Welcome to the Everyday Self-Love course! We’re very excited to be sharing this journey toward greater self-love and self-acceptance with you.

To help you get started, we created this short checklist of steps to take.

Your Checklist To Get Started Off Right

1. Introduce yourself in the Welcome Lounge

To help build the community, we’d like the course members to introduce themselves.

1. Click here to post your introduction and tell us:

  • Where you’re from
  • A little background information about yourself
  • What helped you decide to make the commitment to having greater self-love

2. Read other course member’s introductions to learn who else in this community and reply to their introductions in the Welcome Lounge.

When replying, please tag the course member (similar to in Facebook or Twitter) by using @name, i.e. @SandraKim. This will ensure that the tagged course member will be sent an email notifying them of your reply.

2. Add your photo and update your display name to your profile

It’s always nice to have a face to people’s names (or an image if you prefer!) to go along with their comments. So we’d appreciate if you added your photo or another image to your profile.

1. Click here to go to “Edit Profile.”

2. Under ‘Avatar,’ upload your photo or image. Please only share what you are comfortable with others seeing.

3. Your display name, which is what shows up when you post a comment, is your first and last name by default. If you wish to have a different display name, you can change it under “Display name publicly as.”

3. Join our private Facebook group

If you’d like to get daily inspirational posts and meet other course members, please join our private Facebook group. This Facebook group is a secret group, which means that only members can see the posts and who’s in the group. It does not show up in your Facebook friends’ news feed so it is confidential.

1. Click here to friend the Everyday Feminism dummy account.

2. Wait to be added to the private Facebook group. Since Sandra is doing it manually, it may take 24 hours and will happen during the work week.

4. Decide How To Do the Course Work

To help you stay on top of your work, there are a few things for you to consider:

1. How to keep track of your course files and reflections.

Throughout this course, you will be given readings and exercises for each module. To keep it organized, we’ve provided online forms for all exercises and an Online Course Journal. You can save all your answers and journal entries online and access them whenever you want to.

However, if you prefer to have them on printed out, we also provide a PDF file of all the course work. We recommend you keep a binder or folder of print out of the PDF files.

2. When to do the course work.

For each module, we offer an action plan that provides a general schedule for when to do each reading and exercise. However, you should feel free to do the work at your own pace. Healing happens on its own timeline. What’s important is that you keep showing up.

To help you move forward in the course, I highly recommend you decide on a regular time that you can spend 15-30 minutes on the course work every day. Then schedule it into your calendar and set up any reminder system you need. Treat that time as if you were meeting with your boss, because you are more important to you than your boss is.

3. Pick a Course Journal to use
Throughout this course, you will be tracking your habits and reflecting on your experiences as part of the Weekly Action Plans. To help you organize this information, you will need to select a Course Journal for you to write in regularly.

We recommend you use something that you can have on you or access easily, such as:

  • Online Course Journal, which is private and can only be viewed by you
  • Small notebook (that you would carry around with you)
  • A binder or folder of the course print outs
  • iPhone Notes app (that you can email to yourself later)

5. Check out the first module!

Click here to get started on Module 1 – Identify Your Toxic Self-Talk.

If you have questions or want some individual support, you can send an email or set up a coaching session with Sandra.