are manipulated into feelings of insecurity and self-doubt if their story doesn’t fit into dominant rape narratives. This leads to feelings of trauma, silence, and isolation that can impede healing. Dear survivors, your stories, experiences, pains, and triumphs are valid, and you don’t need to clarify anything for any one.

Images of Butches and Femmes: Celebrating Our Living Queer Legacy!


There are so many beautiful intersections of LGBTQIA identity and love. This photo-series captures and celebrates the beauty of how contemporary Femme and Butch people express and love themselves, both autonomously and in relationship to each other. There is so much joy, passion, and pride in these pictures. This is what liberation looks like.

Why Black Women With Dark Skin Are Beautiful

Though this message is not promoted or affirmed within our society: Black women with dark skin ARE beautiful. Sadly, we have to combat a dismal representation of ourselves in the media and blatantly hateful stereotypes when we do get mentioned. But, the media is a lie! In this spoken word poem, Tova Charles affirms her beauty as a Black woman with dark skin.