You Call It Professionalism; I Call It Oppression in a Three-Piece Suit

Person looking serious in a three-piece suit on a city street

How comfortable do you feel in a three-piece suit? “Professionalism” is a social construct, and like all social constructs, it’s a total downer. Standards of looking professional uphold a lot of ugly “isms,” as policies with a racist, sexist, classist, and xenophobic core. Here’s the truth about why the work we do should speak more loudly than how we look.

How Teaching Can Support Gender-Variant Children

A happy teacher stands at the head of a classroom; many of the childrens' hands are excitedly raised

Toys, clothes, games – you could probably name dozens of ways society creates rigid gender boxes around us from a young age. But do you know how much those boxes can oppress gender-variant children? Here’s one teacher’s story about the impact and importance of breaking down gender norms. Learn how she taught all her students that it’s okay to be different.

4 Ways to Navigate Educational Privilege as a First-Generation College Student

Source: Pop Sugar

Being a first-generation college student is hard. You don’t have the same access or resources as your peers, AND you might find yourself feeling disconnected from your family or place of origin. This article provides some great ideas that will not only help make the process feel easier and more safe, they will also help hold you accountable to your new privilege.

Workplace Sexual Harassment: What To Do When Your Co-Worker Won’t Stop

Workplace Sexual Harassment

While Human Resources departments are supposed to address sexual harassment at work, they sometimes don’t do enough. Consequently, it’s not always a helpful resource for those who need support. Read this article for tips on using direct communication to interrupt this sort of microaggression when it’s happening to you in the workplace.

How Gender Double Standards Cause the Wage Gap

Bitch If You Do, Broke If You Don't

On average, women in the US are still paid considerably less than men. This we know. But the reasons for the wage gap are, apparently, still up for debate. Plenty of people will try to argue that the reason is not actually sexism — that the real reason is that they don’t ask for raises. This comic by Lefty Cartoons puts this distraction to rest.

Debunking 6 Myths about People in the Sex Industry

Source: Complex

With inaccurate media representations and the cultural stigma, there are a lot of misconceptions about people in the sex industry. We too often fail to see the complexity and diversity in who is engaged in commercial sex, why they’re doing it, and the degree of consent and coercion involved. These myths keep us from seeing this issue for what it really is. So let’s debunk them.

The Who, What, and Where of Workplace Sexual Harassment

Workplace Sexual Harassment

They say that knowledge is power. So in order to begin to reclaim power over a problem, we must first understand it. And the problem of sexual harassment in the workplace is a pervasive problem that we definitely need to eradicate. This infographic provides the first important tools to addressing this serious issue. Find out who gets harassed, who harasses, and more.

How Bosses Can Develop an LGBTQIA+ Friendly Work Environment

Source: Levo

Any exclusion can be painful and dangerous for LGBTQIA+ folks, but to be excluded in the workplace is especially damaging. As the boss, it’s your responsibility to make sure that this place where your employees spend so much of their time is a nontoxic environment — especially for those in the LGBTQIA+ community. Here are some practical tips on how to do this.

Why I Don’t Suppress My Gender Identity in the Workplace


Professionalism is a funny term. It masquerades as neutral, despite being loaded with immense oppression. For years, professionalism has been my enemy because it requires that my gender identity is constantly and unrepentantly erased. But I finally realized something: As transgender, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming people, we deserve better.