LGBTQIA Articles

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Why We Must Honor the Trans Lives We’ve Lost Without Telling the Living They’re Doomed

17 Trans-of-Color Leaders Resisting, Inspiring, and Keeping it Real in 2017

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6 Steps Towards Whole-Heartedly Loving Yourself as a Feminine Gay Man

Is Asexuality More Common Than You Think?

4 Seemingly Harmless Gender Stereotypes That Contribute to Rape Culture

4 Reasons Why I Don’t Need Sex in My Relationships (Even Though I’m Not Asexual)

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7 Ways to Support a Friend Who Recently Came Out As Asexual

5 Ways To End Stigmas Against Mental Health Care In Communities Of Color

5 Ways Marginalized People Can Recognize Their Privileges In Other Areas

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7 Ways Parents Can Be More Body Positive Toward Their Queer and Transgender Kids

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8 Common (But Easily Fixable) Ways We Erase Non-Binary People from Society

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Trans Folks, Body Image, and Eating Disorders: Why We Must Shift the Narrative

How Transphobia in the LGBTQIA+ Community Tarnishes Our History

‘Who’s the Man?’: Heteronormativity and Queer Relationships

Awesome Images of Queer Women in History

Don’t Say Identity Labels Put Me In a Box – It’s More Like a Garden!

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8 Tips for Trans Women of Color Who Are Considering Suicide

Think Bisexual People Have Straight Passing Privilege? Here’s Why You’re Mistaken

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The Terrible Invisibility of Being Bisexual and in Poverty

4 Unique Struggles That Queer and Trans People of Color Have to Deal With

5 Ways To Create a Femme Friendly Workplace

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This Non-Binary Trans Person Answers 7 Questions Trans Allies Are Still Asking

5 Things Straight Women Should Stop Saying to Queer Women

‘It Is Absurdly, Obscenely Common’: Incest Survivors Speak Out

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I Am Enough: 3 Strategies for LGBTQIA+ People Dealing with Family Rejection

Here are 12 Trans Folks Whose Transformative Work You Should Know About

10 Not-So-Feminist Things We Feminists Do in Comments Sections

3 Transition Obstacles I Never Expected as Mentally Ill and Transgender

The Gender Non-Conformity of My Fatness

The Problem with Saying ‘Everyone’s a Little Bisexual’